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Forårsnyt fra Sappho – nu med egne tv-programmer

Se det nye Sappho tv her: Forfulgte kristne. Artikler:

Fast procedure ved islamisk terror

28. marts 2012 – klumme af Mark Steyn

Mediernes reaktion på islamisk terror følger en fast skabelon, skriver Mark Steyn, og gennemgår dens fire faser.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Logo Sappho Antique”Jeg måtte sige mit arbejde op”. Hara Dvinge om ghettoskolen bag facaden

19. marts 2012 – artikel af Nicolai Sennels

Hun fik den halve skole på nakken, da hun tog bladet fra munden og fortalte offentligheden om de islamiske værdiers sejrmarch i den ghettoskole, hun arbejdede på. Til sidst måtte hun sige sit arbejde op. Læs interview med pædagog Hara Dvinge.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Når den fjerde statsmagt bliver den første

22. marts 2012 – klumme af Peder Jensen

Den medicinske sagkundskab skal afgøre, om Breivik var sindssyg eller tilregnelig – ikke massemedier med en klar politisk dagsorden, mener Peder Jensen.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Fakta og fiktion om militant islamisme i Europa

26. marts 2012 – klumme af Mrutyuanjai Mishra

Terrorisme-eksperternes udlægning af Toulousedrabene er præget mere af fiktion end af fakta, skriver Mrutyuanjai Mishra.

Mere HER i Sappho. Og husk:

31. marts 2012

Trykkefrihedsselskabets generalforsamling og uddeling af årets Trykkefrihedsspris

Mere HER i Sappho.

Video, audio & artikler: Robert Spencer og Pamela Geller om verdens islamiske nedtur

Mange islamkritikere har ikke flere illusioner tilbage, – der er ikke nogen her i hvert fald. Geller er fantastisk i denne video. Fra 22. marts 2012:

Pamela Geller

3/22/2012 Denver presentation for “Stop the Islamization of America” book tour

Robert Spencer

3/22/2012 Denver presentation for “Stop the Islamization of America” book tour

Fra KHOW Radios The Caplis & Silverman Show. Fra 22. marts 2012:

If you missed Caplis and Silverman three o’clock hour yesterday, you missed a lot! But worry not, it is the featured podcast at BTW, when Spencer and Geller were asked about military action against Iran’s nuclear program, they both said yes. When asked when it should occur, both said, “YESTERDAY!”

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varer 38½ minutter.

Fra 22. marts 2012 på KHOW Radio – The Peter Boyles Show:

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is in studio with Peter for the Full hour. Peter and Robert discuss the history of Islam and the vast differences between Islamic and western culture and philosophy. Robert Spencer and Peter discuss Jihad in Europe, Jefferson and the Jihadist, Bush and Obama and western governments misunderstanding of Islamic law and culture, slavery and Islam and Arab Muslims slaughtering black Africans and more.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varer 33½ minut.

Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

March 19, 2012 – By Robert Spencer

The Afghan mission is imploding, and the Obama administration is covering for Islamic jihadists.  Last week, Marine officials revealed that a Marine killed on February 1 in what the Pentagon called “combat operations” at the time was actually murdered by a jihadist in the Afghan army.  The cover-up of this latest jihad attack from a supposed ally is emblematic of a failed mission.  It is long past time to end the  mission in Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai has said that he wants Afghan forces to take control of the nation’s security in 2013, not 2014 as American officials are planning.  Karzai is a scoundrel, but he is right about this, albeit for the wrong reasons.  This mission is foredoomed.  There is no clearly defined goal, and in any case, any goal worth reaching is impossible to achieve.  There is no bringing democracy or humane values to a sharia state, and in any case, we already gave the Karzai regime a sharia constitution, so we aren’t really even trying to do anything effective for women or non-Muslims or the freedom of speech or the freedom of conscience.  We’re fighting against an enemy that the vice president of the United States says is not an enemy, and that our client president of Afghanistan threatens to join.  How long is this madness going to continue?

Mere HER i The American Thinker.

Egypt Designates Israel Its Top Enemy — Obama Restores Military Aid

by Robert Spencer on Mar 21st, 2012

Egypt’s parliament, which is dominated by two pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists, voted unanimously last Monday to expel Israel’s ambassador to Egypt, and signaled that the Camp David Accords would soon be a thing of the past: Egypt, the parliamentarians declared, would “never” be Israel’s ally. In fact, Israel was Egypt’s “number one enemy.” And how did Barack Obama respond to this egregious trampling upon the agreement that has kept an uneasy peace between Israel and Egypt for thirty years? By announcing a resumption of military aid to Egypt.

From the beginning of the “Arab Spring,” I said repeatedly that it was not a democracy movement, as the Western press was claiming, but an Islamic supremacist takeover that would result in the creation of Sharia states that would be far more hostile to the U.S. and Israel than the Arab nationalist regimes they were supplanting. This assessment was greeted with the usual scorn: the Islamic supremacist media machine charged “Islamophobia,” on Fox Juan Williams said I was “fearmongering,” and the usual suspects made the usual ad hominem attacks. Yet everything that has happened since then has shown that the “Arab Spring” is indeed an Islamic supremacist winter, ushering in repressive Sharia regimes with the enthusiastic blessing of Barack Obama.

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

Sex, Jihad and Islam

By Robert Spencer – March 19, 2012

They hate us because we’re pigs. No, not the apes and pigs into which Allah transforms the Sabbath-breaking Jews in the Qur’an (2:62-66; 5:59-60; 7:166), but pigs as in…dogs. Wolves. Immoral, lecherous, lustful, fornicating creeps. Western immorality is a frequent feature of the Islamic critique of the contemporary West, as well as a target for the morality police of Sharia states. In the summer of 2009 Iranian authorities even published a list of hairstyles that were acceptably moral and Islamic, as opposed to “decadent” Western imports, among which were the ponytail and the mullet.

That same Western decadence is also a frequent preoccupation of Islamic jihadists. In December 2010, a Muslim named Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly set off explosives on a street in Stockholm that was crowded with Christmas shoppers, killing himself and injuring two others. His wife, who was herself later arrested for helping plan the attack, explained that Abdulwahab “disliked the decadent side of society here.”

Even some non-Muslim writers echo this critique. Dinesh D’Souza argued in his 2007 farrago The Enemy At Home that Islamic jihadists were largely motivated by rage at the West’s “social and moral corruption,” and asserted that “the Muslims who hate us the most are the ones who have encountered Western decadence, either in the West or in their own countries.”

Mere HER hos Atlas Shrugs.

Andre kilder: Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs,



Fears of Anti-Semitism

More and More French Jews Emigrating to Israel

By Gil Yaron – March 22, 2012

More and more French Jews are buying homes in Israel amid fears of rising anti-Semitism in France. Many complain of being harrassed in public and feel the country is no longer a safe place to raise their children. In the wake of the Toulouse attacks, the wave of emigration is only likely to increase.

Many must have been reminded of the treatment of Jews under the Third Reich. Shortly after the attack on a Jewish school in the southern French city of Toulouse on Monday, school principals in the city walked into classrooms and asked the Jewish pupils to come forward. “We ask you to leave the class and join the other Jewish children, who are in a locked and safe location.”

Mere HER i Der Spiegel.

Mohamed Merah – Man of the West

By Caroline Glick – March 22, 2012

Caroline Glick Blog Banner

In addition to denying, justifying and inciting jihadist violence, Western elites and authorities also engage in facilitating it.

The massacre of Jewish children at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school in Toulouse presents us with an appalling encapsulation of the depraved nature of our times – although at first glance, the opposite seems to be the case.

On the surface, the situation was cut and dry. A murderer drove up to a Jewish school and executed three children and a teacher.

Led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, all of France decried the massacre and announced its solidarity with the French Jewish community. World leaders condemned the crime. The killer died in a standoff with French security forces. Justice was served. Case closed.

Mere HER i The Jerusalem Post. Caroline Glick her.

Global Jihad

Slaughtering kids over a burqa ban

By Phyllis Chesler – March 23, 2012

In 2010, France became the first European country to ban the burqa.

The French law is religion-neutral; it refers only to generic “face coverings,” not to any particular religion. The French law imposed a fine of 150 euros ($190) and/or a citizenship course as punishment for wearing a face-covering veil. Forcing a woman to wear a niqab or a burqa became punishable by a year in prison or a 15,000 euro ($19,000) fine.

Immediately, al-Qaida threatened a terrorist action in France. Specifically, al-Qaida of the Islamic Maghreb (Algeria and Tunisia), warned of an imminent terrorist attack for daring to ban the burqa. Al-Qaida also threatened a Mumbai-like attack somewhere in Europe, most likely in France.

Mere HER hos WND. Flere pundits her – Daniel Greenfield, Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips, Michael Coren:

Opdatering 26. marts 2012:

Brother of Suspected Jewish School Gunman Charged With Murder, Terrorism

March 25, 2012 by Madeleine Morgenstern

A Frenchman suspected of helping his brother plot attacks against Jewish schoolchildren and paratroopers was handed preliminary murder and terrorism charges Sunday.

But Abdelkader Merah denied any role in the attacks. Investigators looking into France’s worst terror attacks in years believe Merah helped his brother Mohamed prepare the killings, and are investigating whether they were linked to an international network of extremists or worked on their own.

Mere HER i The Blaze.

Toulouse, France, Islam

Bernard-Henri Lévy – March 26, 2012

The French police behaved well. I know that, down at the bar on the corner, there was a lot of talk about the RAID intervention group’s methods, the way the siege was drawn out, the brutality of the assault. And I know there are armchair investigators, prophets after the fact, and self-styled tracking experts about the region of Toulouse who are surprised that the future assassin wasn’t identified, even neutralized, before he went into action. Since France is a constitutional state and the possibility of committing a crime is not a misdemeanor, except in Philip Dick’s Minority Report, we shall not waste time on the second objection. As for the first, it leaves out the fact that the police did all they could, at the risk of their own lives, to spare the perpetrator of the slaughter and decided to fire only at mortal extremes because he left them no other choice. That is the reality. All the rest is just talk, or, sometimes, irresponsibility.

Mere HER i Huffington Post.

Opdatering 30. marts 2012 – mange ensomme ulve i Frankrig:

Eight days after the police shot dead the self-confessed killer of four Jews and three French paratroopers in southwestern France, elite units on Friday raided localities in several parts of the country and detained 17 people described as Islamic militants.

Mere HER i The New York Times.

Opdatering 29. maj 2012 fra The Jerusalem Post:

It is now known that the killer left the apartment at 1 a.m., two hours before the final assault, and walked 1 kilometer along the Avenue de la Gloire to a telephone booth where he called a journalist from the French/English/ Arabic TV channel, France 24.

The surveillance system put in place to cover Merah’s movements by the DCRI security agency (the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) totally failed, Le Parisien newspaper has now concluded, quoting an important agent from the agency: “The men in the surveillance position had fallen asleep, and because of that did not see Merah passing in front of them.”

Andre kilder: The Heritage Foundation, The New York Times, BBCFrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine, Foreign PolicyForeign Policy, ICSR, Family Security Matters, PJ Media,

Video: Pamela Geller, Michael Coren & BBC Panorama om æresdrab

Kulturberigelse med vold, mord og alt til islam hørende:

White honour killing victim in UK

Pam Geller’s Dearborn human rights conference

Fra 19. marts 2012:

Panorama: Britain’s Crimes Of Honour

BBC’s Panorama documentary on honour killing in Britain. This is the entire report.


Is this Britain’s first white honour killing victim? The happy but headstrong girl, 17, whose love across the racial divide had a tragic end

By Jane Corbin – 16 March 2012

Laura Wilson, 17, had a baby by an Asian man, Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, a 20-year-old

Laura Wilson was just 17 years old — a happy but headstrong girl whose love story across the racial divide would have a tragic ending.

‘She was feisty — if she had anything to say she would speak out,’ her mother Margaret says, as she showed me a picture of a smiling, mischievous teenager.

Laura’s Asian boyfriend, Ashtiaq Ashgar, also 17, was born in Britain but when Laura challenged his family’s traditional cultural values by confronting them with details of their relationship, she had to be silenced.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

‘Honour’ violence is acceptable, say one in five young British Asians

By Leon Watson – 19 March 2012

A large number of young British Asians support violence against women who ‘dishonour’ their families, a Panorama investigation will claim today.

The hard-hitting BBC documentary reveals more than two thirds of Asians between the ages of 16 and 34 say communities should live according to ‘honour’ or ‘izzat’.

Research carried out for the show found nearly one in five – 18 per cent – said certain acts thought to shame families were justification for violence.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

‘Honour code’ supported by young Asians, poll says

19 March 2012

Two-thirds of young British Asians agree that families should live according to the concept of “honour”, a poll for BBC Panorama suggests.

Of 500 young Asians questioned, 18% also felt that certain behaviour by women that could affect her family’s honour justified physical punishment.

These included disobeying their father, and wanting to leave an existing or prearranged marriage.

Mere HER hos BBC.

Andre kilder: The Telegraph, Atlas Shrugs, Diana West, The Commentator, Christian Concern, BBC,

Video: Terror i Frankrig – Muhammed myrder vantro

Medierne hævder, at islamkritik fører til Breivik-fænomener. Så: logisk set må Israel-kritik føre til Muhammed-fænomener som det i Frankrig? Ik? Hvem kan måske afvise, at mængden af Muhammed-episoder i Vesten er ligefrem proportional med mængden af Israel-kritik? Der har vi beviset! Det er magisk: her ser vi, at mediernes røde ord skaber virkelighed. Det har ellers hidtil knebet gevaldigt med at få ord til at skabe virkelighed. Det hævder røde journalister jo, at de gør. Vi er flere, der gerne ser, at halalmedierne følger op på succesen og skaber den højt besungne fredelige islam. Mon Marine Le Pen nu får en undskyldning af journalisterne, der gav hendes ord skylden? Og Nicolas Sarkozy? Den franske præsident har helt korrekt sagt, at der er for mange indvandrere i Frankrig, beretter The Telegraph og Sarkozy har desuden truet med at opsige Schengen-aftalen, hvis ikke EU får styr på den illegale indvandring, skriver Børsen.

  • Omkring midnat 22.- 23. marts gjorde fransk politi et halvhjertet forsøg på at storme den lejlighed, hvor den 24-årige morder og terrorist, Muhammed Merah (Mohamed eller Mohammed), i 20 timer havde forskanset sig med Kalashnikov, Uzi og andre af den slags relikvier, hellige krigere bruger. Man har hørt eksplosioner i natttens løb, skriver Russia Today. Området blev mørklagt, fordi politiet afbrød strømforsyningen, skriver Ynetnews. Der er lukket for lejlighedens gas og vand. I følge politiet blev sprængningerne udført for at lægge pres på terroristen, fortæller The Globe and Mail. Ejendommes beboere blev evakueret via taget eller brandstiger. Torsdag ved frokosttid trængte politiet ind i lejligheden og Muhammed tog flugten ud gennem vinduet. Der var ildkamp til det sidste – terroristen skødt under faldet fra 1. sal og to betjente blev såret. Muhammed var død, da politiet fandt ham, skriver Jyllands-Posten.
  • Tidligere forsøg på at trænge ind i lejligheden måtte opgives. Muhammed skød også her og sårede to betjente, den ene blev ramt i skulderen og den anden i knæet, oplyser The Washington Post
  • Den 20. marts skød jihadisten Muhammed den 30-årige rabbiner, Jonathan Sandler og 2 af hans børn,  4-årige Gabriel og 5-årige Arieh ved en jødiske skole, Ozar Hatorah, i Toulouse. Også skoleinspektørens 8-årige datter, Miriam Monsonego, blev myrdet. Desuden blev en 17-årig dreng hårdt såret. Begravelserne har fundet sted – i Jerusalem. Alle dræbte børn var fra samme slægt, fortæller Arutz Sheva
  • Fransk politi har været i kontakt med den nu afdøde terrorist, skriver The Financial Times:

Mr Merah, reportedly of Algerian origin, told police he wanted to “bring France to its knees” in retaliation for French involvement in the Afghan war, the decision to ban the burka and the plight of the Palestinians. He made “no expression of remorse”, Mr Molins said, except that he had not carried out more killings.

  • Muhammed ringede til tv-stationen France24 og tilstod, skriver B.T.
  • Massakren i Toulouse var ikke Muhammeds første. Den 15. marts myrdede terroristen 2 faldskærmssoldater i Montauban og sårede en tredje. I Toulouse blev en soldat myrdet den 11. marts, skriver Wall Street Journal. De dræbte fra Montauban var hhv. 25 og 23 år gamle, skriver The Washington Post. Den 23-åriges kæreste er gravid i 7. måned.
  • Flere af de dræbte er muslimer. Det ses som forræderi i visse muslimske kredse at arbejde i de vantros tjeneste
  • Alle terrorangreb er udført med håndvåben. Jihadisten kørte på en Yamaha scooter og skjulte sig bag en styrthjelm. En “drive-by shooter”
  • Muhammed har filmet sin heltedåd med et videokamera spændt fast på brystkassen
  • Muhammeds kæreste og bror er anholdt. Der er fundet sprængstoffer i sidstnævntes bil, oplyser The National Post
  • Muhammed var fra Algeriet og Al Qaeda-medlem. Terror-trænet i Pakistan, skriver Russia Today
  • Jyllands-Posten:

Han blev anholdt i december 2007 i Kandahar-provinsen i Afghanistan og fængslet for at have udlagt bomber.  Han undslap fra fængslet sammen med omkring 1000 andre fanger, hvoraf halvdelen menes at være talebanere, da fængslet blev stormet af oprørere i juni 2008.

  • Kulturberigeren Muhammed stod på USAs liste over formodede terrorister, – den såkaldte no-fly list over folk der ikke må flyve til eller inden for USA, læser man i Jyllands-Posten
  • Samme i Frankrig. The Independent:

Mohammed Merah, the man suspected of the Toulouse killings, had been on a French security service “watch list” since 2008.

  • Konklusion: Stanken af fransk inkompetence river fælt i næsen

Pundits kommenterer:

Laying the groundwork for the Toulouse massacre

By Melanie Phillips | 21 March 2012

When the Toulouse school massacre happened, the media rushed to say that the perpetrator was a white far-right racist. The lone gunman had mown down at close range a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school, wounding several others. He was thought to be the same killer who a few days earlier had murdered three black French paratroopers in two separate attacks. A killer who targeted Jews and blacks – must be a far-right white racist, right?

Wrong. The suspect who the French police have now cornered turns out to be a jihadi Islamic terrorist with self-declared links to al Qaeda, who has made trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past. Well, there’s a surprise.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Melanie Phillips blog her.

The new Nazis kill them right in the cities. And the killing will not stop until the Muslim occupation of Europe comes to an end.

The New Nazis

Daniel Greenfield – March 22, 2012

There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France. Their killers believed themselves to be members of a superior group that was destined to rule the world and enslave or exterminate members of inferior groups. The cowardice and appeasement of the French authorities allowed them to operate freely, to kill Jews and launch attacks on other countries.

What was then is now again. The occupying army doesn’t wear uniforms, it wears keffiyahs. It doesn’t speak German, it speaks Arabic. It doesn’t believe that it is superior for reasons of race as much as for reasons of religion. It does not view all others as Untermenschen, but as infidels. It looks forward not to a thousand year Reich, but to a thousand year Caliphate.

Mohammed Merah did not chase down a French-Jewish seven-year-old girl, put a gun to her head and pull the trigger because he came from an economically depressed area or any of the other media spin. He was only doing what Muslims had been doing to non-Muslims for over a thousand years. He didn’t do what he did because he was “radicalized”, he did it because he became a fully committed Muslim.

Mere HER i Canada Free Press. Sultan Knish her. Family Security Matters her.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

By Mark Steyn – March 21, 2012

The killer of French schoolchildren and soldiers turns out to be a man called Mohammed Merah. The story can now proceed according to time-honored tradition:

Stage One: The strange compulsion to assure us that the killer is a “right wing conservative extremist,” in the words of NRO commenter ExpatAsia, echoed by Chrisman and Galt’s Bain. Up north, this view was shared by Canada’s most prominent establishment Jew and the Liberal Party attack poodle Warren Kinsella (whom NR readers may recall from my free-speech cover story, which mentioned the groveling apology he was forced to make to “the Chinese community” after an unfortunately sinophobic cat joke). The insistence that the killer was emblematic of an epidemic of right-wing hate sweeping the planet is, regrettably, no longer operative. Instead, the killer isn’t representative of anything at all.

Mere HER National Review Online.

Toulouse stand-off: explosions and gunfire

Michael Coren on France’s neo-Nazi Jew killer

The MSM and the Left screamed “Nazis!”, and he most certainly is, but it also turns out the mohammad coefficient on this one is 100%.

Time to have a close look t his manifesto – the Koran.

Michael Coren on islamic slaughterers

French muslims denounce Mohamed Merah . . . Not!!!

“And then, of course, Stage Four: The backlash that never happens. Because apparently the really bad thing about actual dead Jews is that it might lead to dead non-Jews: “French Muslims Fear Backlash After Shooting.” Likewise, after Major Hasan’s mountain of dead infidels, “Shooting Raises Fears For Muslims In US Army.” Likewise, after the London Tube slaughter, “British Muslims Fear Repercussions After Tomorrow’s Train Bombing.” Oh, no, wait, that’s a parody, though it’s hard to tell.”

– Mark Steyn

I love this clip: “French muslims denounce Merah!” “We just can’t find one to say so on TV” “Never mind those dead Jews, what about the imaginary threats to us muslims?”

Frankrigs udenrigsminister skriver i Foreign Policy:

Save the Middle East’s Christians

France will remain by the side of the Arab world’s embattled minority.

By Alain Juppé | February 28, 2012

Christians in the Middle East are worried. Worried about their survival in a region where they have lived for 2,000 years. Worried about their rights being respected at a time of major upheaval. Worried about heightened religious tensions. I want to tell them that I understand them, that I understand their fears.

For centuries, France has had a special mission with respect to Eastern Christians. It will not shy from it. That is why, in January 2011, President Nicolas Sarkozy established the framework of our policy, emphasizing that the fate of Eastern Christians symbolizes “the challenges of the globalized world we have irrevocably entered.”

Mere HER i Foreign Policy. Og lidt om hvordan islamiseringen af Frankrig ellers skrider frem:

France Goes Halal

by Soeren Kern – February 28, 2012

The halal issue is about more than just meat.

A French television documentary has revealed that all of the slaughterhouses in the greater Paris metropolitan area are now producing all of their meat in accordance with Islamic Sharia law.

The exposé broadcast by France 2 television also alleged that much of the religiously slaughtered meat known as halal is not labeled as such and is entering the general food chain, where it is being unwittingly consumed by the non-Muslim population.

The revelation has sparked political controversy in France, where Islam and the question of Muslim immigration has become a central issue in the presidential campaign.

Mere HER hos Stonegate Institute.

Islam Looms in French Elections

by Soeren Kern – February 14, 2012

“We have been too busy with the identity of those who arrived and not enough with the identity of the country that accepted them.” – Nicolas Sarkozy

With just ten weeks to go until the first round of presidential elections in France, Islam and the question of Muslim immigration has become a central issue in the campaign.

France, home to between five and six million Muslims, has the largest Muslim population in the European Union; polls show that millions of French voters are worried about the proliferation in France of “separate Islamic societies” that are ruled by Islamic Sharia law.

Mere HER hos Stonegate Institute.

Qatar Financing Wahhabi Islam in France, Italy, Ireland and Spain

by Soeren Kern – February 9, 2012

Qatar, the most fraudulent “moderate,” is “sparing no effort” to spread Wahhabi Islam across “the whole world,” discouraging integration, encouraging jihad.

The Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar says it plans to invest €50 million ($65 million) in French suburbs that are home to hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Muslim immigrants.

Qatar says its investment is intended to support small businesses in disadvantaged Muslim neighborhoods. But Qatar, like Saudi Arabia, subscribes to the ultra-conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam, and critics say the emirate’s real objective is to peddle its religious ideology among Muslims in France and other parts of Europe.

Mere HER hos Stonegate Institute.

France’s Tottery Effort to Reverse Creeping Islamization

by Soeren Kern – January 2, 2012

Muslim immigrants will find it more difficult to obtain French citizenship from now on.

New citizenship rules that entered into effect on January 1, 2012 will require all applicants to pass exams on French culture and history and also to prove that their French language skills are equivalent to those of a 15-year-old native speaker. Moreover, candidates seeking French citizenship will be required to pledge allegiance to “French values.”

The new measures — drawn up by Interior Minister Claude Guéant — are part of a concerted effort by the French government to push back against the Islamization of France.

Mere HER hos Stonegate Institute.

Opdatering 30. marts 2012 – Muhammeds far vil sagsøge den franske stat:

Toulouse terrorist’s father to sue France

Andre kilder: Wikipedia, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, Stonegate Institute, BBCBBC, BBCBBC, BBC, BBC, BBC, BBCCNN, Commentary Magazine, Commentary Magazine, Commentary Magazine, Commentary Magazine, Commentary Magazine, Commentary Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The TelegraphThe Guardian, The New York Times, The New York Times, The New York Times, The New York Times, The New York Times, The New York Times, The New York Times, Israel Hayom, The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Haaretz, Haaretz,  Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jewish Telegraphic AgencyJewish Telegraphic Agency, The Times of Israel, The Times of Israel, The New York Post, Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science MonitorThe AgeThe Sydney Morning Herald, The Algemeiner, FOX News, FOX News, FOX NewsABC News, CBS NewsSky NewsUPI, Reuters, ReutersReuters, Reuters, PJ Media, PJ Media, PJ Media, Foreign PolicyForeign Policy, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post, Worldcrunch, City Journal, The Investigative Project on Terrorism, The Local, HonestReportingFamily Security Matters, Family Security Matters, The Heritage Foundation, The Jihad threat against the West and Israel, Den Korte AvisDen Korte Avis, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, B.T., B.T.Berlingske Tidende, Berlingske Tidende, EkstraBladet, EkstraBladet, DR, DR,


Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali i Vancouver

Fra 5. marts 2012:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Part 1 – Bon Mot Book Club – March 5, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks about her book, “Infidel” at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver on March 5, 2012.

This is part of the Bon Mot Book Club series of speakers.

Along with great food and fine wine, few things in life provide as much pleasure as reading a provocative book. The pleasure is enhanced if you can discuss its ideas—and even argue collegially—with others who share an interest in the topic. Debating and discussing the issues with the author speaking in a private and intimate setting? Even better. The Bon Mot Book Club combines all those things into a stimulating event series continuing into its second season this fall.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Part 2 – Q&A – Bon Mot Book Club – March 5, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks with Leah Costello about her book, “Infidel” at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver on March 5, 2012.

Andre kilder: PopMatters,

Video: Mark Durie i Chicago

Fra The Moody Church i Chicago november 2011. Den første video handler især om kristendom og forfølgelse af kristne, som beskrevet i Biblen:

Biblical Response To Persecution – Dr. Mark Durie

Om kristendom i Mellemøsten:

The Legacy of the Eastern Church in the face of Persecution – Rev. Bassam Madanay

Mark Durie om dhimmier:

Non-Muslims Living Under Islamic Law & Call To Prayer

Desuden en artikel:

Islam’s Tradition of Breaking the Cross

by Mark Durie – March 9, 2012

In the recent destruction of Commonwealth war graves in Benghazi, Libya (YouTube Video), you can see not just the desecration of graves, but attacks on crosses.

The radical Muslims who are kicking over and smashing headstones marked with crosses (and one with a Star of David), also took pains to demolish a tall “Cross of Sacrifice” standing at the edge of the cemetery.

This was no “furious mob” on a “rampage,” as a Daily Mail report put it. Nor was there any evidence in what they were saying that they were angry or reacting to Koran burning by the US military.

Mere HER hos Stonegate Institute eller her hos The Middle East Forum.

Video: Andrew Bostom om religiøst had i islam

Især om jødernes lidelser gennem historien – fra 24. januar 2012. Blandt spørgerne ser man Nonie Darwish:

Dr. Andrew Bostom – Understanding the Islam in Muslim Jew-Hatred

Mere følgetekst under videoen:

Dr. Andrew G. Bostom, the author of the highly acclaimed The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims, demonstrates that Antisemitism in the Muslim world—from the 7th century advent of Islam, through the contemporary era—is rooted in the foundational texts of Islam itself.

Lawrence Wright, in his Pulitzer Prize winning book The Looming Tower, claimed that “Until the end of World War II…Jews lived safely -although submissively-under Muslim rule for 1,200 years, enjoying full religious freedom; but in the 1930s, Nazi propaganda on Arabic-language short-wave radio, coupled with slanders by Christian missionaries in the region, infected the area with this ancient Western prejudice (antisemitism).” Matthias Kuntzel has stated that it was “(d)uring the Thirties and Forties (that) Islamist anti-modernism was poisoned by the Nazi antisemitic mind-set.”

These erroneous if widely prevalent conceptions of Islam’s doctrinal and historical treatment of Jews rest on two false pillars popularized by the poorly researched, if emphatically asserted claims of a major scholar of Islam … (I) “In Islamic society hostility to the Jew is non-theological. It is not related to any specific Islamic doctrine, nor to any specific circumstance in Islamic history. For Muslims it is not part of the birth-pangs of their religion, as it is for Christians.” (II) “…‘dhimmi’-tude subservience and persecution and ill treatment of Jews… is a myth.”) (…) This sham castle of glib affirmations must be swept away if the enduring phenomenon of Islamic Antisemitism is to be properly understood.

Those false conceptions are the heart of the problem. They are usually affirmed without substantive proofs being given. The actual data, provides a negative proof. It reminds me of a scene in Woody Allen’s film Sleeper. Allen portrays Miles Monroe, the owner of a health food store in Greenwich Village who is cryogenically frozen and he wakes up 20 years in the future. In one scene he is confronted by two doctors, one of whom is very authoritative and claims to be possessed “of what we know to be true.” He offers Miles a cigarette saying “Here, smoke this, and be sure you get the smoke deep down into your lungs. Its tobacco, one of the healthiest things for your body.”

There are incontrovertible and overwhelming hard data – pathological and epidemiological – which demonstrate a major causative role for smoking in both the predominant form of lung cancer (i.e., adenocarcinoma), and premature coronary heart disease. Dr. Bostom believes smoking is to these diseases as the Islam in Islamic Antisemitism is to this scourge of Jew-hatred, past and present. It is as destructive to our social and moral health to deny this reality, as it is to human public health disease prevention efforts to deny the causative link between cigarette smoking and adenocarcinoma of the lung, or premature coronary heart disease. That is what Dr. Bostom came to conclude from doing his own research for The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.

Andrew G. Bostom, M.D., M.S. (Providence, RI), is the author of the highly acclaimed books The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims, and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital, the major teaching affiliate of Brown University Medical School.

Dr. Bostom has published numerous articles and commentaries on Islam in the The New York Post, The Daily News, Washington Times, National Review Online, Pajamas Media, American Thinker, FrontPage, Big Peace, and other print and online publications. More on Andrew Bostom’s work can be found at including a preview of his recent book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History. His latest book, Sharia Versus Freedom—The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism, with a Foreword by Andrew C. McCarthy, will be published by next September (2012).

“I read a withering critique of Dr. El Fadl’s arguments by the indomitable Andrew Bostom, a true scholar and walking encyclopedia on Sharia Islam.”- George Aaron, American Thinker, Jan 7, 2012.

Dr. Bostom speaks on topics related to jihadism, Islam’s treatment of non-Muslim minorities in general, and Islamic Jew-hatred in particular, and the threat Sharia Law encroachment poses to Western societies.

Og endnu en video – Bostom starter efter 45 minutter, men rabbineren er nu også ganske interessant. Omhandler i vid udstrækning de samme emner som ovenfor:

Act For America 4-5-11

Rabbi Hausman
Dr Andrew Bostom

Act For America 4-5-11 Questions & Answers

Og artikler – den første kan man få læst op her:

Iran’s Final Solution for Israel

Persian Shiite anti-Semitism is deep-seated and points to genocide.

By Andrew Bostom – February 10, 2012

Reza Khalili (pseudonym), a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, has reported the latest restatement of the Iranian Shiite theocracy’s Jew-annihilationist jihadism:

“Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. It is a ‘jurisprudential justification’ to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.””

Mere HER i National Review Online.

First They Came for the Firemen

By Andrew Bostom – February 27, 2012

An utterly bone chilling example of self-destructive dhimmitude was described in The London Telegraph 2/26/12 by Investigations Editor Jason Lewis. The incident involved David S. Jones a military veteran of the Household Cavalry, who served in Malaya with the armored reconnaissance squadron, retired British fireman, author, and developer of the children’s character Fireman Sam (now an international success as a children’s TV series.). Mr Jones was detained, publicly humiliated and harassed at Gatwick airport by “security” personnel following a mere jocular, passing comment made to a security official noting that a Muslim woman in hijab was simultaneously passing through the security checkpoint without showing her face. Upon placing his belongings, including a scarf, into a tray to pass through the X-ray scanner Jones simply quipped, “If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.”

Mere HER hos AINA. Kan også læses her hos Andrew Bostom.

Video & artikler: Douglas Murray om multikultur, Iran, Irland, Christopher Hitchens, arabisk forår, venstrefløjen, homoseksuelle og mere

Den er ikke noget stort, denne her video:

Opdatering – nu findes der en video med uddrag:

Douglas Murray – Does Iran have nuclear weapons? Does god exist?

Douglas Murray on BBC’s The Big Questions

HJS Associate Director Douglas Murray discusses British Identity and Iran on Nicky Campbell’s The Big Questions, Sunday 4 March 2012.

Og flere glimrende artikler fra The Spectator – først om Murray’s nye bog:

The forgotten victims of the Troubles

Douglas Murray – 22nd February 2012

The 30th January this year was the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the day when members of the British Parachute regiment shot dead fourteen civilians on the streets of a British city. The constant commemoration of that day by families of the dead and injured was one of the things that kept its memory alive and eventually led to the British government setting up the Saville Inquiry. That inquiry – the longest and costliest in legal history, and the subject of my recent book – exonerated the dead and accused some people still living.

Mere HER i The Spectator.

Remembering Christopher Hitchens

Douglas Murray – 16th December 2011

Just one of Christopher Hitchens’ talents would have been enough for most people. In him those talents — like his passions — all melded into each other: as speaker, writer and thinker. Yet he was more than the sum even of these considerable parts, for he possessed another talent that was even rarer — a talent for making us, his readers, want to be better people. He used his abilities not to close down questions and ideas, but to open them up. In the process he made you, the reader, aware that you needed to do more, engage more, think more and know more. Writers often feel a need to impress their readers. Christopher made his readers want to impress the writer.

Mere HER i The Spectator.

Push off now, Press TV, and take your conspiracy theories with you

Douglas Murray – 20th January 2012

A week that began with an insane decision from the European Court of Human Rights has come to an end with a sensible decision from Ofcom. The Iranian government’s propaganda channel in London, Press TV, has just had its license to broadcast revoked.

Mere HER i The Spectator.

Hague’s misplaced optimism

Douglas Murray – 13th January 2012

William Hague has an article in the Times today arguing against what he refers to as the ‘pessimism’ of those who have expressed concerns about the direction of the ‘Arab Spring’. As somebody who cannot see the virtue of either optimism or pessimism as policy, and preferring facts to moods, I think the Foreign Secretary’s central points should be answered. Particularly as he chose so injudicious a day to publish his piece.

Mere HER i The Spectator.

Livingstone will get away with it, of course — because he’s on the ‘left’

Douglas Murray – 9th February 2012

Ken Livingstone has just reminded us of a prevailing rule in British politics. His comment that the Conservative party is ‘riddled’ with homosexuals ‘like everywhere else’ would have earned him a sacking if the parties had been reversed and a Conservative politician had talked of the Labour party in this fashion. […]

Mere HER i The Spectator.

The conservative case for equal marriage

Douglas Murray – 5th March 2012

In America a new generation of Republicans is challenging the traditional consensus of their party on gay marriage. They — as well as some of the GOP old guard like Dick Cheney — are coming out in favour. In Britain the subject is also back on the agenda with the coalition government, at the insistence of the Prime Minister apparently, planning a ‘public consultation’ on the matter.

Mere HER i The Spectator. Douglas Murray blogger om løst og fast i  Standpoint Magazine:

Leveson Levity

Douglas Murray – March 2012

Should there be an inquiry into the Leveson inquiry? The phone-hacking which prompted the setting-up of the inquiry faded almost immediately as a procession of celebrities complained about what they disliked most in the press.

Now everybody has settled in, his lordship most of all. A nadir was reached when three editors of those infinitely depressing celebrity magazines gave insights into their trade. Counsel to the inquiry was a nice young woman. The matter arose of a picture of Heston Blumenthal dressed up as an egg. Counsel giggled with the three witnesses as his lordship tried to locate the page in the relevant magazine. Much hair was flicked. “Not my normal journal,” Lord Leveson joked in that way older men do when they are not yet beyond flirting and engage in it with studied senility. Everyone laughed. Some of the lawyers stretched back while laughing so they could be more in camera-shot. Oh how jolly. And oh how much money evaporating every second.

The inquiry needs to discover only one thing: how did the law come to be broken, repeatedly and publicly, with impunity?

Mere HER i Standpoint Magazine.

Andre kilder: The Daily Express,

Sappho & Trykkefrihedsselskabet – artikler og arrangementer

Carsten Niebuhr – islamapologiens danske grundlægger

29. februar 2012 – artikel af Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen

1700-tallets danske arabist Carsten Niebuhr er en berømmet pionér inden for sit felt og har lagt navn til et helt institut. Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen har genlæst hans lovpriste beskrivelse fra Arabien, og hun er ikke imponeret. Hendes vurdering repræsenterer en radikalt ny måde at betragte det berømte værk på: Niebuhrs skildring er et videnskabeligt misfoster, en politisk tåbelighed og en psykologisk gåde. Læs hendes opgør med Niebuhrs ikonstatus.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Logo Sappho AntiqueSappho-prisen 2012 til Olga Romanova

1. marts 2012

Den russiske dissident, Olga Romanova […] modtager Sappho-prisen d. 31. marts; Ruslands-kender og redaktør på Weekendavisen, Anna Libak […], motiverer den.

Prisoverrækkelsen finder sted lørdag, d. 31. marts kl. 15:30 i forlængelse af Trykkefrihedsselskabets generalforsamling.

Mere HER hos Trykkefrihedsselskabet.

Sam Solomon – shariatilhængeren, der blev kristen forkynder

02. marts 2012 – klumme af Katrine Winkel Holm

Katrine Winkel Holm om den farverige eks-muslim Sam Solomon, der senere på måneden kommer til Danmark.

Mere HER i Sappho. Man kan tilmelde sig arrangementet hos Islamkritisk Netværk i Folkekirken HER.

Desuden link til denne uges sharia-toppen af Nicolai Sennels og Udkigsposten af Dan Ritto:

Video: Michael Coren & Robert Spencer – muslimsk pædofilring i England

Børnebordeller. Voldtægt af små engelske piger. Hvor kulturberigende. Cirka fra 27. februar 2012:

Michael Coren & Robert Spencer: islam in England

Robert Spencer & Michael Coren discuss islam in England: the current child grooming case in which a gang of 11 muslim men are in court over grooming underage white girls for prostitution and the case of David Jones, who was stopped by airport security at Gatwick for daring to point out that a hijabi went through security without being checked.

Fra 21. februar 2012:

Muslim gangs grooming white girls for sex – England

Og artikel:

‘He told me to get on the bed and told me to have sex with him’: Girl, 15, gives harrowing account of being plied with alcohol and passed around Asian gang for sex

  • Teenager told court she was driven to houses and was forced to have sex with men and paid money to keep quiet Said she was left depressed and disgusted by her ordeal
  • 11 men on trial accused of a variety of sex offences against children including rape, trafficking and sex assault
  • A court yesterday heard harrowing testimony from a 15-year-old girl who was repeatedly plied with alcohol before being passed around a group of men to be used for sex.

By Jaya Narain on 23rd February 2012

The teenager was driven to houses where she was forced to have sex with various men and was later paid money to keep quiet. Yesterday a jury was played a video of a police interview in which the girl described the first time she was plied with vodka before being raped in a room above a takeaway.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Andre kilder: Sky News, Sky News, Sky News,

Audio, video & artikler: Roger Scruton om konservatisme, moral, miljø, natur, Schubert, Grækenland og mere

Lidt af hvert her. I den første video hører man Scruton sige: “Well, the answer was to send them back home but you can’t say that”. Og ja, det er dem, Scruton taler om:

Roger Scruton on Moral Relativism

A conversation with Roger Scruton at Gerbeaud Cafe in Budapest, Hungary on the topic of moral relativism. Hosted by the Common Sense Society on January 25, 2012.

Audio fra RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce:

Green Philosophy

RSA Keynote – 18th Jan 2012

The environment has long been the undisputed territory of the political left, which has seen the principal threats to the earth as issuing from international capitalism, consumerism and the over-exploitation of natural resources.

In his new book ‘Green Philosophy’, philosopher Roger Scruton argues that this way of thinking is fallacious, and poses a danger to the ecosystems on which we all depend.

Instead, he believes that conservatism is far better suited to tackle environmental problems than either liberalism or socialism, and argues that rather than entrusting the environment to NGOs and international committees, we must assume personal responsibility and foster local sovereignty.

People must be empowered to take charge of their environment, to care for it as a home, and to affirm themselves through the kind of local associations that have been the traditional goal of conservative politics.

The current environmental movement directs its energies at the bigger picture but fails to see that environmental problems are generated and resolved by ordinary people – and that there is an alternative path that we can take which could ensure the future safety of our planet and our species.

Speaker: Roger Scruton, writer, philosopher and author of ‘Green Philosophy: How to think seriously about the planet’ (Atlantic Books, 2012).

Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varighed 46 minutter. Australske ABC Radio har lavet en udsendelse om ovenstående, men den består mest af klip fra foredraget. Audio fra 30. januar 2012 kan findes her eller her på ABCs hjemmeside.

Og en meget gammel sag fra BBC 2003 – Melvyn Bragg, Jonathan Bate, Roger Scruton, Karen Edwards:


Og artikler:

How conservatives can help to tackle climate change

Treaty-chasing is a futile waste of time and resources – the search for clean energy begins at home

Roger Scruton – 14 February 2012

Environmental degradation has one cause above all others: the propensity of human beings to take the benefit and leave the costs to someone else, preferably someone far away in space or time, whose protests can be safely ignored. The solution is to give space to the rival tendency in human nature, which is to take charge of costs, when the costs affect one’s home. So my book Green Philosophy is an exploration of the motive I call “oikophilia”, the love of home. The propensity for settlement and stewardship is at the heart of conservative philosophy, I argue, and ought to be at the heart of Conservative politics, too.

Mere HER i The Guardian.

Schubert is needed now more than ever

The composer’s musical legacy contains more consolation for our loneliness than any other human creation.

By Roger Scruton – 11 Feb 2012

Franz Schubert excelled in every musical genre, writing string quartets that can be set beside the greatest of Haydn and Mozart, symphonies that stand comparison with Beethoven, and works for piano that paved the way for Schumann and Chopin. His String Quintet in C major is perhaps the most beautiful piece of chamber music ever composed, while his 600 songs represent a flow of unaffected melody without compare in the history of music. He died aged 31 in 1828, leaving nearly 1,000 compositions, nearly all of which are marked by his distinctive genius.

Mere HER i The Telegraph. Synopsis-Olsen har oversat den næste artikel til dansk:

Den engelske version følger her:

Paying the Price

By Roger Scruton from the December 2011 – January 2012 issue

There’s no question but that a Greece should be “allowed” to default.

“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”

Thomas Sowell’s aphorism is of special relevance to us now, when we discover that, without the matter having been discussed or put to the vote, the most important economic decisions are in the hands of politicians. Democratic politicians secure their following by making economic promises–basically to steal from the few in order to reward the many. And in order to protect themselves from the cost of this they set up supposedly independent economic bodies, like the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the European Central Bank, which they place in the hands of political appointees. In all the excitement over Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s adventures in a New York hotel the media seems to have forgotten to ask the most important question: how was it that a politician, and one of the French sofa-socialist persuasion, should be in charge of the IMF? What conceivable attribute could have qualified him for such a position? Granted that a gargantuan libido might sometimes be useful in politics, in what way could it possibly contribute to the process of maintaining equilibrium in the world economy, and compensating where possible for the rash promises of politicians?

Mere HER i The American Spectator.

Video: Sun News tv om masseæresdrabet i Canada

Massemordet i Canada får masser af mediedækning i udlandet – alle videoer er fra 30. januar 2012:

Honor Killing Interview: Michael Coren on FOX TV

SUN TV’s Michael Coren on FOX News with Megan Kelly frankly discussing the religious slaughter, honor killings. The segment is, in my opinion, unprecedented. Never before has this subject matter been discussed so boldly, forthrightly, so fully, so accurately and so honestly before on cable or broadcast news. I have been a frequent guest on Coren’s show. He is on the front lines on the defense of freedom.

Coren omtalte samme uhyggelige sag på sit show, The Arena:

Michael Coren on apologists for honour killings

Although Sikhs and Hindus do sometimes commit such murders, honor killings, both worldwide and in the West, are mainly Muslim-on-Muslim crimes. In this study, worldwide, 91 percent of perpetrators were Muslims. In North America, most killers (84 percent) were Muslims, with only a few Sikhs and even fewer Hindus perpetrating honor killings; in Europe, Muslims comprised an even larger majority at 96 percent while Sikhs were a tiny percentage. In Muslim countries, obviously almost all the perpetrators were Muslims. With only two exceptions, the victims were all members of the same religious group as their murderers.

– Middle East Forum

Gæsten hedder Farzana Hassan:

Lilley & Coren: Apologizing for islam

“No, Brian, I would disagree with you, it’s not cultural, it’s religious – it’s religious. Let’s not run away from using that word.”

“The overriding factor . . . what is the unifying factor? It is islam.”

– Michael Coren

Jason Kenney on post-Shafia immigration

Jason Kenney, Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, joins Brian Lilley to discuss what, if anything, can be done to prevent men like Mohammad Shafia from ever getting into the country in the first place.

Ezra Levant on the CBC’s Shafia apologies

Charles Adler on dishonour killings

“What do I care what Justin Trudeau says? I mean on this issue and many others he’s a sack-less wonder!”

– Charles Adler on Justin Trudeau poo-pooing the idea of calling female genital mutilation “barbaric.”

Charles is joined by Raj Sharma, immigration lawyer, who earlier in the day said that, according to the law, the Shafias will be deported once they’ve done their time.

Opdatering – Manji stiger ud islam-apologi her:

Domestic Violence Or Honor Killings? Three Family Members Convicted Of Murder

Irshad Manji joined Roland S. Martin, Will Cain, Maria Cardona and Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point to discuss a recent case where three family members were found guilty of honor murders.

Andre kilder: CNN,

Bruce Bawers skarpe pen

Velfortjent angreb på venstrefløjen:

The CBC’s Propaganda War

by Bruce Bawer on Jan 26th, 2012

Logo FrontPageMagazine SmallThe only thing worse than having the biases of the mainstream media inflicted upon you on a daily basis is having to subsidize it.  For Americans, to be sure, the rip-off isn’t so terrible: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS and NPR, gets $430 million a year from the federal government, which comes to only a couple of bucks per household.  In Britain, by contrast, the BBC license fee is now £145.50 ($226) annually per TV-owning family.  And in Canada, the CBC receives more than $1.5 billion a year from the Canadian government, which amounts to upwards of $100 per household.

And what, exactly, are Canadian taxpayers paying for?  That’s the question asked – and very illuminatingly answered – by a new documentary, This Hour Could Have 10,000 Minutes: The Biases of the CBC, produced by James Cohen and Fred Litwin.  (The title is a reference to “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” a long-running CBC series specializing in political satire.)  Focusing on two main topics – anti-Israel bias and anti-conservative bias – the documentary consists almost entirely of CBC clips (most but not all of them from news programs) in which we can see these biases in action.  To judge by this compilation, the CBC is perhaps even more slanted than the infamously partial BBC – and, perhaps, even more brazen about it.

Mere HER hos FrontPageMagazine.

Violent Jihadist Video Riles Norway

by Bruce Bawer on Jan 23rd, 2012

It was, shall we say, an interesting week in Norway.  On Tuesday, January 17, a video was posted on YouTube that called for Norwegian soldiers to be withdrawn from Afghanistan.  Over images of Norwegian soldiers and of Norway’s prime minister, foreign minister, and crown prince, a text calling for Allah to “destroy them and let it be painful” was read aloud in Arabic, with subtitles in Norwegian.  The video, which concluded with an image of Norway’s flag in flames, urged Muslims to show up for a protest rally on Friday outside the parliament building in Oslo.

The video provoked instant outrage.  On Wednesday, the security police arrested a suspect, but announced that even if the rally organizers proved to be responsible for the video, their permit wouldn’t be withdrawn.  It soon emerged that there were connections between the video and a Facebook group whose members included Arfan Bhatti, one of four men arrested in 2006 for shooting at the Oslo synagogue.  (Bhatti was also suspected by police of plotting to blow up the U.S. and Israeli embassies.)  Another member was Mohyeldeen Mohammed, who at a jihadist rally two years ago threatened Norway with its own 9/11.

Mere HER hos FrontPageMagazine. AINA her.

Video: Jerry Agar, Raheel Raza & Tarek Fatah

Hvem ka’? Canada ka’:

Muslim Canadian Congress: Ban the burka!

” . . . we need to send a very strong message to those who hate this country, that you may have been born over here, but we know who the Fifth Column is.” ” . . . this you’re dealing with Osama bin Laden’s believers in your backyard.”

– Tarek Fatah

Sappho om Subramanian Swamy, Europa og mere

Man må ikke sige noget længere. Det er venstrefløjens penismisundelse, der slår igennem. “Når vi ikke har nogen potens, så skal højrefløjen heller ikke have en”. Det må være sådan, de tænker. Som dårligt fungerende børnehavebørn, der ødelægger legen for de andre. Ren modkultur fra deres side. Der er jo flere årtier siden, de sidst har tænkt en original tanke ovre i den humanitærpopulistiske lejr:

Ytringsfriheden under pres på Harvard

20. januar 2012 – artikel af Phyllis Chesler

Professor Subramanian Swamy blev anklaget for ”hadefuld tale” og endte med at blive afskediget som adjungeret professor på Harvard. Phyllis Chesler fortæller historien og interviewer Swamy.

Mere HER i Sappho. Phyllis Chesler har endnu en artikel om sagen i Arutz Sheva:

Og Subramanian Swamy kan man læse mere om her på Veritas Universalis. Swamys formastelige artikel finder man HER hos indiske DNA.  Måske. Ellers er der reservelink her hos India Hindustan Movement.

Europa, du er gået fra forstanden!

20. januar 2012 – klumme af Julija Latynina

Den russiske journalist Julija Latynina opfordrer til at foretage en realistisk og ærlig vurdering af de ”europæiske værdier”.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Soldatervelsignelser: Læs kapitel af feltpræstens bog “Løvehjerter”

Nikolaj Krak | 19. januar 2012

Velsignelser med v-tegn for sejr og slag på brystet. Læs uddrag af den kontroversielle feltpræst Thomas Østergaard Aallmanns bog, hvor han fortæller om sine oplevelser som feltpræst i Afghanistan

Mere HER i Kristeligt Dagblad. Bogen fra Trykkefrihedsselskabet kan købes her. Kristeligt Dagblad har flere interessante artikler om pseudo-sagen:

Andre kilder: Pajamas Media,

Bruce Bawer om Norge, Sverige, Afghanistan og mere

Herlig humor:

Norway’s ‘Beloved’ Terrorist Heads Back to Iraq

January 9, 2012 – Bruce Bawer

How time flies! It seems only yesterday that we folks in Norway first heard the name Mullah Krekar. The sometime leader of Ansar al-Islam — which narrow-minded individuals insist on calling a terrorist organization, but which I prefer to think of as a heavily armed, Koran-toting Iraqi version of Rotary or the Knights of Columbus — the charismatic Krekar has long since become every (well, not quite every) Norwegian’s lovable grandpa. Now, after many years in Norway, he has announced that he will soon be leaving us and returning to Iraq, where he will continue to pursue the task to which he has consecrated his life: that of serving his God.

And oh, how many ways there are to serve God! Ansar al-Islam, according to the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, has “burned down girls’ schools and beaten and killed women for not wearing the burqa.” Human Rights Watch notes that under its previous name, Jund al-Islam, Krekar’s industrious associates took over villages in which they required, among other things, “the obligatory closure of offices and businesses during prayer time and enforced attendance by workers and proprietors at the mosque during those times; the veiling of women by wearing the traditional ‘abaya; obligatory beards for men; segregation of the sexes; barring women from education and employment; the removal of any photographs of women on packaged goods brought into the region; the confiscation of musical instruments and the banning of music both in public and private; and the banning of satellite receivers and televisions.” The Lord’s work never ends!

Mere HER hos AINA. Kan også læses her i FrontPageMagazine.

Norwegian Schools Preach the Wonders of Niqab

January 10, 2012 – Bruce Bawer

The news came three days before Christmas:

Logo AINA Banner

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has announced that the Department of Defense will now allow Muslim and Sikh students participating in Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) to wear headscarves and turbans while in uniform.

When I read this, the first thing I thought was: What?! And the second was: Since when does CAIR make announcements on behalf of the Department of Defense?

The background was as follows: a Muslim girl in Tennessee was told by her JROTC commanding officer that she could not wear her headscarf, or hijab, in a homecoming parade. She contacted CAIR, which in turn contacted Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, asking for a change in policy. And instead of informing CAIR that the Department of Defense does not take its marching orders from fronts for terrorist organizations, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Larry Stubblefield fell right into line, writing a letter to CAIR assuring that henceforth JROTC policy would be different.

Mere HER hos AINA. Kan også læses her i FrontPageMagazine.

A Thumbs-Up for Gender Apartheid in Sweden

January 18, 2012 – Bruce Bawer

The other day I wrote about a young Muslim woman in Norway who wears a niqab — a veil that covers everything except the eyes — and who’s busy these days giving talks at Norwegian schools about her religion and her choice of outerwear.

Now, just across the border in Sweden, that country’s version of the Department of Education, which is called Skolverket (and which in English labels itself the Swedish National Agency for Education), has sent down a ruling about the role of niqab in Swedish schools. This ruling is a response to new legislation as well as to a decision by Sweden’s Discrimination Ombudsman, which in turn came in response to a complaint by an adult student in Stockholm who cried prejudice a couple of years back when she was told to take off her niqab in class.

Skolverket’s decision, interestingly, has been represented by the Swedish media in different ways — indeed, in two more or less antithetical ways. On the one hand, Dagbladet begins its report as follows: “Students’ right to wear veils in schools has long been a hot question. Now Skolverket has ruled that full-covering veils may be forbidden in certain situations.” Dagbladet goes on to quote Skolverket’s guidelines to the effect that niqab can be banned in lab or shop classes, in which there may be safety issues, or when the niqab “significantly impedes the interaction between teachers and students.” Skolverket leaves it up to teachers to decide when there’s a problem.

Mere HER hos AINA. Kan også læses her i FrontPageMagazine.

‘Urinegate’ Spurs Anti-American Hysterics

by Bruce Bawer on Jan 17th, 2012

Anti-Americanism is, of course, as European as Apfelstrudel.  But over the last few years it’s rollercoastered like the stock market.  The invasion of Iraq sent it skyrocketing.  It was muted somewhat by the election of a black man as President of the United States.  (That Americans, whom Europeans are taught to think of as incurable racists, had done such a thing rendered some veteran America-bashers temporarily mute.)  But European anti-Americanism has never entirely gone away, and the troubles America has been through of late have been the occasion for much Schadenfreude, especially given that they’ve provided a pleasant distraction from Europe’s own even more formidable problems.

Still, it wasn’t until I ran across an article the other day in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that I realized European anti-Americanism, thanks to Urinegate, is once again in full bloom.  The article, written by somebody named Asbjørn Svarstad, begins by noting that the American soldiers who filmed themselves urinating on dead Taliban members may not be the first GIs to have behaved in such a manner.  “American commandos who were dropped over Snåsa [in northern Norway] toward the end of World War II,” writes Asbjørn Svarstad, “are suspected of having displayed the same kind of contempt for their enemies.”

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

Video: Douglas Murray om muslimer i England

Ser ud til at være fra marts 2011:

Should muslims adapt to Britain or should Britain adapt to muslims?

Islam is a backward ideology…. (we all know that)

Douglas Murray on C4, no doubt he will receive death threats as a result of speaking the truth about islam.

Sappho om halalhippier

Eller humanitærpopulister, som de hedder her på stedet:

Logo SapphoDen umulige uskyld

03. januar 2012 – klumme af Sapphos medarbejder

Vi lever i en illusion om, at man kan leve livet uden at få snavs på fingrene. Men vil vi forsvare det, vi har kært, må vi besinde os på den virkelighed, vi lever i, mener Sapphos klummeskribent.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Muslimer i børnehaven: Pædagogens beretning

06. januar 2012 – interview af Nicolai Sennels

Børn, der opdrages til at føle sig som fremmede blandt danskere, drenge der får lov til alt, piger der underordnes og dansk personale, der giver efter. Læs børnehavepædagogens insider-beretning om hverdagen i en multietnisk børnehave

Mere HER i Sappho. Husk også Trykkefrihedsselskabets arrangement “Mød en borgerlig aktivist:

Hør Lars Kragh Andersen, journalist Jeppe Juhl og Firoozeh Bazrafkan diskutere med to medlemmer af PENs bestyrelse: Journalist på Information Niels Iver Larsen og forfatter og journalist Bjarke Larsen.

Mere HER hos Trykkefrihedsselskabet. Desuden link til denne uges Sharia-toppen af Nicolai Sennels:

Audio: Interview med Bonni fra Bare Naked Islam

Fra Radio Jihad Network på BlogTalkRadio den 2. januar 2012:

The Radio Jihad Show – Guest: Bare Naked Islam Founder

Tonight we will have Bonni the creator of Bare Naked Islam as our special guest.

Audio Icon Volume Red MediumBare Naked Islam website was recently shut down for “content” violations by wordpress.  However, the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) took much credit and personal joy in having this site shut down.  Meanwhile WordPress claims CAIR had nothing to do with the site being shut down.  The BNI site will now be up until January 6, 2012.

Join us as we talk with Bonni and get the story straight from the source.  Representatives from WordPress and CAIR are invited to call in as well.

Welcome to The Radio Jihad Show with your hosts Vito Esposito and Al.

The name of our show and network, Radio Jihad, is a purposeful play on words focusing on the very serious topic of America’s national security from the threat of Codified Islamic Political Doctrine.

The Radio Jihad Show is our “Jihad” to educate Americans on the true nature of Islamic Political Jihad.

Codified Islamic texts, Umdat al Salik, defines Jihad this way:  “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion.”

Muslim advocacy groups here in the United States are deceiving the American people on what the true meaning of “Jihad”

Why would Muslims in America lie to the non-Muslim majority as to the true meaning of Jihad or Islamic Warfare against non-Muslims?

Now that you have the facts on Jihad, the Source material for our conclusion, you now have the obligation to educate all those within your sphere of influence.

As Vito says, “Mama Mia No Shariah”

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varighed 2 timer og 5 minutter.

“Truth is the New Hate Speech”
Pamela Geller


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