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Don Feder om Egypten

Don Feder om rod på den amerikanske højrefløj og om Egypten:

The Discreet Charm Of The Neo-Cons — Kristol Hails Egyptian “Awakening,” Muslim Brotherhood Waits In The Wings

By Don Feder – February 16,  2011

The night they drove old Hosni down — and all the neo-cons were singing. Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol was the kapellmeister.

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Prior to the exit of Beast Mubarak, Kristol (in yet another of his Olympian pronouncements), thundered: “The United States must support the Egyptian awakening, and has a paramount moral and strategic interest in real democracy in Egypt and freedom for the Egyptian people. The question is how the U.S. government can do its best to help the awakening turn out well.”

How do we know neo-cons aren’t really conservatives? Conservatives are realists. They confront reality without ideological blinders. They do their best to perceive the world as it is, not as they wish it was.

Mere HER i GrassTopsUSA.

PS: Over 90 pct. af det filippinske folk er kristne. Filippinere er et vestligt land. Fattigt, men vestligt. De omkring 7 pct. muslimer bor hovedsageligt på den næststørste ø, Mindanao, hvor der regelmæssigt udkæmpes noget, der ligner borgerkrig. Muslimer udgør 1/3 af øens indbyggere.

Flere pundits om terror i Arizona

Terroraktionen i Arizona spøger stadig. Der sker ikke så meget nyt i disse artikler, men jeg ville godt lige have dem med alligevel – Don Feder, Daniel Greenfield, Ezra Levant, Diana West og Katrina Trinko:

The Tucson Shooting – Round Up The Usual Hypocrites

By Don Feder – January 12, 2011

It’s difficult to say which is more absurd – in a loathsome sort of way – Iran blaming Zionists for the Christmas Day massacre of 21 Egyptian Christians, or the left blaming the Tucson shootings on Sarah Palin, Glenn Back, the Tea Party movement and everyone who watches FOX News.

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The smoke had hardly cleared from the shootings at a constituent meeting that left six people dead and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords critically wounded, before the liberal smear-machine went into overdrive.

“These sorts of things (Palin putting Giffords’ district in crosshairs on her website during the last election) I think, invite the kind of toxic rhetoric that can lead unstable people to believe this is an acceptable response,” intoned Senator Dick Durbin. Speaking of toxic rhetoric, in 2005, Durbin compared the treatment of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo to the Holocaust, Soviet gulags and Pol Pot.

Mere HER hos GrassTopsUSA.

If Squeaky Fromme breaks out of her cell tomorrow and tries to shoot up congress again– we can still blame Sarah Palin

The Media’s Bloody Circus Ends

By Daniel Greenfield  – January 15, 2011

This was what the political climate looked like back in 2006 when this was the DVD cover of a widely promoted movie featuring the murder of President Bush, as a way of discussing how awful Bush is.  This wasn’t the work of a single lunatic. Roger Ebert, who is predictably outraged over Palin, praised the movie as “necessary to an understanding of George W. Bush’s role in the world today.”

Here’s more:

“The scenario is a familiar one: What would happen if a much-hated world leader was killed in office? Since the failed assassination attempts on Adolph Hitler, fictions imagining how things might have changed with the elimination of one powerful figure have fascinated historians and the public.”


“Bush Jr., whose methods and ideology have been vilified as Hitlerian in real-life speeches and demonstrations that we’ve all seen already”

Mere HER hos Canada Free Press eller her hos Sultan Knish.

‘Climate of hate’

Left goes on the attack in an ill-informed political blamestorm

By Ezra Levant – January 16, 2011

U.S. President Barack Obama’s unofficial motto was coined by his first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Emanuel was talking about the banking crisis that Obama used to nationalize General Motors and health insurance.

And so last weekend when a lone gunman in Arizona killed six people and wounded 13 more, including a congresswoman, the Democrats saw their chance.

Clarence Dupnik, the Democrat who is the sheriff for the crime scene, knew what to do. The investigation was just beginning, but Dupnik declared the killer was motivated by conservative political rhetoric, and blamed talk show host Rush Limbaugh in particular.

 Mere HER i Ottawa Sun eller her i Toronto Sun.

The right’s pathetic reaction

By Diana West – January 13, 2011

The suppression of the facts is by no means the most dangerous aspect of any Big Lie. After all, facts don’t go away even amid efforts to suppress them. All sorts of inconsistencies, impossibilities and clues remain behind, and sometimes in plain sight, for anyone who cares to look. The real threat the Big Lie poses to society comes when it is not stopped in its tracks, exposed and trashed for what it is – a lie – but rather accepted, accommodated and, indeed, treated as if it were the truth. At that point, a Big Lie is a big success, having created an alternate reality that turns its very targets into hapless accomplices.

Unfortunately, that last bit describes most Republicans’ supine reaction to the reaction – the Big Lie – about the Arizona massacre.

Much has already been written about the heinous movement on the Left to blame conservative politicians, political groups and pundits – but mainly Sarah Palin – for causing the crime, for creating the conditions unique to the crime, with “heated rhetoric” and “violent imagery.” Without even examining the violence (note to liberals: I use the word metaphorically) this specious argument does to the First Amendment, I say this argument is a Big Lie.

Mere HER hos WorldNetDaily eller Big Peace her. Townhall her.

Opdatering 17. januar 2011: Jeg snupper lige en til – artiklen herunder er en fin opsumering:

Blame Palin

Katrina Trinko – January 15, 2011

The ten most inane comments connecting Sarah Palin to the Tucson shooting.

In the week since the Arizona shootings, much of the media’s commentary exemplified Palin Derangement Syndrome. It became a joke: On Twitter, one of the most popular “hashtags” was #blamePalin, which was used to, well, blame Palin for TV-show cancellations, malfunctioning toilets, and bad restaurant service.

Unfortunately, for all the joking of the Twitterati, liberals were serious. Here’s a list of the top ten most inane comments connecting Palin to the shootings.

Mere HER i National  Review Online.

Rør blot ikke ved min gamle jul

Jødiske Don Feder kan ikke forstå, hvorfor man ikke kan lade juletræer være i fred:

O Holiday Tree, O Holiday Tree, Thy Inclusiveness Shines So Brightly

By Don Feder – December 13, 2010

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And lo, there came unto me glad tidings: A Christmas tree has never committed an act of terrorism – has never beheaded a hostage (or taken hostages, for that matter), has never flown a plane into a skyscraper, has never blown up anything, and has never shot and killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, on November 5, 2009.

So, why can’t they just leave the Christmas tree alone? Why must the poor tree suffer a politically-correct makeover – so that no one (God forbid!) feels excluded?

I had sworn off writing War-on-Christmas columns, which increasingly seems an exercise in futility. My resolve weakened when, listening to a Boston television station, I heard a report about the annual “Holiday tree lighting on the Boston Common.”

Mere HER hos GrassTopsUSA. Kan også læses her hos Patriots and Liberty.

Don Feder om islamisk trussels- og voldskultur

It Used To Be “First The Saturday People, Then The Sunday People.” But Moslems Can’t Hardly Wait

By Don Feder – November 16, 2010

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As a Jew, I don’t ask Christians to support Israel because of God’s promises to the Patriarchs, affirmed by the Prophets.

There are millions of Christians who believe as I do that His promises to the Jewish people are eternal and that the land of Israel was given to them in perpetuity.

Other Christians believe that by refusing to accept Jesus as the messiah, the old covenant was nullified, the Church became the new Israel, and Jewish claims to the land are no more valid than Arab claims to Andalusia – perhaps less so.

Mere HER hos GrassTopsUSA.

Fed artikel af Don Feder – jihadofobi

Bidende sarkastisk som altid:

Society For Voluntary Jewish Extinction Fights Islamophobia

By Don Feder – September 20, 2010

In response to the rising tide of anti-Semitism, here and abroad, courtesy of the Religion of Peace, liberal Jews (Temple Beth Meshuga) have pledged to fight Islamophobia – the “phobia” the left loves to hate.

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We’re told that anti-Muslim hysteria has reached a fevered pitch. Daisy Khan, wife Imam Rauf, point-man for the Ground Zero Mosque, says it’s “like a metastasized anti-Semitism.” What, that serious? “It’s not even Islamophobia; it’s beyond Islamophobia. It’s (gasp) hate of Muslims!”

Are Muslims being lynched by rampaging mobs? Are imams kidnapped and tortured to death? Are cars filled with Muslim civilians ambushed, and pregnant women shot to death at close range?

Mere HER hos GrassTopsUSA.

Don Feder spidder venstrefløjen

Og det er han god til:

Hateful Me, Loving Liberals And Filty, Parasitic Human Infants

By Don Feder – August 8, 2010

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At the outset, two points to bear in mind: 1. Dissent infuriates liberals. 2. As far as they’re concerned, everyone’s business is their business.

When my wife returned to our car in the parking lot of B.J.’s, there was a note on the windshield: “How sad that someone filled with so much hate has a child. May God bless and forgive you.”

Here’s looking down at you, kid.

The verdict (doubtless from someone who considers herself non-judgmental) was prompted by anti-Obama bumper stickers and a child’s car seat, which the snoop spotted. That she was looking in our car is a bit scary. Then again, perhaps she was checking for assault rifles, hoping to avert militia activity.

 GrassTopsUSA har det hele HER.

Video: Brigitte Gabriel & Sean Hannity

Præsident Obama får et ordentligt pulver her i løbet af kun 6 minutter. Brigitte Gabriel på slap line. Fra 19. august 2010:

Her kommer lige nogle af tallene fra videoen:

Kun 1/4 af amerikanerne støtter en moske på Ground Zero – hele 61 pct. er imod. Hver fjerde amerikaner tror, Obama er muslim. Hver fjerde er usikker på, hvad han er. Kun 47 pct. tror, Obama er kristen.

Opdatering 26. august 2010 – Don Feder har skrevet en ret sarkastisk artikel om præsident Obamas forhold til religion:

Church of Obama Speaks With Prophetic Voice of Saul Alinsky, Not Saul of Tarsus

By Don Feder – August 25, 2010 – GrassTopsUSA

This is priceless. After 19 months of sucking up to Islam – bowing to the Saudi King, apologizing to terrorist states for our “arrogance,” singing Islam’s praises, supporting the Ground Zero mosque (opposed by upwards of 70% of the public) – a growing number of Americans believe POTUS is a Muslim.

Link til GrassTopsUSA HER.

At Play In The Fields Of Allah

Det er længe siden, vi har haft noget om Don Feder her på Veritas Universalis. Det kan vi heldigvis råde bod på nu:

Or Our Pathetic Inability To Say The I-Word

By Don Feder

The Religion of Peace had a swinging time in Nigeria, with what it swings best — machetes. On March 7, Muslim mobs, thus armed, massacred more than 500 Christians in three villages in the northern part of the country.

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Many of the victims, including women and children, were decapitated or scalped. Others had limbs severed. Chindum Yakubu described how her 18-month-old daughter was ripped from her arms and hacked to death as the family tried to flee a predawn attack.

The mainstream media tried to explain away the atrocities (surprise!). The slaughter was a reprisal for the killing of Muslims in Jos, in the southern part of the nation, in January. The victims were cattle thieves. It was a tribal dispute in which religion played no part.

Denial is a river that also runs through part of the Catholic hierarchy.

Læs det hele HER hos The GrassTopsUSA.

Video: Don Feder om verdens barnløshed

Meget amerikansk tale. Også for amerikansk. Men problemet er reelt – fødselstallet taller over hele verden:

Family and Demography issues, by John D. Mueller and Don Feder (World Congress of Families V)

Don Feder, Communications Director for World Congress of Families and John D. Mueller, Director of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (USA) delivere lectures about the roots and consequences of “Demographic Winter” (population decline worldwide).

Speeches are given prior to the international premiere screening of the documentary “Demographic Bomb”, a sequel to the well-known “Demographic Winter”, during the World Congress of Families V (Amsterdam, august 2009).

Recorded by LifeMedia Vision, Holland, at World Congress of Families V (Amsterdam, august 2009). Uploaded by Provita Bucharest.

Overbefolkning er en sejlivet myte

‘Demographic Winter’ Exposes the Century’s Overlooked Crisis

by Don Feder – March 27, 2008

“Demographic Winter” — a dramatic new documentary — is the first to explore the most overlooked crisis of our times: the rapid, worldwide decline in birth rates.

Logo Human Events

Philip Longman, a demographer and author of “The Empty Cradle: How Falling Birthrates Threaten World Prosperity,” observes: “The on-going global decline in human birthrates is the single most powerful force affecting the fate of nations and the future of society in the 21st. century.”

Doomsayers from Thomas Malthus to Paul Ehrlich have warned of “overpopulation” leading to depleted resources and mass starvation. In reality, more people have generated to more prosperity and higher standards of living.

Mere HER i Human Events.


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