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Video: Daniel Pipes – Mellemøsten

Fra Russia Today den 1. juni 2011:

CrossTalk: Yemen Descends

How has Saleh contributed to fighting Al-Qaeda? He might have been very productive while Washington refrained from criticizing his domestic policies. Today anti-regime protests are being crushed around Sanaa. Would the West prefer to sacrifice its special relationship with the regime for the sake of people power?

Og en audio fra “In the Market” med Janet Parshall fra 17. maj 2011. Israel ~ Palæstina:

State of affairs in the Middle East

Daniel Pipes rallies together his thoughts on the state of affairs in the Middle East. Pipes is the director of the Middle East Forum and is a distinguished visiting fellow at Stanford University. His keen insight could enlighten your point of view on what’s been happening in the Middle East.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Kan også høres her på Daniel Pipes’ hjemmeside. Varighed 15 minutter.

Desuden link til et Sun News’ interview med Pipes om Israel, Palæstina, Syrien, Tyrkiet, Obamas tale og mere:

Andre kilder: National Review Online, Daniel Pipes,

Video & artikler: Daniel Pipes om Syrien & Egypten

Fra 22. maj 2011:

 CrossTalk: Arablutionaries

On this edition of Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk: Is the revolutionary hype in the Arab world losing heart? Have Egyptians fulfilled their revolutionary aspirations, or will they find themselves powerless in the face of a new regime? And when will this new regime take over the current stalemate? Do the hundreds of citizens fleeing Tunisia are happy with what many label as revolutions?

Desuden medvirker Alon Ben-Meir og Michael Munger:

Desuden to artikler om Syrien:

OBS – opdatering: nu kan nedenstående artikel også læses på dansk på Daniel Pipes hjemmeside her:

Fin de Régime in Syria?

The many benefits, and few dangers, of the Assad regime’s prospective fall

Daniel Pipes  – May 24, 2011

The revolt in Syria offers great opportunities, humanitarian and geo-political. Western states should quickly and robustly seize the moment to dispatch strongman Bashar al-Assad and his accomplices. Many benefits will follow when they reach their appointed dustbin of history.

Foreign: The malign but tactically brilliant Hafez al-Assad blighted the Middle East with disproportionate Syrian influence for decades. His son, the feckless Bashar, has continued this pattern since 2000 by sending terrorists to Iraq; murdering Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri and overthrowing his son, Saad; aiding the Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups; and developing chemical and nuclear weapons. His riddance will be a universal boon.

Mere HER i National Review Online. Kan også læses her på Daniel Pipes blog. Samme steds uddyber Pipes ovenstående med endnu en artikel:

More on Regime Change in Syria

by Daniel Pipes – May 24, 2011

Several points were too bulky to fit into the main body of my column today, “Fin de Régime in Syria?” so I include them here:

(1) My title intentionally echoes one in Foreign Policy magazine from Summer 1980, “Dateline Syria: Fin de Régime?” Yes, I know: Stanley F. Reed III jumped the gun by (at least) 31 years but that does not deter me from repeating his quasi-prediction of the Assad demise.

Mere HER hos Daniel Pipes.


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