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Video: David Horowitz & Kathleen Walter om USAs rigeste, nemlig venstrefløjen

Kathleen Walter er i virkeligheden ret dygtig, har jeg opdaget. Det erkender man, når man har set Walter’s arbejde nogle gange:

David Horowitz: Obama is a Creature of the Left-Wing Money Machine

Der følger en artikel med fra Newsmax:

Flere fremtrædende demokrater støtter terrorister:

Brett Kimberlin and the Left-Wing Money-Machine

by David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin – June 14, 2012

Since his early release from prison in 2000, Kimberlin has found a second act: as the darling of America’s leading, tax-free progressive foundations.

Mere HER hos PJ Media.

Horowitz og Jacob Laksin skriver om den nye bog i FrontPageMagazine:

Blogget for nylig om David Horowitz og den nye bog, The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future:

Andre kilder: Fox News, The Washington Examiner,

Video: David Horowitz & Sean Hannity om USAs stinkende rige venstrefløj

Horowitz om sin nye bog: The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future. Fra 11. juni 2012:

David Horowitz on Hannity Radio discussing The New Leviathan

Opdatering 14. juni 2012:  Sean Hannity har både et radio – og et tv-program. Fra samme aften:

David Horowitz on Hannity

Vært Steve Doocy:

David Horowitz on FOX and Friends

(TV) “The New Leviathan” FOX News Channel, June 12, 2012

Video: Glenn Beck, David Horowitz og flere

Det er så rart, når venstrefløjen får en kvalificeret skideballe. Og dem er der flere af her. Glenn Beck kan godt være lidt overgearet, men skidt:

Freedom Center of Philadelphia: Craig Snider & David Horowitz

May 31, 2012. Union League of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Freedom Center presented special guest, Glenn Beck with the Patrick Henry Award. Craig Snider opening remarks followed by David Horowitz opening remarks and intro of Glenn Beck. Part 2 is Glenn Beck and Part 3 is the Q and A.

Glenn Beck Receives Patrick Henry Award @ Philadelphia Union League

[Part 2 of 3] On May 31, 2012, the Union League of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Freedom Center presented the Patrick Henry Award to Glenn Beck. Part 3 is the Q and A. Part 1 is the opening remarks by Craig Snider and David Horowitz.

Glenn Beck (Q and A ) at Union League of Philadelphia-2012

(Part 3 of 3) May 31, 2012. After Glenn Beck’s speech, Admiral Thomas Lynch presents him with the Philadelphia Freedom Center’s Patrick Henry Award . Then, Barry Magarick of the Union League of Philadelphia, leads a short Q and A.

Andre kilder: FrontPageMagazine,

Video: David Horowitz – A World of Trouble

Så er der smæk til venstrefløjen og islam. Fra University of California, Los Angeles den 16. maj 2012:

David Horowitz at UCLA – 5/16/12

David Horowitz speaks at UCLA.


Andre kilder: FrontPageMagazine,

Video: David Horowitz på Bucknell University

FrontPageMagazine skriver på sin hjemmeside:

On April 23rd, David Horowitz spoke at Bucknell University.  Co-sponsored by the Bucknell College Republicans, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the speech, which is presented below, dealt with the contentious issues of academic freedom and free speech in the university setting.

I anden halvdel kommer Horowitz også ind på islam:

David Horowitz at Bucknell University

Andre kilder: FrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine, Arutz Sheva, OpEdNews, OpEdNews, PennBDS, CounterPunch, Power Line, The Tablet,

Video: David Horowitz på University of North Carolina

Her handler det om Israel, islam og muslimsk jødehad. Undervejs udvandrer en flok – især muslimske – studerende. Fra 12. marts 2012:

David Horowitz @ UNC-Chapel Hill March 2012

David Horowitz’s speech “Why Israel is the Victim and Why There is No Peace in the Middle East,” presented by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Christians United for Israel, and Committee for a Better Carolina.

Campus Paper Won‘t Print Horowitz Response to ’Anti-Muslim Bigot’ Charge

March 15, 2012 by Mytheos Holt

When David Horowitz, famed pro-Israel and anti-radical Islam activist, spoke at the University of North Carolina, he received a famously chilly reception from the students, including one whose father has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But UNC wasn’t done with Horowitz – he was also hammered by no less than three people in the campus paper, the Daily Tar Heel for alleged anti-Muslim feelings.

Horowitz isn’t taking it lying down. In a letter originally sent to (and apparently rejected by) the Daily Tar Heel, obtained exclusively by the Blaze, Horowitz throws down the gauntlet for his critics and challenges them on the idea that speaking out against radical Islam necessarily makes one a bigot:

Se brevet HER i The Blaze. Se eventuelt også denne i The Blaze:

Co-præsidenten her aner ikke, hvad han snakker om:

UNC Hillel won’t stand for vilification of Muslim students

By Josh Orol | March 4, 2012

As co-president of UNC Hillel, I was surprised to receive an invitation from the Committee for a Better Carolina to publicize David Horowitz’s upcoming speech. I would have hoped that our opinions were already publicly known: UNC Hillel does not support Horowitz’s repeated vilification of Muslims.

Over the past few years, Horowitz has periodically published ads in The Daily Tar Heel promoting his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which are, to say the least, inflammatory.

Mere HER i The Daily Tar Heel. Kan også læses her i Islamophobia Today.

Og om de meget dyre universiteter i USA – nogle demonstrerende venstrefløjsere fik en gang peberspray:

David Horowitz & Neil Cavuto – Students should be punished – Fox News April 4, 2012

Pepper Sprayed Santa Monica Students Deserve To Be ‘Expelled’, Horowitz says.

Det er uklart, hvornår denne video er fra – stadig om USAs dyre universiteter:

Your World with Neil Cavuto

Andre kilder: Pat Dollard, Mediaite, FrontPageMagazine, Reese Felts Digital Newsroom, American Freedom, NC Freedom, CollegiateLink, Jihad Watch, The Daily Tar Heel,

Video: Julian Assange interviewer David Horowitz & Hassan Nasrallah

Fra Russia Today den 23. april 2012 – den anden deltager er kommunist og hedder Slavoj Zizek:

David Horowitz on World Tomorrow with Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow: Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah urged the Syrian opposition to engage in dialogue with Assad’s regime, but they refused. Hezbollah leader Sayyid Nasrallah confirmed this in his first interview in 6 years, the world premiere of Julian Assange’s ‘The World Tomorrow’ on RT.

Assange får kritik for sine programmer, – også fra venstrefløjen. Fra 24. april 2012:

Assange’s mainstream friends U-turn after show boom

The media that once praised Julian Assange, hailing him a hero for his work as a whistleblower, has now drastically changed its tune, after the debut of his talk show on RT. While some say it’s due to journalistic jealousy, others believe the U-turn is political. Laura Smith reports from London.

Russia Today har før haft Horowitz som gæst – fra 24. november 2010:

Will profiling make us safer?

Following outrage over TSA screenings, GOP Reps. Chaffetz And Hoekstra revived calls for profiling, Thom talks to David Horowitz about this.Following outrage over TSA screenings, GOP Reps. Chaffetz And Hoekstra revived calls for profiling, Thom talks to David Horowitz about this.

The Wichita Eagle har lige haft en artikel om en ny episode:

Andre kilder: YouTubeFrontPageMagazine, Digital Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, The Sacramento Bee, Tablet Magazine, Family Security Matters,

Video: David Horowitz – fantastisk konference

Fantastisk konference, utroligt mange pundits samlet på ét sted – vælg eventuelt noget ud. Først noget islamkritik – fra David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend 17. – 20. november 2011:

Arab Spring, Muslim Winter – Mark Tapson, Michael Totten, Daniel Pipes, Andrew C. McCarthy, Douglas Murray,

Arab Spring, Muslim Winter – Q & A

Decline of the West: Rise of the Rest – Michael Wienir, Bruce Bawer, Paul Vallely, Michael Ledeen, Bruce Thornton

De fine foredrag fortsætter her på Veritas Universalis ► ► ► HER

Video: Sean Hannity, David Horowitz & Robert Naiman

De skændes bravt her – fra 10. marts 2012:

Horowitz and Naiman debate Iran and Israel

David Horowitz and Robert Naiman debate whether or not President Obama has Israel’s back. Horowitz believes we cannot trust Obama when it comes to protecting Israel. Naiman and Horowitz also discuss if Israel should preemptively attack Iran.

Audio: David Horowitz om Mellemøsten, Det Muslimske Broderskab, USA og mere

Fra Mornings on The Dove:

Audio Icon YellowDavid Horowitz – The Freedom Center

Thu 26th January

David Horowitz, founder and CEO of The David Horowitz Freedom Center, talks about Muslim Hate Groups on Campus and how Islamists use higher education for their war against Israel, free speech and American institutions.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varighed 22 minutter.

Video: David Horowitz & Kathleen Walter om Occupy Wall Street

Og mere. Interviewet er optaget før politiet i New York ryddede Zuccotti Park:

David Horowitz & Kathleen Walter – Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Idiots – November 17, 2011

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, Horowitz, a former radical leftist who converted to conservatism in the 1980s, was asked about the Occupy Wall Street protesters and their ongoing demonstrations in Manhattan and elsewhere.

“They are idiots,” Horowitz declares.

“If you’ve watched their interviews you know that they’re morons. But what is behind them is ACORN, George Soros, and the core of the Democratic Party. That’s why we ought to pay attention to them.”

As to whether the Occupy movement has been spontaneous or manipulated by the organized left, Horowitz says: “I think it’s both. It’s like a chicken-and-an-egg question.

Man kan læse mere om interviewet her hos Newsmax.

Andre kilder: FrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine,

Video: Michael Coren & David Horowitz

Det er hørt før, men man kan kun blive ved med at gentage indtil budskabet også når frem til venstrefløjen. Fra 15. november 2011:

Michael Coren & David Horowitz on the Left & islamofascism

David Horowitz, editor of FrontPage Magazine, joins Michael Coren to discuss the evil of islam, the evil of the Left, and their evil intersection.

Opdatering: videoen blevet slettet, men mon ikke denne er en kopi?

Theodore Dalrymple anmelder David Horowitzs nye bog

En venlig anmeldelse:

Here and After

Political warrior David Horowitz reflects on life and death.

Theodore Dalrymple – 4 November 2011

A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next, by David Horowitz (Regnery, 128 pp., $24.95)

Logo City Journal

Death is every life’s inevitable denouement, but La Rochefoucauld told us that we can no more stare it in the face than we can stare at the sun. For the most part, we continue our daily round in a state of presumed immortality, and because we are so unfamiliar nowadays with death—it having been carefully put out of our sight by a host of professionals—we treat it as an unwarranted intrusion into our affairs rather than as an existential limit to our brief earthly sojourn. For many, death has become anomalous rather than inevitable, something to protest against rather than accept. For them, the concept of a good death is entirely alien or antipathetic.

Mere HER i City Journal. Theodore Dalrymple har forbigående været inde på Horowitz’s bog i en anden artikel:

Video: David Horowitz & Stanley Cohen i The Sean Hannity Show

Forrygende diskussion her. Iran ~ Israel. Fra 2. november 2011:

David Horowitz on The Sean Hannity Show

David Horowitz discussing current events in the Middle East.

Andre kilder: The Sean Hannity Show, The Sean Hannity Show,

Video: David Horowitz – foredrag

Fra 12. oktober 2011:

A Point in Time

Political commentator David Horowitz reflected on several moments in his life and presented his philosophical thinking on life and mortality. Mr. Horowitz also responded to questions from members of the audience at this book-signing luncheon held at The Union League in Philadelphia.

David Horowitz C-Span

Man skal ind til C-Span for at se video. Link HER. Ibrahim anmelder Horowitzs nye bog:

Revelations of Time

By Raymond Ibrahim – October 29, 2011

David Horowitz’s book A Point in Time is at root an exposé on the nature of Time, that double-edged sword which, by obliterating all in its path, highlights the precious from the superfluous in our lives.

In structure, the book consists of Horowitz’s reflections — from his childhood and father to his deceased daughter and own mortality — not unlike the approach of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, whom the author quotes at length and has apparently learned much from (and a better instructor can scarcely be found).

Mere HER hos The American Thinker. Kan også læses her i FrontPage Magazine.


Artikel af Robert Spencer & David Horowitz

De to forfattere går til angreb på det fiktive begreb, islamofobi:

A Rational Fear of Islamism

By Robert Spencer and David Horowitz – September 30, 2011

Logo AINA Banner

In recent months, several reports have appeared to a generally uncritical reception in the press, which purport to expose alleged conspiracies organized by “Islamophobes” against American citizens who mean us no harm. These reports single out for condemnation a dozen prominent conservative figures (and mostly the same dozen) who have publicly criticized the misogyny, bigotry, and terrorism promoted by many (but not all) Islamic institutions and religious texts.

The term “Islamophobia” itself was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the political fountainhead of Islamic terror, having spawned al-Qaeda and created Hamas. Not coincidently, the reports themselves have been produced by Brotherhood fronts like CAIR, and jihadist apologists like the Southern Poverty Law Center. But the latest and most elaborate Islamophobia report, transparently derivative of its predecessors, has been issued by the Center for American Progress, which is a brain trust of the Democratic party. It thus marks a disturbing development in this ugly campaign.

Mere HER hos AINA. Kan også læses her i National Review Online.

Opdatering den 20. oktober 2011 – Robert Spencer uddyber ovenstående artikel – National Review Online:

Opdatering 21. oktober 2011 – David Horowitz svarer på angreb i National Review Online.

Andre kilder: Jihad Watch,

Audio: David Horowitz, Bill Costello, Tony Powers, Demetrius Minor

Igen om David Horowitz’s nye bog. Et udmærket interview:

David Horowitz Interview

Radio 14 Gold Black AnimationBy Bill Costello • September 14, 2011

Listen to conservative activist David Horowitz talk about current events with Bill Costello and Tony Powers and Demetrius Minor on WNRR 1380 AM in Augusta, GA.

Conservative Activist David Horowitz

36 minutes, MP3 (49 MB)

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player.

Opdatering 19. september 2011 – endnu en audio fra The Dove. Ligeledes et virkeligt godt interview:

David Horowitz-Searching for the meaning of life.

Date of Show: Mon 12th September

Conservative activists and author of A Point in Time, David Horowitz, addresses our inevitable search for the meaning of life and delves into this search on personal level. 

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varighed 38 minutter – derefter snakker værterne videre uden Horowitz.

Opdatering den 23. september 2011 – Bruce Thornton anmelder David Horowitz’s nye bog:

Horowitz’s Point in Time

A review of the conservative critic’s latest book

Bruce Thornton – September 20, 2011

Those who know David Horowitz only as a fierce critic of leftist delusions and a champion of democratic freedom may be surprised to discover that he is also the author of three volumes of memoirs laced with philosophical reflections. Yet a book such as A Point in Time, which joins the earlier volumes The End of Time and A Cracking of the Heart, complements beautifully Horowitz’s other work, which focuses more practically on contemporary ideologies and the pernicious policies they create. Politics, after all, is ultimately about ideas — about human nature, the goods states should pursue, and the limits of the possible given the brevity of a human life subjected to unforeseen change and suffering. Thus, conversations about policy must start first with those underlying ideas and ideals.

Mere HER i National Review Online.

Video: David Horowitz & Dennis Prager

Fra 13. september 2011 – om Horowitz’s nye bog, jødeforfølgelser, venstrefløjen, tro og mere:

David Horowitz on The Dennis Prager Show Discussing A Point In Time

Med reklamer og det hele:

Opdatering – video fra den 4. oktober 2011 – mere om Horowitz nye bog:

David Horowitz & Martha Zoller

The Martha Zoller Show – A Point in Time

Andre kilder: David Horowitz Freedom Center, The Dennis Prager Show,

Video & interview: David Horowitz & Glenn Beck om USA & islam

Ja, mit kroniske videoflip er voldsomt aktivt lige nu. Sådan er det bare. Man kan følge med i en udskrift her hos FrontPageMagazine:

David Horowitz – Glenn Beck 8 SEP 2011

David Horowitz interviewed on Glenn Beck

Desuden et interview fra Pajamas Media:

A Point in Time: An Interview with David Horowitz

“Our quests for happiness, for fame, and especially for a ‘better world’ are efforts to distract ourselves from the fact that our lives are meaningless.”

September 8, 2011 – by Mark Tapson

Be not troubled, for all things are according to nature and in a little while you will be no one and nowhere. – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

People usually associate David Horowitz, former radical leftist and founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, with the intellectual pugilism that has made him the nemesis of the left, in books such as Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom and Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left. But his new book A Point In Time caps an unofficial trilogy of lyrical meditations that began with The End of Time, then progressed through A Cracking of the Heart. In his latest, he uses the works of Marcus Aurelius and Fyodor Dostoevsky as starting points for his own intimate reflections on meaning and mortality.

Mark Tapson: How does this new book relate to your previous work?

David Horowitz: Most of my writings are engagements in the battles of our time. They are books designed to defend free societies in the face of the assault the left has mounted against them. I have written books to support individual rights and therefore property rights, and racial tolerance, and to uphold intellectual standards and intellectual freedom. My new book has a different inspiration, and in that way is a kind of sequel to another I wrote in the wake of 9/11.

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media.


Video: David Horowitz, Sean Hannity, Michael Coren, og flere om ballade i Playland

En forlystelsespark med regler for sikkerhed. Ingen tørklæder eller anden hovedbeklædning i risikobetonede aktitiveter.  Fornærmet muslim indkalder forstærkning. Vold skal der til, naturligvis. Hele 15 blev anholdt. Og 3 såret, oplyser B.T. Heriblandt 2 parkbetjene.

Når muslimer er ofre for ligebehandling, bliver der som regel sagt fra. De vil ikke behandles som simple dhimmier. Talsmænd fra allehånde muslimske organisationer har været i den amerikanske halalpresse med beskyldninger om både dette og hint. Det gider jeg imidlertid ikke at dyrke, – jeg vil se video. Denne viser en del af balladen:

Muslims brawl at NY amusement park

Charles Adler Show fra det geniale Sun News Network – 2. september 2011:

Michael Coren – 2. september 2011:

Michael Coren on muslim brawl at NY amusement park

Fra den 1. september 2011 – The Sean Hannity Show:

Muslim Leaders Criticize Police Response to Scuffle

Muslim civil rights leaders have accused authorities of using excessive force after a New York amusement park’s restrictions on head coverings provoked a scuffle a day earlier that led to the arrest of 15 people. According to the New York Times {Article}, about 3,000 visitors from a Muslim tour group were at Playland Park in Rye, NY yesterday afternoon celebrating the end of Ramadan when a dispute erupted after women wearing traditional hijabs, or head scarves, were told they could not wear them on certain rides, for safety reasons. Park officials said that the women were offered admission refunds, but that an altercation ensued when a large group of visitors became agitated and began to argue among themselves and then with park officials, including two rangers who were hospitalized with injuries. Sean invited David Horowitz and Mike Ghouse to the program to discuss the controversy. Are the park’s restrictions on head coverings unfair or are they a necessary safety precaution?

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/457042/1474399&tbid=153&p=1272&height=384&width=500]

Andre kilder: Ghouse Tweets, The New York Times, USA Today, USA Today, LoHud, MSNBC, Islamist Watch,



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