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Video: Michael Coren & Brooke Goldstein om lawfare

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Michael Coren with Brooke Goldstein: Lawfare

The un-burka-able Brooke Goldstein joins Michael Coren to discuss lawfare, the use of Western laws and international institutions by islamofascists to suppress criticism of islam.

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Video: Pamela Geller, Michael Coren, Tarek Fatah, Ezra Levant, Humberto Fontova, Michael Widlanski, Manu Raj, Troy Reeb

Der uploades de skønneste videoer fra Sun News TV hver eneste dag. Her er lidt af de nyeste – fra 13. juni 2012:

Pam Geller: Britain to ban forced marriages

Uploader har valgt en lille artikel fra The Telegraph som følgetekst:

Ezra Levant on Ché: Commies Aren’t Cool

Humberto Fontova joins Ezra Levant to discuss the adoration by the Left of Ernesto “Ché” Guevara.

Skal homoseksuelle myrdes? Fredens religion igen – gæst Tarek Fatah:

Coren & Fatah on the Calgary Hate-Fest

Følgeteksten stammer fra The Calgary Herald:

Fra 14. juni 2012 – Om Obama-administrationen, der lækker vigtig sikkerhedsinformation – gæst Michael Widlanski:

Michael Coren on White House security leaks

Følgeteksten stammer fra Newsmax:

“Whites need not apply” – gæst Manu Raj:

Michael Coren on the Toronto Pan Am Games racist hiring policy

It’s embarrassing enough that Toronto has the Pan Am Games…

Levant har fået en påtale fra det canadiske pressenævn:

Ezra Levant to Troy Reeb: ¡Chinga tu madre!

Følgetekst kan læses i The National Post:

Kathy Shaidle to censors: ¡Chinga tu madre!

Ezra Levant consults with Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury on how to foil the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

Video med de replikker, der udløste sagen – fra 22. december 2011:

Ezra Levant: Chiquita Banana feeling the heat

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Video: Idioti i Canada

Om den skrupskøre sag med en 4-årig pige, der tegnede en mand med en pistol, hvorpå hendes far blev arresteret, kropsvisiteret og afhørt. Politiet var blevet tilkaldt af neurotiske humanitærpopulister på barnets skole. De sociale myndigheder fjernede alle familiens børn i flere timer. Der var ingen våben i familiens hjem, som blev ransaget. Heller ingen monstre og “bad guys”. Det var ellers dem, barnet havde forestillet sig, at farmand skulle skyde. Politiet kan knap nok finde ud af at beklage sin vildt uacceptable adfærd. Fra Sun News 7. juni 2012:

Michael Coren with Jessie Sansone: Arrested over a picture of a gun

Uploaders følgetekst er en artikel af Kris Sims i The Toronto Sun:

Tidligere blogget om samme sag:

Video: Michael Coren, Ezra Levant om halshugning i Tunesien

På disse videoer kan man se, hvorfor halalhippier i Vesten er nødt til at holde det konservative segment nede. Risikoen er jo nemlig, at borgelige kunne finde på at kritisere muslimer for halalslagtning af kristne eller ligefrem standse dem. Og hvor er vi så ikke henne? Nej, venstrefløjen og islam må ikke kritiseres – fra 7. juni 2012:

muslim convert to Christianity beheaded in Tunisia – Michael Coren

Gæst: Majed El Shafie:

Og Ezra Levant:

muslim convert to Christianity beheaded in Tunisia

This is why islam, the sniveling paranoid mutant of world religions, can never triumph. It requires men to descend to the level of animals, to throw off intellect and live as a barbarian.

Most word religions have a concept of evil, but islam is evil incarnate.

Raymond Ibrahim om denne aktuelle fredshandling:

Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christianity in Tunisia

by Raymond Ibrahim – June 4, 2012

Liberal talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on “Egypt Today” airing a video of Muslims slicing a young man’s head off for the crime of apostasy, in this case, the crime of converting to Christianity and refusing to renounce it. The video—be warned, it is immensely graphic—is embedded here (the actual execution appears from minute 1:13-4:00). For those who prefer not to view it, a summary follows:

A young man appears held down by masked men. His head is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. He does not struggle and appears resigned to his fate. Speaking in Arabic, the background speaker, or “narrator,” chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: “Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate”; “Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists”; “Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims”; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Mere HER hos Middle East Forum. Gatestone Institute her.

More on the Slaughtered Convert to Christianity

by Raymond Ibrahim – June 5, 2012

I just received an email from the editor of a large website, who posted my story from yesterday about the slaughtered apostate. He writes:

The story generated a huge number of commentaries from readers, some of them originating from Muslim Countries. They harshly dispute and deny the veracity of the facts you mention in your paper. Some argue that this abomination did not take place in Tunisia—and I do believe so—but somewhere in Iraq, that the young man is not a Christian but a Shiite, that he was not slaughtered for apostasy but for being a spy of the Americans, and so on… It’s true that the facts are not properly documented : we don’t know even the date of this event, the place, the name of this unfortunate young man… Do you have any additional details and data to help answering ? Many thanks for your kind and urgent attention.

Middle East Forum HER. Jihad Watch her.

Tunisia’s Religious Persecution

by Anna Mahjar-Barducci – April 20, 2012

The new Ennahda Islamist rulers are keeping Ben Ali’s autocratic laws to persecute not only political opponents, but also those who deviate from the required path of religion.

After two Tunisian citizens were condemned to a seven-year prison term for publishing writings perceived as offensive to Islam on March 28, Tunisian journalist Najoua Jo wrote, “In today’s Tunisia, has anyone the right to be an atheist and to publicly avow it? The answer is clear: it is no.” It was published by the Tunisian media outlet,

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute.

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Video: Michael Coren & Erick Stakelbeck om Det Muslimske Broderskab

Humanitærpopulister, appeaseniks og halalhippier. USA har samme problem som vi har i Europa. Fra i går aftes:

Michael Coren: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Erick Stakelbeck, author of The Terrorist Next Door, joins Michael Coren to discuss the jihadist threat in the West.

Video: Nicolai Sennels & Michael Coren

Om den muslimske psyke – fra Sun News TV 21. maj 2012:

Can I say? Islam causes mental illness and emotional problems?

Islam really causes mental disease

Nicolai Sennels & Douglas Goldstein on Muslims in Denmark – May 28, 2012

From Arutz Sheva – Israel National News: “Problem of Muslim Integration Harming Economy”

Sennels is a former prison psychologist in Copenhagen, Denmark. He told Arutz Sheva that his clients were of the same social-economic background and age but different along religious lines.

“The Danish were brought up to feel that anger was negative. Muslims were brought to feel that anger was a way to show strength,” Sennels stated. “The concept of honor made Muslims insecure. In the Western concept, there is an inner locus of control, while in Muslim societies, there is an outer locus of control, meaning, they feel their lives are mainly controlled by outside factors.” Sennels also said that in his studies, the Muslims felt they were inherently superior to non-Muslims.

Nicolai Sennels has worked in Copenhage’s youth prison, where 70% of the prisoners have a Muslim background.

“I’m not an expert in the economy like you,” Sennels told Goldstein, “but its clear that the problems of integration of Muslims in Europe is contributing to the worsening economy.”

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Video: Michael Coren, Clare Lopez, Shobhna Kapoor, Ezra Levant, John Robson, David Yerushlami

Lidt udpluk af Sun News TVs seneste – fra 16. maj 2012:

Michael Coren with Clare Lopez: islamic anti-Semitism

“But it is certainly true – if you do look at islamic doctrine, law, and scripture as written – that Jew-hatred – anti-Semitism – is intrinsic, and it is so because of the example of the muslim prophet mohammad. And it began according to the historical record with his conflict with the Jews of the peninsula, which became the Saudi peninsula.”

Michael Coren with Shobhna Kapoor: Keep Omar Khadr out!

After they finish the well-deserved fawning all over Blazing Cat Fur and Five Feet of Fury (“Cat Fur! Cat Fur! Cat Fur!” may very well become the new “Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!”), Michael Coren and activist Shobhna Kapoor discuss the return of terrorist Omar Khadr to Canada and her efforts to stop it.

Fra 14. maj 2012:

Ezra Levant: Iran’s nuclear threat

Ezra Levant and John Robson discuss Iran’s race to acquire nuclear weapons and the cluelessness of those who deny it.

Ezra Levant: Kansas says no to sharia

Uploader har valgt en artikel fra Time Magazine som følgetekst – link her.

Video: Michael Coren & Nonie Darwish i Dearborn

Coren har bragt endnu et af de interview, der blev optaget i Dearborn:

Michael Coren in Dearborn: Nonie Darwish

Michael Coren continues his interviews at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing in Dearborn, Michigan on April 29, 2012. This installment is with Nonie Darwish.

Opdatering – endnu et interview er dukket op:

Michael Coren in Dearborn: Robert Muise

Michael Coren interviews Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center during the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing in Dearborn, Michigan on April 29, 2012

Video: Michael Coren, David Wood, Jonah Goldberg & Piers Morgan

Da Coren var i Dearborn benyttede han lejligheden til at interviewe foredragsholderne. Her er interviewet med David Wood:

Michael Coren in Dearborn: David Wood

“If someone comes in our house and kicks in our door, and you hear a bunch of noise, I want you to hide. And if you hear me screaming – if you hear me screaming and crying, stay hiding because I’m more worried about you than I am about myself.”

– David Wood’s wife to their children

Mere fra det geniale Sun News TV – fra i går:

Michael Coren with Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg joins Michael Coren to discuss his new book, The Tyranny of Cliches.

Omtalte interview:

Jonah Goldberg on Piers Morgan Tonight April 30, 2012

Video: Pamela Geller, Darwin Jiles, Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, David Wood, Robert Muise, James Lafferty, Michael Coren, Magdi Khalil, Simon Deng

Fra 30. april 2012:

Michael Coren in Dearborn: Pamela Geller

Last night in Dearborn, Michigan, while the Islamic supremacists raged and fulminated, we held our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing. We told the whole truth about the justifications for honor killing in Islamic law, and other related instances of aspects of Islamic law advancing in the U.S. We stood determined to defend the principles of the equality of dignity of all people, and their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It was a superb evening, thanks in large part to your support. The Islamic supremacist/Leftist smear and hate machine was out in force, holding a rally of their own earlier in the day and then attempting to storm our event and get in despite the fact that they had not registered. We had advertised for weeks that no one would be admitted without registering first. With their usual mendacity they have tried to spin this as our not allowing Muslims into the conference, but if no Muslims really got in, that was solely because no Muslims registered — if indeed there were indeed no Muslims inside. In any case, while these disturbances were roiling outside the door, our crack security detail, made possible by your kind and generous donations in response to our appeal Saturday, ensured that only those who registered got in, and that thuggish Leftist and Islamic supremacist brownshirts were unable to harm the speakers or attendees.

– Robert Spencer

Og selve konferencen:

Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference

Pamela Geller, Darwin Jiles, Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, David Wood, Robert Muise, James Lafferty, Michael Coren, Magdi Khalil, Simon Deng

Og artikel:

Opposing honor killing is ‘Islamophobia’?

Pamela Geller tells of dueling conferences on either side of Shariah

by Pamela Geller – May 2, 2012

We held our AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights conference last Sunday in Dearborn, the first honor-killing conference of its kind. Hundreds converged upon the Hyatt to join Robert Spencer and me and a full roster of luminaries to educate, elucidate and shine a light on the ugly and brutal atrocities under the Shariah. As expected, the goons, thugs and Muslim supremacists were also out in force. It seems that Islamic supremacists support murder for “honor,” for these subversive groups energetically opposed our conference dedicated to exposing the plight of women under Islamic law on the first anniversary of the honor murder of a Muslim girl in Michigan, Jessica Mokdad.

When we first called the conference, which we did to increase awareness of honor killings and gendercide under the Shariah, the only attention the media paid to it at all was to give a platform to the Mokdad family, which was whining that Jessica’s name was being used. Such grief – so touching the way so many Muslims go into “protect Islam” mode and not “protect our girls.”

Mere HER hos WND.

Andre kilder: YouTube, Jihad Watch, Aramaic Broadcasting Network,

Video: Robert Spencer & Michael Coren om den fiktive “profet” Muhammed

Fra 26. april 202:

Robert Spencer: Did Muhammad Exist?

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joins Michael Coren to discuss his latest book, Did Muhammad Exist?

Desuden dette interview:

An Interview with Robert Spencer

by Barry Rubin – April 26, 2012

Spencer: What is the basic aim of the Jihad Watch site and of your books?

Spencer: The aim of all my work is to alert the public in the United States and around the world about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, with particular attention to the aspect of the threat that has been most obfuscated and obscured: its motives, goals, and root causes, as explained by the jihadis themselves. At Jihad Watch I post on a daily basis news stories showing jihad activity, both violent and stealthy, in the U.S. and worldwide. In my books I explore aspects of the issue in detail, most notably the chief motivating factors named by jihadis themselves: the Qur’an and the example of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

Rubin: How have your books fit together to portray the broad picture of the issues you are engaging with?

Spencer: In eleven books now I’ve covered the nature of the jihadist challenge to the Free World from a variety of angles. The principal books explore the life of Muhammad, showing why jihadis see him as a model and guide (The Truth About Muhammad); the texts of the Qur’an that incite Muslims to violence and hatred (The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran); the comparative capacity of Christianity and Islam to incite believers to violence (Religion of Peace?); the non-violent initiatives to assert elements of Islamic law in the West (Stealth Jihad); the jihad doctrine and how it is being put into practice in the modern world (Onward Muslim Soldiers). I’ve also written an introduction to the elements of Islam that make it problematic in the West, and a survey of the most celebrated episode of the “clash of civilizations” (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)), as well as my new book, an examination of the historical value of the writings I explored in The Truth About Muhammmad: Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure Origins.

The person who reads all these books would have, I believe, a comprehensive understanding of the motives and goals of jihadists and Islamic supremacists, as well as of the aspects of Islam that give rise to violence, terror, and supremacism, and the uniqueness of those aspects to Islam itself as compared to other religions.

Mere HER hos PJ Media.

Opdatering – Edward Cline har en boganmeldelse hos Family Security Matters:

Video: Pamela Geller, Kathy Shaidle & Michael Coren

Bloggere hos Michael Coren – fra i går. I Afghanistan myrder man små piger, hvis de går i skole. Allah vil ikke have det, siger koranen. Samme hadefulde skrift skal uddeles til alle hustande i Tyskland. Pamela Geller:

Michael Coren with Pamela Geller: islam in Germany

Følgeteksten til ovenstående video er denne artikel:

Merkel ally says Islam not part of Germany

By Madeline Chambers – Apr 19, 2012

A leading conservative politician said on Thursday that Islam did not belong in Germany, fuelling tension at a conference on integrating Muslims that also debated a controversial Salafist campaign to hand out copies of the Koran across the country.

“Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and so does not belong in Germany,” Volker Kauder, head of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives in parliament, told the Passauer Neue Presse.

Fortsætter HER hos Reuters. Og om terroristen, Omar Khadr:

Michael Coren with Kathy Shaidle: Omar Khadr

Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury joins Michael Coren to suggest ways in which terrorist Omar Khadr can be dealt with when he gets to Canada.

Video: Michael Coren om aktivisten Andreas Ias

Venstreekstremisten, Andreas Ias er en af dem, der giver Danmark et dårligt ry i udlandet. En dansker, der støtter islamister. En israelsk soldat gav Ias en på lampen, efter at de bevæbnede aktivister havde angrebet israelerne med stokke. Aktivisterne brækkede hånden på den israelske soldat, der slog igen. Og gerningsmanden var Andreas Ias. Der er åbenbart mere i den historie end man umiddelbart skulle tro. Soldaten Eisner siger i følge The Globe and Mail:

“We know the history of these anarchists,” he said. “They came with sticks and broke my hand, but no one will tell or film that.”

Den israelske soldat har masser af opbakning. Fra Sky News:

More than 80 Israeli soldiers and reservists have signed a petition of support for a military commander who was filmed assaulting a Danish pro-Palestinian activist.

Den anti-isralske anarkist benægter, at den to timer lange konfrontation var voldelig, skriver The Jerualem Post. Netanyahu, Peres og andre har fordømt soldaten og episoden efterforskes af IDF. Coren støtter heller ikke danskeren:

Michael Coren on terrorism supporter Andreas Ias

Anarkisterne havde fået klar besked på ikke at blokere trafikken og passere gaden. I stedet provokerede de og forsøgte at bryde soldaternes afspærring. På denne video ser man fjolset fra Danmark vade bevidstløst og uopmærksomt lige ind i de fremrykkende soldaters række:

Og artikel af Spengler, som indleder med en omtale af vores håbløse landsmand:

Sympathy for the Leftist Devil

April 18, 2012 – by David P. Goldman

Israel’s minor annoyance over an influx of pro-Palestinian activists in the so-called flotilla rates a great deal more attention than it deserves from the liberal media, for example, this tongue-clicking, finger-wagging item from the New York Times’ “The Lede” blog. It used to be that the body of a dead Palestinian kid (almost certain shot by Palestinians in crossfire) was the poster for Palestinian activism. All the flotilla folks have is a video of an Israeli officer bonking a blond boy in the face with his rifle; the boy falls, gets up, and walks away with a hurt look. “Israeli soldiers brutally attack Palestinian activists,” reads the super-imposed title on the video.

It can’t be good to be a pro-Palestinian activist these days. No one has time to worry about the Palestinians. Bashar al-Assad continues to slaughter his own people — nearly 10,000 over the past year — and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders of the Syrian opposition undoubtedly would slaughter Assad’s Alawite coreligionists were they to take power. There are at least 2,000 dead and 22,000 injured in little Yemen during the past two years. All of this pales next to what is likely to come in Egypt, as the military and the Islamists fight for power.

Mere HER hos PJ Media.

Andre kilder: Den Korte Avis, Haaretz, Haaretz, Haaretz, Haaretz, Haaretz, Israel Hayom, Israel Hayom, The Jerualem Post, The Globe and Mail, Ynetnews,

Video: Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Michael Coren, Ron Banerjee, Michael C. Moynihan

Skønne Steyn er gæst hos canadiske Sun News TV – igen. Alle videoerne er fra i går:

Ezra Levant with Mark Steyn: Apr 17, 2012

Steyn still gearing up for Steynamite on April 24.

Michael Coren with Ron Banerjee

Ron Banerjee of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy joins Michael Coren to discuss the group who put up the TTC ad for mohammad’s imaginary friend “Allah,” and their alleged support for . . . drumroll . . . terrorism.

Michael Coren: Everybody Draw Mohammad

Michael C. Moynihan joins Michael Coren to discuss the threat of islam toward freedom.

Video: Michael Coren, Ezra Levant, Jerry Agar, Jonathan Halevi, Kacem El Ghazzali og ….. Mark Steyn!

Steyn og Coren hyggesnakker en del her, men der kommer også lidt seriøs tale. Blandt andet kommer de ind på indavl, – fætter-kusineægteskaber. Jo flere gange, det bliver sagt højt, jo bedre. Måske ender det en dag med, at denne muslimske tragedie kan blive bragt til ophør via forbud.

Michael Coren with Mark Steyn: April 16, 2012

Mark Steyn is in studio with Michael Coren, gearing up for Steynamite next week.

Og lidt af de gode videoer fra canadiske Sun News TV, som betænksomme mennesker har uploadet på YouTube i ugens løb. Fra 13. april 2012:

Ezra Levant: Bras, burkas, and Saudi “art critics”

An art student who wears Muslim headdress is defending her right to freedom of expression after a photo she snapped was removed from public display at a British Columbia university.

Jonathan Halevi’s Arab Underground – Apr 11, 2012

Evidently there was an Everybody Draw Mohammad Day in Tunisia. Who knew?

Fra 11. april 2012:

Michael Coren with muslim atheist Kacem El Ghazzali

Kacem El Ghazzali is a muslim atheist (a “devert?”) who warns about the dangers of islam. You’ll never guess how in-bred paranoid islam has responded.

Video: Michael Coren & Robert Spencer om Vestens løgne

Narrativet må ikke forstyrres:

Michael Coren with Robert Spencer: islamic terrorism

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joins Michael Coren via Skype to discuss the bombing of a Nigerian church during Easter celebrations by members of the Religion of Peace.

Og en artikel:

Framing Geller and Spencer For Murder

By Robert Spencer – April 09, 2012

Shaima Alawadi, murdered in her home, and for awhile, it was the fault of Pamela Geller and me. A hijab-wearing mother, in death Alawadi quickly became much more prominent than she had ever been in life. Paired with Trayvon Martin, she was made into the symbol of allegedly rampant anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.S., and the impetus for “Hoodie and Hijab” marches that protested the supposed dire predicament of racial and religious minorities in America today. There was only problem with all this handwringing and finger-pointing: Alawadi’s murder was not a hate crime at all.

This revelation Friday morning, along with the release of information that made it look much more likely that Alawadi was a victim of honor killing than of murderous “Islamophobia,” stopped a few of the more circumspect among the Islamic supremacists: the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) tweeted a claim that it had always had doubts about the “hate crime” claim. Islamic supremacist writer Reza Aslan, however, who had initially blamed Pamela Geller and me for the murder, reacted with scornful indifference to the news disproving his claims, and continued to promote Hoodie and Hijab rallies.

Mere HER hos Atlas Shrugs.

Andre kilder: Jihad Watch,

Video: Michael Coren & Robert Spencer om islamofascisme

Fra 31. marts 2012:

Michael Coren & Robert Spencer: The fight against islamofascism

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joins Michael Coren to discuss the clear and present danger of islam in the West.

Fed opsang her – fra 31. marts 2012:

Michael Coren: Shut up!

The March 31, 2012 of Michael Coren’s occasional “Shut Up!” feature.

Og tilbage til Spencer:

The Empire of Fear

By Robert Spencer – March 26, 2012

As I wrote last week, Muslim and non-Muslim analysts often tell us that Muslims hate the West for its decadence, its immorality, its lasciviousness, which they contrast unfavorably with the supposed morality and uprightness of the Islamic world. Often this boils down to a Muslim critique of Western “freedom,” especially as Bush and Obama pursued military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan ostensibly to bring Western-style freedom to those countries.

In line with that, the Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali, once complained that “Australian law guarantees freedoms up to a crazy level.” Yet genuine freedom is an indispensable prerequisite for any cultivation of real virtue. Even the post-Christian West makes it more possible to be virtuous than the apparently much more straitlaced Islamic world. With its stonings, amputations, death penalties for an array of offenses including apostasy, Islam has created not a framework in which people can become genuinely good, but an empire of fear. People don’t dare step out of line, not out of an authentic understanding that the path of moral and ethical uprightness is preferable to the alternative, much less out of love for God or a real desire to please him, but because they are afraid of what would happen to them if they did depart from Islam’s vision of morality.

Mere HER hos Atlas Shrugs.

The Toulouse Massacre: More Jihad Denial

Robert Spencer – March 25, 2012

Every time a Muslim commits murder in the name of Islam, the denial begins again: Western leaders and the mainstream media tie themselves into knots trying to explain what happened without making any reference to its guiding motivation.

Last week was no different: Muhammad Merah was a self-styled “Islamic warrior” who killed a rabbi and several children at a Jewish day school in Toulouse, France, in an attack that the international media widely reported initially as having been perpetrated by a neo-Nazi. When it became clear that Merah was actually a jihadist, the predictable denial began: French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that the attack had nothing to do with Islam, and the call echoed worldwide not to allow the murders to harm French “pluralism.”

Mere HER i The American Thinker.

Accommodating Islam On the Checkout Line

By Robert Spencer – April 02, 2012

Wegman’s, a supermarket in Rochester, New York, has set up a special checkout line for a hijab-wearing Muslim cashier, directing customers to go to other lines if they have pork or alcohol.

Islamic law forbids Muslims not just to eat, but to handle or sell pork or alcohol, and Wegman’s customers seemed happy to go along. One said, “I feel like if they’re going to hire her and she’s got to have the job, why shouldn’t we respect her. Just go to another cashier.” Another added: “I would respect her beliefs and go to the next line if I had alcohol.”

Mere HER hos Atlas Shrugs. Et flot interview:

Robert Spencer interviews Nicolai Sennels: “Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant”

By Robert Spencer on April 2, 2012

Nicolai Sennels regularly contributes to Jihad Watch, with articles on psychology and translations of Scandinavian and German news. To help you get to know Sennels better, we decided to do an interview.

Nicolai Sennels (born 1976) is a Danish psychologist. His first appearances in the Danish media concerned his unorthodox therapy methods that he developed as the only psychologist at Sønderbro, the youth prison (see here, here, here, here and here). He taught the young prisoners about mindfulness meditation and developed a special program on anger management. Sennels also developed a psychotherapeutic method that focused on teaching criminals with a low understanding of emotions and empathy how to take responsibility for their own behavior. In 2008, the prisoners of Sønderbro voted the facility as the best prison in Denmark. The leader of Social Services in the Copenhagen municipality concluded that this was due to the work of Nicolai Sennels (Amagerbladet, November 3, 2008).

Mere HER hos Jihad Watch. Vdare her.

CAIR Blocks Discussion of Islam – But Only Temporarily

by IPT News  •  Apr 5, 2012

Efforts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to squash a lecture by writer Robert Spencer have been thwarted.

Spencer originally planned to speak April 18 at the New York law firm Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel about his forthcoming book, Did Muhammad Exist? The talk was sponsored by the Middle East Forum (MEF), headed by Daniel Pipes.

CAIR issued an action alert March 29 calling on the firm to rescind its invitation, claiming the event would promote “Spencer’s claim that Islam’s Prophet Muhammad may never have existed.” Spencer’s book is based on his review of the 130-year scholarly tradition that raises fundamental questions

Mere HER hos The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Andre kilder: FrontPageMagazine, OneNewsNow, MarketWatchMarketWatch, MarketWatch, Middle East Forum, Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch, Jihad WatchJihad Watch, Jihad Watch,

Video: Michael Coren & Pam Geller om islamiske trusler

Fra 5. april 2012:

Michael Coren & Pam Geller: Eric Allen Bell

Michael Coren and Pamela Geller discuss Eric Allen Bell’s mugging by reality: first as a man of the Left who awoke to the threats of islam, and now a man cowed from his livelihood by . . . threats from islam.

Yerushalmi kommenterer den retssag, Geller omtaler – fra 3. april 2012:

Anti-Jihad/Pro-Israel Ad in Court: AFLC Case Update

David Yerushalmi, Co-Founder & Senior Counsel of the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), provides a breaking news case update on the steps of the courthouse where AFLC argued in defense of an organization’s free speech right to display an anti-Jihad/pro-Israel bus ad in New York.

Man kan læse mere hos WND:

Artikel af Geller:

Islamization of America accelerates

Exclusive: Pamela Geller cites 3 recent examples of ‘capitulation’ to Shariah

by Pamela Geller | April 3, 2012

This has been a week of attempted advances for the Islamization of America (and Britain as well). Those who think it isn’t happening should ponder the case of Wegmans, a supermarket in Rochester, N.Y. Wegmans has put up a sign asking customers buying pork or alcohol not to use a particular checkout line when a Muslim teenager is on duty as the cashier. Only after public pressure from readers of my site and Robert Spencer’s did the sign come down.

This was more Islamization of the marketplace. This is a pattern. If you don’t want to handle meat that’s not halal, work for a Muslim butcher. Don’t take a job at Wegmans, Wal-Mart or Target. But this Muslim cashier’s special line was not about that. It was about imposing Islam on non-Muslims. Muslims are seeking special accommodations for a “special class.” (Islamic law places Muslims in a special class, giving them rights that non-Muslims do not have.)

Mere HER hos WND.

Andre kilder: Thomas More Law Center, American Freedom Law Center, American Freedom Defense Initiative, WND,

Video & artikler: Daniel Pipes – status i Mellemøsten

Fra Christian Solidarity International i Bern i Svejts 7. marts 2012. Etnisk udrensning af Mellemøstens kristne, jøder og andre mindretal:

Daniel Pipes – Religious Minorities in an Increasingly Intolerant Middle East

Daniel Pipes, a historian and president of Middle East Forum, speaks at a CSI seminar on the future of religious minorities in the Middle East. Pipes warns that persecution of Christians in the Middle East is “acquiring genocidal characteristics.”

PR Newswire har en artikel om foredraget i ovenstående video:

Og fra en høring i Israel om det arabiske “forår”:

Daniel Pipes – Middle Eastern Upheavals and Immigration to Israel – March 14, 2012

Hearing in Israel – Danny Danon – Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs. Article in The Jerusalem Post


Fra 6. marts 2012:

Michael Coren & Daniel Pipes: Israel vs Iran

Pipes om en march, der løb ud i sandet:

Israel’s Enemies Unite for March to Jerusalem

Der følger en artikel med, som man kan læse her:

Israeli Security Halts Skirmishes on ‘March to Jerusalem’,

By Chris Mitchell – April 01, 2012

Israeli security forces battled Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem Friday, with reports of one Palestinian killed and dozens wounded.

The clashes came during demonstrations marking Land Day and the Global March on Jerusalem. Palestinians and Israeli Arabs hold the annual event to protest Israel’s land policies.

Mere HER hos CBN News.

Daniel Pipes & Zuhdi Jasser diskuterer – artikler fra begge på Daniel Pipes’ hjemmeside:

Syria: Arguing for U.S. Inaction

by Daniel Pipes – February 25, 2012

Some thoughts on U.S. policy toward Syria on the occasion of the just-ended “Friends of Syria” meeting in Tunisia:

Since the end of the cold war, many Americans have a sense of being so strong, they don’t need to think about their own security but can afford to focus on the immediate humanitarian concerns of others. This leads to a sentimental U.S. foreign policy of “war as social work” in which the welfare of peoples with an admittedly wretched record as American allies (Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians) can trump national interests. In fact, American interests often diverge from those of Middle Easterners. For example, as I put it six years ago, “when Sunni terrorists target Shiites and vice-versa, non-Muslims are less likely to be hurt.”

Mere HER hos Daniel Pipes. Zuhdi Jasser er lige blevet udpeget til The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The Investigative Project on Terrorism har en artikel om det:

Andre kilder: Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel PipesDaniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review Online, The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Post, The Investigative Project on TerrorismThe Investigative Project on TerrorismThe Examiner, The Washington Times, The Washington Times, Family Security Matters, MarketWatch, The National Interest,

Reservelink (Hearing in Israel) her.

Video: Fantastiske, nødvendige Sun News TV

Der uploades mange videoer fra Sun News TV. Her er lidt fra de sidste par dage – Nonie Darwish, Kira Davis, Kris Sims, Cindy Pom, Brian Dunstan & Michael Coren:

Michael Coren with Nonie Darwish: islamic anti-Semitism

Nonie Darwish of Arabs for Israel joins Michael Coren to discuss the evils of islam.

Kira Davis on Trayvon Martin

This is the young lady who made that spectacular apology to Afghan President Karzai.

Kris Sims:

Michael Coren on islamic taqiyya

Denne video fra 23. februar 2012 bliver omtalt ovenfor – Kira Davis:

My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans

Wherein I follow the lead of our own President and apologize to President Karzai of Afghanistan on behalf of America

Den afdøde islamist, Maududi, sælger godt i Canada. Brian Dunstan & Cindy Pom – fra 1. april 2012:

Jihad books in Toronto muslim bookstore


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