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Dalia Mogahed om Egypten

Mogahed er en af venstrefløjens yndlinge. Altid med tørklæde. Om en nyere meningsmåling fra Gallup:

Winning Back the Revolution

Most Egyptians want economic recovery, not more protests, according to national Gallup surveys conducted over the past eight months. Do activists have any chance of winning back the street?

By Dalia Mogahed | November 28, 2011

Dalia Mogahed by Fortune Live MediaAs Egyptians go to the polls for the first time since the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak, the country is deeply divided. The protests of recent weeks — which began with a call for the military to relinquish its hold on power — have descended into violent street clashes between angry youth and the police, with as many as 40 killed and hundreds injured in the fighting. Even now, thousands remain camped out in Tahrir Square and in front of the parliament building in downtown Cairo.

Most Egyptians have likely not welcomed the most recent round of protests with the same enthusiasm as the uprising that brought down Mubarak. According to nationally representative Gallup surveys conducted across the country in four rounds between late March and September, most Egyptians long for a return to normalcy, and see the country’s biggest problems as economic, not political. Among the wider public, the military is popular, while continued demonstrations that are viewed as crippling the economy and prolonging instability are not. But by responding to the protesters with brute force, Egypt’s ruling generals may have squandered that good will. While Egyptians oppose continued sit-ins, they reject attacks on civilians with even greater fervor.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy.

Opdatering 30. november 2011:

Get Ready for Big Brotherhood

Long shunted to the margins of political life, the Arab world’s oldest Islamist group is about to win big. But not everyone’s happy about it.

By Piotr Zalewski | November 30, 2011

Cairo – The contrast was telling. By Monday, as polling stations across Egypt’s capital brimmed with people waiting to vote in the country’s first free elections in decades, the crowds in Tahrir Square, the center of recent clashes and mass rallies, had begun to dwindle. Although the poll results will not be known until January, one thing appears clear: The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest Islamist group, is coasting to victory.

All of last week, during occasional lulls in the violence that raged nearby, the square’s fringes buzzed with heated debate. Jostling for space with vendors selling corn and koshary, a coma-inducing pasta staple, occasionally darting aside to make space for ambulances carrying the injured from Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the scene of the heaviest fighting, groups of people congregated in clusters to discusses the preferred course and outcome of Egypt’s latest revolution.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy.

A Voter’s Lament

Egypt’s ruling generals may claim the ballot has been a success, but the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square know different.

By Mohamed El Dahshan | November 29, 2011

Egypt’s elections weren’t supposed to be this way.

Our first “post-revolution” (sigh…) elections were supposed to be free. The overwhelmingly young people who led the January and February uprising would lead the nation into a future of freedom and justice, a nation for all its citizens, equal before the law. People would work together to eradicate corruption, poverty, sexual harassment, discrimination, petty crime — traffic, even. The sky seemed to be the limit. Today is the Icarian crash landing.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy.

Egypt Votes

Nov 28, 2011 • By Lee Smith

Despite the violence from street protests that left some 38 people dead over the last two weeks, Egyptians went to the polls today for the first round of parliamentary elections. As the website for the semi-official Egyptian daily Al-Ahram notes, there will be three rounds of elections for the lower chamber of parliament, or people’s assembly, from today until January 10, followed by another three rounds for the upper chamber, known as the shura council, from January 9 to March 5.

Mere HER i Weekly Standard.

The Dangers of Democracy

by Bruce Thornton on Nov 30th, 2011

The parliamentary elections that have begun in Egypt will impress only the most starry-eyed of democracy champions. These are the people who, like Senator Joe Lieberman​, think that the “Arab Spring” is all about people “demanding lives of democracy, dignity, economic opportunity, and involvement in the modern world.” What we’ve seen so far instead is the growing success of Islamist parties demanding a greater role for Islam and shari’a law in running their countries. Our failure of imagination that has reduced events in the Middle East to our own historical paradigms and ideals continues to compromise our foreign policy in that region, and endanger our national interests.

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine. AINA her.

Video: Tariq Ramadan i USA

Paneldiskussion i Amerikansk PEN. Dalia Mogahed, George Packer, Tariq Ramadan, Joan Wallach Scott & Jacob Weisberg. Fra 8. april 2010 – Great Hall, Cooper Union. Man kan springe de første 10 minutter over:

In his first public appearance in the United States since he was barred from entering the country in 2004, Tariq Ramadan discusses the relationship between Islam and the West with Dalia Mogahed, George Packer, Joan Wallach Scott, and Jacob Weisberg at the 2010 event Secularism, Islam, and Democracy: Muslims in Europe and the West.

En strid omgang taqiyya at høre på. Jøsses…


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