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Video: Daniel Hannan om den uendelige økonomiske krise

Daniel Hannan om det infantile EU – Frankrig, Spanien, Grækenland med flere. Vi skal holdes fast i renteslaveri, fordi vi skylder os selv penge? Neil Cavuto interviewer:

Europe’s demise

It’s a hoax, a goof, a scam, skriver David P. Goldman hos PJ Media:

En mere fyldig gennemgang fra Goldman læses hos Asia Times:

Andre kilder: BBC, The American, Foreign Policy,

Watergate revisited: Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward med ny artikel

Det er 36 år siden, de to herrer skrev sammen sidst:

Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought

By Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward – June 8

Logo The Washington Post

As Sen. Sam Ervin completed his 20-year Senate career in 1974 and issued his final report as chairman of the Senate Watergate committee, he posed the question: “What was Watergate?”

Countless answers have been offered in the 40 years since June 17, 1972, when a team of burglars wearing business suits and rubber gloves was arrested at 2:30 a.m. at the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate office building in Washington. Four days afterward, the Nixon White House offered its answer: “Certain elements may try to stretch this beyond what it was,” press secretary Ronald Ziegler scoffed, dismissing the incident as a “third-rate burglary.”

History proved that it was anything but. Two years later, Richard Nixon would become the first and only U.S. president to resign, his role in the criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice — the Watergate coverup — definitively established.

Mere HER i The Washington Post – printversion. Man kan få sideinddeling her, hvis man synes, det er sjovt.

Andre kilder: Wikipedia, CBS News, The Washington Post, The Washington Post,

Video: Steven Emerson om Iran, USA, censur og mere

Fra Fox News 1. juni 2012 – man kan følge med i en delvis udskrift her hos The Investigative Project on Terrorism:

Steven Emerson: US waging a secret cyber war against Iran – June 1, 2012

Iran: Nuclear program reportedly targeted with sophisticated super virus. Trace Gallagher, Molly Henneberg, Peter Brookes & Steve Emerson on Fox News Studio B. Virus code names: Flame, Stuxnet, Olympic Games.

Jeg vil også lige have denne lidt ældre sag med, – den er slet ikke dårlig. Fra 14. januar 2012 – John Bachman interviewer:

Steve Emerson, National Security Expert – Obama Refuses To Confront Radical Islam

Der følger en artikel med – Newsmax:

Og endnu en artikel:

“SILEX”: Iran’s Undetectable Nuclear Enrichment Technology?

by David P. Goldman – May 31, 2012

“Laser uranium enrichment is so attractive that that it will be implemented — and Iran will become the test case. What must be demanded is the complete opening of the country to appropriate inspection. Anything else would be too little – much too little.” Hans Ruhle

German nuclear weapons expert Hans Rühle warned in the daily Die Welt May 21 that Iran can enrich uranium using laser technology that is much harder to detect than centrifuges. Rühle headed the German Defense Ministry’s policy planning staff during the 1980s. In a widely-discussed commentary last February 17, he argued that Israel has the capacity to cripple Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He also presented evidence in Die Welt that Iran may have tested a nuclear weapon in North Korea.

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadihejad announced in 2010 the ‘good nuclear news’ that Iran then possessed laser technology for uranium enrichment. Iran would not use this technology immediately, Ahmadinejad insisted, but his extremely positive characterization of the new technological option casts strong doubt on Iran’s intentions and suggests that Iran’s voluntary restraint on enrichment is an attempt at diversion,” Rühle wrote in his May 21 analysis.

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute.

Leaking Cyberwar Secrets

The White House wants credit for successes but blames Israel for failures, a New York Times exposé shows

By Lee Smith | June 6, 2012

It was quite a week for cyberwarfare. First came the revelation that Iran was suffering from a virus called Flame—apparently the most powerful spyware ever created, turning computers into virtual double-agents—which has already infected at least 1,000 computers, nearly all of them in Iran, the Palestinian territories, Sudan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Mere HER i The Tablet.

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Video: Nicolai Sennels & Michael Coren

Om den muslimske psyke – fra Sun News TV 21. maj 2012:

Can I say? Islam causes mental illness and emotional problems?

Islam really causes mental disease

Nicolai Sennels & Douglas Goldstein on Muslims in Denmark – May 28, 2012

From Arutz Sheva – Israel National News: “Problem of Muslim Integration Harming Economy”

Sennels is a former prison psychologist in Copenhagen, Denmark. He told Arutz Sheva that his clients were of the same social-economic background and age but different along religious lines.

“The Danish were brought up to feel that anger was negative. Muslims were brought to feel that anger was a way to show strength,” Sennels stated. “The concept of honor made Muslims insecure. In the Western concept, there is an inner locus of control, while in Muslim societies, there is an outer locus of control, meaning, they feel their lives are mainly controlled by outside factors.” Sennels also said that in his studies, the Muslims felt they were inherently superior to non-Muslims.

Nicolai Sennels has worked in Copenhage’s youth prison, where 70% of the prisoners have a Muslim background.

“I’m not an expert in the economy like you,” Sennels told Goldstein, “but its clear that the problems of integration of Muslims in Europe is contributing to the worsening economy.”

Tip: Tak til Asdic

Video: Alan Dershowitz, Mike Huckabee om flere grovheder i Zimmerman-sagen

Vanvid. Den offentlige anklager hører hjemme bag tremmer. Fra 20. maj 2012:

Alan Dershowitz Slams Special Prosecutor Angela Corey

Andre kilder: The Western Center for Journalism, The Week,

Video: Mere pædofili i engelske indvandrerkredse

Når falske profeter tjener som forbillede, så sker den slags:

Carlisle sex grooming: another scumbag sentenced

Uploader har valgt denne artikel som følgetekst:

Police ignored brothel boss’s child victim

Police were criticised by a judge for the missed opportunities that allowed a man to prey on under-age girls for sex.

15 May 2012

One 12 year-old who was a target for Azad Miah complained to police three times about his harassment in 2008, almost three years before his arrest. She gave up complaining because nothing was done.

Yesterday Judge Peter Hughes QC said that police needed to learn lessons.

Jailing Miah for 15 years at Carlisle Crown Court, the judge said: “This case reveals the seedier side of life in our town and city centres and what can happen to vulnerable and immature girls.

Mere HER i The Telegraph.

Sam Harris skaber debat om “profiling” af muslimer

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” Uhyre kontroversielt, ikke? Harris bliver sværtet til på det groveste. Jeg har kun taget lidt af det med her – jeg vil ikke have det svineri på min blog. Harris’ artikler om profiling fejler ikke noget:

In Defense of Profiling

Sam Harris | April 28, 2012

Much has been written about how insulting and depressing it is, more than a decade after the events of 9/11, to be met by “security theater” at our nation’s airports. The current system appears so inane that one hopes it really is a sham, concealing more-ingenious intrusions into our privacy. The spirit of political correctness hangs over the whole enterprise like the Angel of Death—indeed, more closely than death, or than the actual fear of terrorism. And political correctness requires that TSA employees direct the spotlight of their attention at random—or appear to do so—while making rote use of irrational procedures and dubious technology.

Although I don’t think I look like a jihadi, or like a man pretending not to be one, I do not mean to suggest that a person like me should be exempt from scrutiny. But other travelers fit the profile far less than I do. One glance at these innocents reveals that they are no more likely to be terrorists than walruses in disguise. I make it a point to notice such people while queuing for security at the airport, just to see what sort of treatment they receive at the hands of the TSA.

Mere HER hos Sam Harris.

On Knowing Your Enemy

Sam Harris | May 7, 2012

Sam Harris IconI recently wrote a short essay about airline security (“In Defense of Profiling”) that provoked a ferocious backlash from readers. In publishing this piece, I’m afraid that I broke one of my cardinal rules of time (and sanity) management: Not everything worth saying is worth saying oneself. I learned this the hard way once before, in discussing the ethics of torture and collateral damage, but this time the backlash has been even more unpleasant and less rational.

One idea that seems to unite many of my critics is that I am shamefully ignorant about how airline security actually works and about the means that terrorists can use to circumvent it. Many who were eager to educate me on these matters, or to find another way of declaring me an imbecile, recommended that I consult the work of Bruce Schneier. Whether well-intentioned or not, this was a useful piece of advice.

Mere HER hos Sam Harris.

Sam Harris, Will You Visit A Mosque With Me?

May 2, 2012 – Chris Stedman

Sam Harris – I know you’re a busy man, but I’d like to ask you out. Will you go to mosque with me?

I’m not trying to convert you to Islam. Like you, I’m not a Muslim. Like you, I don’t believe in any gods. I’m happily, openly atheist. A queer atheist, even. Like you, I have many significant concerns about Islamic beliefs and practices. But still, I want to visit a mosque with you.

Mere HER i Huffington Post.

The Trouble with Profiling

A guest post by Bruce Schneier – May 8, 2012

Bruce Schneier is a highly-respected expert on security who has written for The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Forbes, Wired, Nature, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, and other major publications. His most recent book is Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive.

At the suggestion of many readers, I invited Bruce to set me straight about airline security on this page. The following is his response to my controversial article, “In Defense of Profiling.” Bruce and I will discuss these issues in greater depth in a subsequent post.—SH

Schneider skriver HER hos Sam Harris.

End of Profiling: Letter to Sam Harris

Michael Mungai – May 1, 2012

Dear Sam,

I am a big fan of your work and you have greatly contributed to my intellectual growth since I discovered your work a few years ago. You are a brilliant thinker, great writer and an eloquent speaker and I always find your arguments well thought out. I have read most of your books, including “The End of Faith,” “Letter to a Christian Nation” and “The Moral Landscape.” Your debates and speeches, easily available on YouTube, are a great treat to the mind. You use well-reasoned arguments and a calm disposition to disarm your opponents, who normally attack with straw-man arguments and red herrings. It is always a relief to see your voice of reason prevailing over irrationality.

Mere HER i Huffington Post.


To Profile or Not to Profile?

By Sam Harris –  May 25, 2012

A Debate between Sam Harris and Bruce Schneier

I recently wrote two articles in defense of “profiling” in the context of airline security (1 & 2), arguing that the TSA should stop doing secondary screenings of people who stand no reasonable chance of being Muslim jihadists. I knew this proposal would be controversial, but I seriously underestimated how inflamed the response would be. Had I worked for a newspaper or a university, I could well have lost my job over it.

One thing that united many of my critics was their admiration for Bruce Schneier. Bruce is an expert on security who has written for The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Forbes, Wired, Nature, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, and other major publications. His most recent book is Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive. Bruce very generously agreed to write a response to my first essay. He also agreed to participate in a follow-up discussion that has now occupied us, off and on, for two weeks. The resulting exchange runs over 13,000 words.

Mere HER hos Sam Harris.

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Gertrude Stein var nazi-sympatisør

Jødehad er rasende populært nu om dage:

Alan Dershowitz: Suppressing Ugly Truth for Beautiful Art

By Alan M. Dershowitz – May 2nd, 2012

The Jewish Press Banner

The Metropolitan Museum in New York, in its current exhibit on the collection of Gertrude Stein and her family, has made a decision to suppress the ugly truth about her collaboration with Nazism during the German occupation of France. Anyone walking through this beautiful exhibit of the Stein family’s exquisite tastes in art would learn nothing about Gertrude’s horrendous taste in politics and friends. Stein, a “racial” Jew according to Nazi ideology, managed to survive the Holocaust, while the vast majority of her co-religionists were deported and slaughtered. The exhibit says “remarkably, the two women [Stein and her companion Alice Toklas] survived the war with their possessions intact.” It adds that “Bernard Fay, a close friend…and influential Vichy collaborator is thought to have protected them.” That is an incomplete and distorted account of what actually happened. Stein and Toklas survived the Holocaust for one simple reason: Gertrude Stein was herself a major collaborator with the Vichy regime and a supporter of its pro-Nazi leadership.

According to a new book entitled Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Fay and the Vichy Dilemma, by Barbara Will, Stein publicly proclaimed her admiration for Hitler during the 1930s, proposing him for a Nobel Peace Prize. In the worst days of the Vichy regime, she volunteered to write an introduction to the speeches of General Phillipe Petain, the Nazi puppet leader who deported thousands of Jews, but who she regarded as a great French hero. She wanted his speeches translated into English, with her introduction, so that Americans would see the virtues of the Vichy regime. In that respect she was like other modernist writers, such as Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot who proudly proclaimed their pro-Fascist ideology, but Stein’s support for Fascism was more bizarre because she was Jewish.

The Jewish Press HER. The Gatestone Institute her. The Huffington Post her.

Andre kilder: WikipediaYnetnews, Newsmax,

50.000 illegale indvandrere i Danmark?

Tja, sådan har det jo været i mange år. Vi skal nok ikke forvente, at Folketinget gør noget ved det. Det er stærke kræfter, der vil have en befolkningsudskiftning. Politi, told og skat har i generationer fortiet problemets omfang. Hver gang der har været razzia i kiosker, pizzeriaer etc., har vi kunnet læse i aviserne, at hver femte-sjette medarbejder var illegal. Men det er også det eneste, befolkningen har hørt om det. Ved andre former for kriminalitet holder politiet den slags oplysninger tilbage. Man planlægger nok at lade problemet vokse, indtil man er nødt til at give amnesti for at holde ro i gaderne. Når først der er mange nok kan afbrændinger af bydele udrette lidt af hvert. De fremmede er her, fordi man vil gennemtrumfe en udvikling, der ikke har nogen demokratisk legitimitet. Og vi kan intet stille op.

Fra EkstraBladet:

Logo EkstraBladet IconIfølge danske politifolk stiger antallet af illegale udlændinge i Danmark voldsomt, og i dag kan der være op til 50.000 mennesker, der bor og arbejder illegalt her i landet, ved hjælp af en falsk identitet fra et andet EU-land.

Fra B.T.:

Sort og illegalt arbejde blomstrer på rengøringsområdet i Danmark. Ikke færre end 67 ud af 240 rengøringsfolk havde rod i papirerne ved SKATs kontrolaktioner i 2011. Således konstaterede skattemyndighederne fejl i 28 procent af sagerne, skriver Fagbladet 3F.

I en anden artikel skriver B.T., at politiet har nedsat en gruppe. Man vil problemet til livs. Så vi kan altså forvente 50.000 udvisninger lige om lidt? Ha! Fra en tredje artikel:

Personelfalsk i forbindelse med social dumping foregår ved, at en person med lovligt ophold og arbejdstilladelse i Danmark låner sine identitetspapirer ud til en person uden lovligt ophold. Vedkommende er på den måde i stand til at tage et arbejde og sågar betale skat i Danmark under falsk identitet. Til gengæld skal personen betale mellem 20-50% af sin løn til den der ejer identiteten.

Det Danmark, vi havde foretrukket at bo i, er her ikke mere. Vi skal ud af Europa, – det et er på tide at rejse. Nu. Det hele er forbi. Europas storhed og fald…

Andre kilder: B.T., DRTV2, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Dansk Politi, The Copenhagen Post,


EU og en vis halv Wind:

Kommentar: Marlene Wind og det demokratiske underskud

Logo Ræson Banner

Af Rasmus Fonnesbæk Andersen – 11.02.2012

Marlene Wind sætter spørgsmålstegn ved europærernes dømmekraft, når hun mener, at EU’s institutioner skal kunne overtrumfe nationalstaternes befolkninger for at få Europa ud af krisen og ind i fremtiden. Det vil ikke fungere.

Mere HER i Ræson.

Morten Løkkegaard i Ræson

Hvis EU bare havde voldtaget de respektive befolkninger i noget længere tid, så var eurofilene nok sluppet godt fra det. Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, Assad og lignende typer har afprøvet den logik og det gik ikke så godt. Men fascismen marcherer stadig:

Morten Løkkegaard: Merkel og Sarkozy prioriterer i for høj grad markedet over demokratiet

Af Lasse Marker – 14. december 2011

Logo Ræson Banner

”På kort sigt har markedet brug for en hurtig og effektiv løsning. Men jo hurtigere og mere effektiv en løsning er, jo mindre demokratisk vil den være.” Det siger Morten Løkkegaard (MEP for Venstre) til RÆSON. Han mener, Merkel og Sarkozy i dét dilemma burde prioritere demokratiet højere:

Mere HER Ræson.

England: Fog in Channel – Continent Cut Off

Bare det var os. Men Danmark har travlt med at servicere Davos-mænd med storhedsvanvid:

Alone on the Island

Is David Cameron’s self-imposed exile from Europe savvy or suicide?

By Alex Massie | December 12, 2011

Logo Foreign Policy Magazine“Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off” is one of the most famous headlines in British newspaper history. That it is apocryphal matters less than the general truth it conveys: Britain has always stood apart from continental Europe. This island nation may be part of the wider European brotherhood, but it is still not a full member of the club. And as the euro crisis continues to cripple the continent, the distance across the English Channel only seems to be growing.

Mere HER i Foreign  Policy.

Migrant boom over last 14 years ‘was driven by open borders and not jobs’

By Steve Doughty on 13th December 2011

Labour’s open-door policies – and not the promise of prosperity – were the main reason why immigration soared over the past 14 years, an academic inquiry found yesterday.

The report said ‘the increase in net immigration to the UK was not driven primarily by the economic performance of the UK or other countries’.

Instead, it pointed to immigration policies.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Sharia Law Already Devouring UK

Examples on the ground from a premier religious freedom attorney.

by Paul Diamond – December 12, 2011

In 2008, while arguing for the need to formally introduce Sharia law into the law of the United Kingdom, the Archbishop of Canterbury claimed Sharia law was “inevitable” in the UK . He denied it was an “alien” system and called for “constructive accommodation” of Muslim law. He did this in a calculated and provocative manner, while denying a place for its more “extreme punishments.”

It is unlikely that many members of the Muslim community would be satisfied with an Anglican primate determining the limitations of the Quran and Sharia law.

This argument was rapidly followed by the Lord Chief Justice: Lord Phillips helpfully said there was a place for Sharia law, particularly in mediation. He lamented the “widespread misunderstanding” of Sharia law. The newly established Muslim Arbitration Tribunals immediately put a picture of the Lord Chief Justice on their website in appreciation of his endorsement.

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media.

Sappho med lidt julelæsning

Seks fatwaer til Halallucinationer

07. december 2011 – artikel af Farshad Kholghi

Niels Thomsens Halallucinationer er fræk som en halalslagterhund og står til at få seks ud af seks fatwaer af selveste profeten Muhammed. Sådan lyder Farshad Kholghis vurdering af Niels Thomsens samlede tegninger, Halallucinationer, der udkommer i dag.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Logo Sappho AntiqueForpligtet til redelighed

07. december 2011 – anmeldelse af Bent Jensen

Lars Hedegaard behandler dybt alvorlige emner i sine erindringer, men gør det på en underholdende og fornøjelig måde, skriver Bent Jensen i sin anmeldelse og sammenligner Hedegaard med den norske forfatter Arnulf Øverland.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

En muslimbroders bekendelser: Således undergraver vi samfundet indefra

09. december 2011 – klumme af Raymond Ibrahim

Et afhoppet medlem af Det Muslimske Broderskab giver indblik i den magtfulde organisations strategi.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Hele historien om Victor Klemperer

07. december 2011 – klumme af Ivan Dybdal

Victor Klemperer berømmes for sin analyse af nazismens sprog, men man glemmer at fortælle om hans knæfæld for DDR-totalitarismen. Læs Ivan Dybdals beretning.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Læs også om mødet med Bent Jensen, Lars Hedegaard, Niels Thomsen og Farshad Kholghi:

Se video fra arrangementet her hos skønne Snaphanen:

Desuden link HER til Sharia-toppen af Nicolai Sennels.

Jerry Gordon interviewer Ibn Warraq

Det er for lidt, verden hører til Warraq:

Muslim Apostate Defends the West: An Interview with Ibn Warraq

by Jerry Gordon – December 2011

Logo New English Review Banner

Ibn Warraq, a leading apostate from Islam, author of numerous critical works on the subject, is best described as a skeptic. Born a Muslim in India at the dawn of the partition of the British Raj into the modern nations of India and Pakistan, his family like millions of other Muslims, removed themselves to Pakistan. However, unlike others, his family saw fit to send both he and his elder brother to a boarding school in the English Midlands. For that prescient act, both Warraq and we are grateful. As a young student assisted by a welcoming environment, he nurtured a life-long appreciation of his new surroundings, culture and the cornerstone Judeo-Christian values that form the basis of the Western Enlightenment. Later at university, his curiosity about his cultural origins led him to begin a professional application of Western critical thinking  to an historical examination of the origins of Islam, the Qur’an and Mohammed. That resulted in his rejection of Islam and its replacement with secularism.

He was not unaware of the perilous path he had chosen. That is reflected in the nom de plume he chose – that of an early Ninth Century Muslim free thinker, Muhammed Ibn al-Warraq, who was castigated as a heretic for scoffing at Islam in his writings as a “divine faith” revealed by the Prophet Mohammed. Not unlike the original Ibn Warraq, the contemporary Ibn Warraq was aroused by the example of fellow British Indian author Salman Rushdie, who suffered the deprivations of death fatwas from Iranian Ayatollahs for his contemporary heterdox beliefs. And like the original Ibn Warraq, our colleague has been unstinting in his criticism of Islam, despite fatwas by Muslim clerics issued against his life, and in emboldening fellow apostates to speak out against the totalitarian creed and oppression of human rights, freedom and liberty.

Mere HER i The New English Review. Desuden link her til en boganmeldelse i Jihad Watch:

Og endnu en boganmeldelse – fra The New English Review:

Så få dog den forbandede euro slået ihjel & video med Farage

Euroens kollaps kommer lige om lidt? Julen er i så fald et meget godt tidspunkt for et euro-kollaps. Hele Vesten er stort set lukket og der kan ikke hamstres i lukkede butikker eller svindles i ferielukkede virksomheder, pengeinstitutter og lignede. Og folk har købt ind til flere dage. Familien er samlet, mange er rejst væk. Det vil være lidt svært at organisere optøjer i helligdagene. Der kan blive lidt knas med at få benzin, forsinkelser i flytrafik etc. indtil nye valutaer er på plads, seddelautomater stillet om, nye sedler distribueret og hvad der ellers er. Hæve- og kreditkort begynder at virke igen efter få dage.  Om ikke andet, så når man har modtaget nogle nye.

EU Smiley Blue SadDet er ikke sandsynligt, at Danmark oplever meget mere end nogle ophidsede “eksperter” på tv. Kronen har det jo fint nok.

Alle ved, hvordan man gør det her. Det er kun få år siden, eurolandene gik fra nationale valutaer til fælles mønt. Nogle østeuropæiske lande havde lige gennemført arrangementet efter østblokkens fald. For dem må man så bare håbe, at tredje gang bliver lykkens gang.

Det kommer generelt set til at forløbe stille og roligt i de berørte lande, hvad enten det sker før eller efter jul. Men ikke på internettet. Folk skriger op om borgerkrig, gadekampe, evakueringsplaner for ambassader, turister, dommedagsscenarier og jeg ved ikke hvad.

Det er ren ønsketænkning fra eurofilernes side. Hvem vil dog græde over en møntfod? England, Frankrig, Grækenland, ja selv Danmark har haft brand i gaderne og det har hverken euroen eller andre valutaer kunnet hindre. Men lidt gadefest i vinterkulden kunne måske friste. Euroens exit er da mindst en øl værd.

Nederst er der link til artikler om sagen. Den principielle diskussion om EU er i midlertid mere interessant. Enten har Danmark unionsstyre eller også har vi folkestyre. Vi kan ikke både være regeret fra det fjerne og samtidig være en nation med demokrati. Så enkelt er det faktisk. Folketinget har længe været et tegneserie-parlament:

EU’s democratic deficit

Euro crisis widens gap between EU institutions and member states

John R. Bolton | November 26, 2011

The crisis of the euro, the common currency of 17 European Union members, continues unabated. Because of massive, sustained budget deficits by several eurozone countries, some could default on their sovereign debt obligations, or the euro itself might disintegrate, profoundly affecting the EU’s political and economic future.

Very little media attention, however, is focused on a very different, but even more important, EU problem, namely its “democratic deficit.” This large, growing gap between remote EU institutions in Brussels and citizens of its member states dramatically highlights the rising frustration and impotence felt by individual voters. To combat the euro crisis, EU elites are ignoring or overriding popular opposition to harsh austerity measures and imposing on fellow democracies the policies demanded by leaders of other, more powerful EU countries.

Mere HER hos AEI. Kan også læses her i The Washington Times.

Zero Hedge: Bring Out Your Dead – UBS Quantifies Costs Of Euro Break Up, Warns Of Collapse Of Banking System And Civil War

The Telegraph: Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns

The New York Times: Banks Build Contingency for Breakup of the Euro

Channel 4 News: The euro collapses – what if?

Jyllands-Posten: Julegaver på udsalg – Mange butikker ødelægger julehandlen for sig selv ved at sætte varer på udsalg

Reuters: IMF denies in Italy aid talks

Reuters: Italy, Spain haven’t asked IMF for help: Lagarde

BBC: OECD warns of European recession

Opdatering – en blogger har interviewet Nigel Farage:

Nigel Farage: This is How Dictatorship Begins

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP is interviewed by Claudio Messoru of (Italy) – aired 25 November 2011

Andre kilder: The Blaze, Rogue Government, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Børsen, National Review Online,

Nu forlader USA snart Irak

Caroline Glick skriver artikel om en artikel, som kan læses nederst i posten:

Calling things by their names

By Caroline B. Glick – November 5, 2011

The US will withdraw in defeat from Iraq, and pro- American forces in the region and the US itself will reap the whirlwind of Washington’s irresponsibility.

Logo The Jerusalem Post Banner 420

Next month, America’s long campaign in Iraq will come to an end with the departure of the last US forces from the country.

Amazingly, the approaching withdrawal date has fomented little discussion in the US. Few have weighed in on the likely consequences of President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw on the US’s hard won gains in that country.

After some six thousand Americans gave their lives in the struggle for Iraq and hundreds of billions of dollars were spent on the war, it is quite amazing that its conclusion is being met with disinterested yawns.

Mere HER i The Jerusalem Post. Kan også læses her hos Caroline Glick. Family Security Matters her.

Og selve artiklen i The Weekly Standard:

Defeat in Iraq

President Obama’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops is the mother of all disasters

Nov 7, 2011 • By Frederick W. Kagan, Kimberly Kagan and Marisa Cochrane Sullivan

Iraq is not Vietnam. There are certainly analogies: the length and unpopularity of the wars; the late escalation and increase in forces; the counterinsurgency success that came after public support for the effort seemed already exhausted; the decision to abandon the effort and thus snatch failure from the jaws of possible victory; and the arguments about the irrelevance of the conflicts to the core interests of an America riven with internal strife and economic troubles.

But for all that, Iraq is not Vietnam. Because, unlike Vietnam, Iraq is at the center of two of the most pressing national security challenges facing America today—the growth of Iranian power and the fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates. The United States left Vietnam, and some but not all of the dominoes in the region did fall, but Southeast Asia per se became ancillary to American national security after 1975 and has remained so to this day. The symbolism of U.S. defeat and retreat from South Vietnam was extremely important, to be sure, and continues to shape both American and international narratives of U.S. power and self-definition. But the facts on the ground there ceased to matter much to the United States after Saigon finally fell. In contrast, the Iranian offensive to overrun what the American counterinsurgency accomplished will look very different from the 1975 conventional offensive in Vietnam, and it has begun instantly, without even a decent interval. As a symbol, America’s withdrawal from Iraq will likely be similarly significant, but the facts on the ground in Iraq will continue to be centrally important to American national security for the foreseeable future. The United States can leave Iraq alone, but Iraq will not leave us alone.

Det kan ikke lade sig gøre at demokratisere Mellemøsten pga. islam. Ingen krigsstrategi kan ændre det. Vil man have venner i Mellemøsten, skal regionen deislamiseres. Mere HER i The Weekly Standard. Kan også læses her hos The Institute for the Study of War.

Andre kilder: Israpundit,

Trifkovic om medier, multikultur, Rusland og mere

Når man modtager mediestøtte, er det under forudsætning af, at man fremmer multikultur. Sådan er det med danske støttekroner, sådan er det med EU-støtte og sådan er det de fleste steder i Vesten:

Multicultural vs. Stereotypical

by Srdja Trifkovic • November 25, 2011

Srdja Trifkovic’s paper on Russia and the European Media, delivered at the conference “Russia and Europe: Issues of Contemporary Journalism,” Paris, November 24, 2011

Logo Chronicles Magazine

Most West European media professionals tend to subscribe, consciously or not, to a neoliberal world outlook in general and to the tenets of multiculturalism in particular. In other words, they tend to accept the principle that recognition and positive accommodation of demands and special political and moral claims of various ethno-racial, religious, or sexual minorities are obligatory through “group-differentiated rights.”

The result is an obsessive favoritism of allegedly disadvantaged groups, such as Third World societies in general, Third World immigrants in particular, and most notably Muslims in Western Europe. The BBC and other media outlets thus routinely described the rioters in French banlieus six years ago—who were overwhelmingly of Arab-Muslim origin—as “angry French youths.” The term was technically correct, of course, assuming that most of them were indeed French citizens, but it was journalistically misleading to the point of dishonesty.

Mere HER i Chronicles Magazine. Kan også læses hos GeoPolitika.

Douglas Murray om dødsdømte Egypten

Selvfølgelig kan man ikke bebrejde England noget. Islam er muslimers egen skyld. De har selv opfundet fænomenet:

After spring, winter

Douglas Murray – 26 November 2011

The democratic dream is dying in the Middle East. And Britain is in part to blame

The Spectator UK Banner

Spring was a long time coming in the dictatorships of the Middle East and North Africa. But when it arrived it was unhesitatingly welcomed by western leaders. William Hague declared the Arab Spring more important than 9/11 and the financial crisis. Barack Obama delivered one of his most mellifluous speeches on the subject. Everyone hoped for the best.

But hope, we were reminded, is not quite enough. The shooting of protestors in Tahrir Square by the Egyptian army is the latest sign of something the West seems in no mood to admit: the Arab Spring is giving way to an Arab winter.

In the last year we saw uprisings topple regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. But it is far, far too early to celebrate. That might be about as wise as an Austrian democrat celebrating the assassination of an Archduke in summer 1914. Other regimes, in Yemen and Syria, are still hanging on. Some, including Bahrain, have brutally quelled any nascent opposition.

Mere HER i The Spectator. Som realister har sagt hele tiden – det kommer ikke til at køre:

Arab Spring? This is turning into the winter of Islamic jihad

By John Bradley on 22nd November 2011

The Arab Spring is rapidly turning into a winter of chaos and oppression.

As protests grip the Egyptian capital of Cairo, and Islamic fundamentalists gain in confidence there and elsewhere across the region, the hopes of Western leaders for a new era of democracy across the Middle East have been exposed as hopelessly naïve.

For far from paving the way for freedom and pluralism, the uprisings have led only to more intolerance, authoritarianism and division.

The sense of darkening crisis in Egypt this week is a disturbing example of this trend.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Frederik Stjernfelt om ytringsfrihed

Vi vil have ytringsfriheden tilbage! Nu:

Abandon EU Anti-Hate Speech Legislation!

An Overlooked Soviet Heritage: The Fight against Free Speech

by Frederik Stjernfelt – November 22, 2011

Telos LogoThe following talk was presented at the Central European Forum, held in Bratislava, on November 16–19, 2011. Telos Press looks forward to publishing Democratic Contradictions of Multiculturalism by Jens-Martin Erikson and Frederik Stjernfelt, scheduled to appear in March 2012.

“The language of fear” is the headline of this section at the Central European Forum. My contention is that fear is best fought in open democratic debate. Yesterday, Pascal Bruckner said that Europe did not sufficiently stand up for its own core values. One, central, of those values is free speech. As I cannot address all problems at the same time, let me on focus upon this particular problem in this context. […]

Mere HER hos Telos.

Opdatering – fundet via Snaphanen:

Nausea in Paris

Frederik Stjernfelt – november 14, 2011

Why is Islamism not seen as right-wing extremism? Frederik Stjernfelt on the media reaction to the arson attack on Charlie Hebdo.

It is with an increasing feeling of queasiness that I have followed the incidents surrounding the Parisian weekly Charlie Hebdo and its special issue on the sharia, which was inspired by the political developments in Libya and Tunisia.

Early in the morning of November 2nd a window was broken and a Molotov cocktail thrown into the premises of the magazine, which subsequently burned out. By sheer luck nobody was hurt. Disturbing voices and events have presented themselves in the wake of the expectedly strong reactions against this attack on free speech. The asylum offered to the publishers of Charlie Hebdo by the daily Libération initially constituted a encouraging event – one voice of support against threats to free speech.

Mere HER hos Sign and Sight.

Jødeudryddelser er i fuld gang

I Europa. Interview med Leon de Winter:

The Presence of Jews in Europe Will End

Leon de Winter, one of the best-known Dutch writers, says,“What is happening in the Netherlands and Europe is a prelude of terrible things to come. The presence of Jews in Europe will end.”

Arutz Sheva Banner

Manfred Gerstenfeld – November 22, 2011

“The Netherlands is to a certain extent a decadent country, in particular if one observes Dutch society. In the 1960’s, a process started in which all forms of deviant behavior that one could imagine were openly tolerated. Normative behavior – civil decency – has been lost.”

Leon de Winter was born in 1954. He is one of the Netherlands’ best known writers. For several years he was associated with the Hudson Institute think tank. In 2006, he was awarded the Buber-Rosenzweig medal in Germany for his battle against anti-Semitic and racist attitudes in society.

Mere HER i Arutz Sheva.


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