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Video: Irshad Manji, Charles Adler & Timothy Garton-Ash

Udmærket interview fra 22. marts 2012 – Charles Adler:

Irshad Manji: Moderate islam to blame

Timothy Garton-Ash & Irshad Manji – 7. marts 2012:

“How should we (not) talk about Islam?”: Irshad and Oxford Prof. Timothy Garton-Ash in conversation

Description: Irshad joins Prof. Timothy Garton-Ash to discuss “How should we (not) talk about Islam?” This event is part of the Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom and, in particular, the Free Speech Debate Project.

Der er nogle få overlap i denne video fra City Club of Cleveland den 2.  marts 2012 – Richard Pogue præsenterer:

Irshad Manji (3-2-12)

Irshad Manji speaks about human rights and religious liberty.

Opdatering: Kort og klart – fra 12. marts 2012:

Irshad Manji: ‘I’m not a moderate muslim, I’m a reformer’

Irshad Manji, author of Allah, Liberty and Love and The Problem With Islam Today claims that moderate muslims are afraid of breaking out of religious orthodoxy and she explains why she’s calling for a reformation within Islam Powered by Producer : Guardian

Opdatering – audio:

Irshad Manji and Islam

March 29, 2012

Irshad Manji’s new book “Allah, Liberty & Love” creates an open forum for a discussion on Islam. She joined Blue Sky, and took your calls.

Høres hos CBC her – varighed 24 minutter.


To Irshad, with Love

By Lawrence J. Haas – Apr 13, 2012

Irshad Manji is trying nothing less than to launch a revolution within Islamic society. We should do whatever we can to support her

I met Irshad Manji, the dynamic Muslim reformer, several years ago in Washington when she passed through in between her jaunts to Europe, Asia, and elsewhere to discuss, per the title of her first book, the “trouble” with Islam today and offer what she considers a more modern, more tolerant, more pluralistic interpretation of her faith.

Mere HER i The Commentator.

Andre kilder: The Guardian, The Guardian, The Calgary Herald, Uptown Magazine, McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg Free Press, Independent Catholic News, Citytv, English PEN, The University of Oxford,


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