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Video: Daniel Pipes, Jamie Glazov & David Meir-Levi

YouTube-version af The Jamie Glazov ShowBlogTalkRadio den 13. december 2011:

“An Invented People” on The Jamie Glazov Show

The Jamie Glazov Show on 12/13/2011. Featuring Jamie Glazov, Daniel Pipes, and David Meir-Levi discussing “An Invented People”.

Pipes slutter efter 27 minutter:

Og artikler skrevet af to medvirkende:

An Invented People

by David Meir-Levi on Dec 13th, 2011

On Friday, December 9, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich​ was interviewed on cable TV’s The Jewish Channel, where he made the unexpected comment that the Palestinians are an invented people with no apparent right to their own state.  His remarks, summarized in the Washington Post, were promptly condemned; but is he correct?

Let’s recall that Mr. Gingrich has an MA and PhD in History from Tulane University.  In fact, history is quite clear on this issue.  Mr. Gingrich is correct, and the first to say so was Daniel Pipes.

Mere her i FrontPageMagazine. Kan også læses her hos Energy Publisher. Her er en stump af det famøse interview:

The Jewish Channel Exclusive Interview With Newt Gingrich Excerpt: “Invented Palestinian People”

Og om afbrændingen af Det Egyptiske Institut:

L’Institut d’Égypte: In Memoriam

By Daniel Pipes – December 27, 2011

Founded in 1798 by the scientists accompanying Napoleon on his invasion of Egypt and responsible for the monumental 20-volume Description de l’Égypte (1809–28), L’Institut d’Égypte was burned down on Dec. 17 by crowds rampaging in the vicinity of the National Assembly building.

Remarkably for a learned institution, its doors were open to the public to meander and imbibe, though few did. During my three-year residency in Cairo in the 1970s, it served as a place of refuge, when the city was too much with me, as well as a regular destination for my foreign visitors. I treasured this little-known gem for its library of 200,000 volumes focused on Egypt, its symbol as the capstone of Orientalist learning in Egypt, its evocation of a different and better era, and the quietude it offered in a city with few such oases.

Mere HER i National Review Online. Kan også læses her hos Daniel Pipes.

Opdatering 20. januar 2012:

Why “Invent” the Palestinians?

Robert R. Reilly – January 17, 2012

This month, in Amman, Jordan, Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators met for their first time in 15 months to try to restart the “peace process.” Meanwhile, the Palestinian group that rules in Gaza, Hamas, has repeated its declaration: “The battle for the liberation of Jerusalem is closer than ever and, God willing, we will win.” Which is it to be, peace or war?

Perhaps this question should be considered against the background of the recent ruckus Newt Gingrich caused in December by saying, “Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire. We have invented the Palestinian people, who are, in fact, Arabs and are historically part of the Arab people. . .” The entire political spectrum took umbrage.  A critique from the right came from Elliott Abrams, a former Bush deputy national security adviser, who said: “There was no Jordan or Syria or Iraq, either, so perhaps he would say they are all invented people as well, and also have no right to statehood. Whatever was true then, Palestinian nationalism has grown since 1948, and whether we like it or not, it exists.”

Mere HER i Crisis Magazine. Kan også læses her hos Catholic News Agency.

Desuden link til denne af Melanie Phillips i The Daily Mail:

Andre kilder: WikipediaDavid Horowitz Freedom Center, Daniel PipesDaniel PipesDaniel Pipes, Daniel Pipes, The Washington Times, ICJS, National Review Online, National Review Online,



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