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Video: Michael Coren & Brooke Goldstein om lawfare

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Michael Coren with Brooke Goldstein: Lawfare

The un-burka-able Brooke Goldstein joins Michael Coren to discuss lawfare, the use of Western laws and international institutions by islamofascists to suppress criticism of islam.

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Video: Bloggere dødsdømmes, racismedømmes, anholdes for falske mordanklager, chikaneres, Malkins blog i sort

Iran, USA, Finland – det hele er snart et fedt. Dhimmier har ikke flere rettigheder tilbage i Finland. Sandhed er ikke et gyldigt forsvar. Fornærmelsesparathed lurer alle vegne. Så kan man nemlig altid få sin vilje. Endnu et kørt løb. Sagt før og nu igen: vi skal forlade Europa nu. Og man skal ikke tage til USA:

Finland’s War on Free Speech

by Soeren Kern – June 11, 2012

“Stating of facts cannot and must not be criminal, even if they offend someone.” — Jussi Kristian Halla-aho, Finnish blogger convicted of defaming Islam.

Finland’s Supreme Court has found a prominent politician guilty of defaming Islam for “Islamophobic” comments he made on his personal blog.

The ruling represents a major setback for free speech in a Europe that is becoming increasingly stifled by politically correct restrictions on free speech, particularly on issues related to Islam and Muslim immigration.

The Helsinki-based Supreme Court ruled on June 8 that Finns Party MP Jussi Kristian Halla-aho was guilty of “inciting hatred against an ethnic group” for blog posts he made in 2008 which compared Islam to paedophilia, and for sarcastic comments which insinuated that immigrants from Somalia are predisposed to stealing and living off welfare.

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute. Tidligere blogget om Jussi Kristian Halla-aho:

FN og EU er bekymrede. Journalister and bloggere arresteres af sikkerhedsstyrker i Iran: Sahameddin Bourghani, Hassan Fathi, Farshad Ghorbanpour, Ehsan Houshmand, Fatemeh Kheradmand, Saeed Madani, Shahram Manouchehri, Marzieh Rasouli, Arash Sadeghi og Mohammad Soleimani Nia. Der er næsten total medietavshed om situationen. Halalpressen finder vel ikke, at der er noget at kritisere. Mennesker, der korrumperer den islamiske “moral”. Historien passer meget dårligt til “narrativet” hos pressefolk:

Iran arrests journalists, to execute bloggers

by Joel Gehrke – January 26, 2012

Iranian courts have sentenced two bloggers to death for “spreading corruption,” and government security forces have arrested four other journalists, in the lead-up to the nation’s March elections.

“In the past two weeks, security forces have reportedly arrested four journalists,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement, “including Shahram Manouchehri, Sahamedin Bourghani, Parastoo Dokouhaki, and Marzieh Rasouli, and Iranian courts confirmed death sentences for bloggers Saeed Malekpour and Vahid Asghari, both of whom were not accorded due process and now face imminent execution on charges of ‘spreading corruption.'”

Mere HER i The Washington Examiner. Der kan læses mere hos International Freedom of Expression eXchange Network:

Terrordømt venstrefløjser på fri fod udøver chikane imod borgerlige bloggere. Malkin om en sand galning og fænomenet swatting – forbryderen hedder Brett Kimberlin:

Who will protect the freedom to blog?

by Michelle Malkin | June 11, 2012

Free speech is under fire. Online thugs are targeting bloggers (mostly conservative, but not all) who have dared to expose a convicted bomber and perjuring, vexatious litigant who is now enjoying a comfy life as a liberally subsidized social justice operative. Where do your elected representatives stand on this threat to our founding principles?

On Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) bravely stepped forward to press this vital issue. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Chambliss decried the “harassing and frightening actions” of Internet menaces who recently have gone after several conservative new media citizen journalists and activists.

Mere HER i The Marietta Daily Journal. National Review Online her. The Paramus Post her. Malkins blog gik i sort i protest:

Going dark to urge congressional action: Who will protect the freedom to blog?

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 8, 2012

My syndicated column today covers the crucial battle between truth-telling bloggers versus convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin and his band of malicious online thugs. In honor of the National Day of Blogger Silence called by Ace of Spades, this blog is going dark. (UPDATE: See Ace’s manifesto today here. Read Mandy Nagy’s here.) But far from shutting up, I’ll be spending the day calling, e-mailing, and tweeting members of Congress, GOP leaders, journalists, and influencers to ask them what they are doing to defend the First Amendment rights of bloggers. This is a day of action, not inaction. Below my column, I’ll list some contact info for elected officials who need to hear from you. Please join us and act for free speech. Thank you.

Mere HER hos Michelle Malkin.

Left-Wing Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Gets Conservative Blogger Jailed

by Matthew Vadum on Jun 8th, 2012

Something is rotten in the State of Maryland.

Convicted terrorist bomber and perjurer Brett Kimberlin is free while one of his many harassment victims remains under a judicial gag order for the crime of writing about Kimberlin’s violent criminal history. It’s a bizarre situation, as I reported on “The Source” TV show with Ezra Levant.

Kimberlin and his cadre of cyber-stalkers try to bully conservative bloggers into silence. They post personal information and home addresses of their targets to send the message that “we know where you live.”

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

Audio: Erick Erickson har offentliggjort en mp3 af opringningen til politiet på Red State her. Man finder et interview samme steds, – ligeledes som mp3.

Video om Brett Kimberlin:

Ezra Levant on Brett Kimberlin

This dude’s name has been popping up on a lot of blogs lately.

Fra CNN 8. juni 2012 – værten hedder Don Lemon:

CNN discusses the Brett Kimberlin swatting cases with Erick Erickson

After Brett Kimberlin was criticized by conservative bloggers, they were targeted with swatting. Swatting is an attempt to trick an emergency service (such as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response team, usually by spoofing phone numbers over a VOIP system. The name is derived from SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), one type of such team. Such action places law enforcement and citizens at risk and are criminal actions. In addition it reduces law enforcement officer (LEO) coverage and costs taxpayer money.


GBR – Aaron Walker on Kimberlin [5-25-2012]

Blogger Aaron Walker tells Glenn Beck his story on Brett Kimberlin terrorism

Artikler fra The Blaze:

Andre kilder: Gatestone Institute, FrontPageMagazine, The American Spectator, The American Spectator, Michelle Malkin, Seeing Red AZ, Ace of Spades, Lee Stranahan Dot Com, ABC News, Mediaite,

Iransk mega-moske i Finland

Multikulturelt fremskridt? Jaså:

Finland’s Iranian Mega-Mosque

by Soeren Kern – May 29, 2012

Although critics of the Helsinki mega-mosque have warned that the building will be used by the Iranian regime to recruit impressionable youths to Hezbollah, Finnish politicians have embraced the Shia mosque as a symbol of multicultural progress.

Gatestone Institute Banner

A new mega-mosque has been inaugurated in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Unlike most mosques in Europe, which cater to Sunni Muslims, the mosque in Helsinki ministers to Shia Islam.

The Helsinki mosque has been paid for by the Islamic Republic of Iran; critics say that theocrats in Tehran intend to use the mosque to establish a recruiting center for the militant Shia Muslim group Hezbollah in Europe.

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute.

Video: Bill Warner i Californien

Fandt en video med Bill Warner – muligvis fra januar 2012. Den er hakket op i smådele:

Bill Warner “Political Islam”

Bill Warner educates about political Islam at Simi Hills Church in California.

Video: Muslimsk pædofili i England og USA

Voldtægt af småbørn. Skøn kulturberigelse. Fra 13. april 2012:

Muslim child sex trafficking probe in Oxford widens

Artikel om sagen:

Oxford child sex trafficking probe widens as number of ‘victims’ doubles to 50 girls, some as young as 11

By Tom Gardner – 13 April 2012

  • The number of alleged victims has increased from 24 to as many as 50 as more young girls come forward
  • A total of 13 men arrested after raids as part of Operation Bullfinch
  • Charges include trafficking, grooming, and rape of girls between the age of 11 and 16

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. YouTubet 17. april 2012 – her ses blandt andet taqiyya anvendt:

muslim sex trafficking ring in Minnesota and Tennessee

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement udgav denne pressemeddeleelse i november 2010:

Opdatering – fra ITV 23. april 2012:

Muslim child sex grooming: Carlisle, England

The trial of a restaurant owner who denies running a brothel from his Carlisle takeaway has begun. Carlisle Crown court has heard that Azad Miah is pleading not guilty to 17 offences, some involving girls as young as 12.

The 44 year old ran the former Spice of India takeaway on Botchergate until his arrest. The business has since changed management and name. A jury of six men and six women have been sworn in.

On the first day the jury heard how the restaurant owner allegedly preyed on vulnerable young girls by providing them with money, drugs and drink in exchange for sex.The prosecution against 44 year old Azad Miah has alleged he deliberately targetted girls with drug habits or who were in trouble with the police.One girl who he is alleged to have enticed into prostitution aged 14 had been a heroin user since the age of 12.Miah faces a total of 17 charges over a six year period from January 2005 to March 2011 relating to seven girls aged between 12 and 16 at the time.One of the allegations is that he ran a brothel from the Spice of India take away that he owned on Botchergate in Carlisle. The business is now under different ownership and has since changed its name. Miah is denys all the charges.Our reporter Matthew Taylor was at the trial at Carlisle Crown Court and sent this report.

Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali i Vancouver

Fra 5. marts 2012:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Part 1 – Bon Mot Book Club – March 5, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks about her book, “Infidel” at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver on March 5, 2012.

This is part of the Bon Mot Book Club series of speakers.

Along with great food and fine wine, few things in life provide as much pleasure as reading a provocative book. The pleasure is enhanced if you can discuss its ideas—and even argue collegially—with others who share an interest in the topic. Debating and discussing the issues with the author speaking in a private and intimate setting? Even better. The Bon Mot Book Club combines all those things into a stimulating event series continuing into its second season this fall.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Part 2 – Q&A – Bon Mot Book Club – March 5, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks with Leah Costello about her book, “Infidel” at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver on March 5, 2012.

Andre kilder: PopMatters,

Video: Andrew C. McCarthy med flere

Den første video er den mest interessante fra konferencen 28. februar 2012. Forelæsningen næstnederst er er også meget seværdig:

Mightier Pen 2012: The Growing Censorship of Free Speech

The Center for Security Policy presented its 2012 National Security & New Media Conference and Mightier Pen Award in New York City. The theme of the conference was “Under the Gun: Reporting News in a Dangerous World,” and featured participants of this panel were: Sam Nunberg (Middle East Forum-The Legal Project), Brooke Goldstein (The Lawfare Project, author of “Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech”) and Andrew McCarthy (National Review). Moderated by the Center for Security Policy’s Fred Grandy.

Den næste handler om undertrykkelse af ytringsfrihed i Venezuela, Kina, Rusland og andre steder:

Escalating State Violence Against Political and Religious Expression

The Center for Security Policy presented its 2012 National Security & New Media Conference and Mightier Pen Award in New York City. The theme of the conference was “Under the GunL Reporting News in a Dangerous World,” and the featured participants in this panel were Claudia Rossett (Foundation of Defense of Democracies Investigative Reporting Project), and Vilma Petrash (News Producer AmericaTeVe – WJAN – Channel 41, host of “Temas de Mujer” in Venezuela). The panel was moderated by Frank Gaffney.

Og et lille ekstranummer:

Andy McCarthy: Saluting Ray Kelly & the NYPD’s Defense of New York

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joins the Center for Security Policy in saluting NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at the 2012 Mightier Pen Award in New York City. Commissioner Kelly has kept New York City safe from jihadist terror attacks for decades, beginning with his investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (the perpetrators of which McCarthy later prosecuted).

Og en flot forelæsning:

“The Global Threat of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Andrew C. McCarthy October 7, 2011 “The Global Threat of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Fra The American Family Association den 7. marts 2012 – vært Crane Durham:

Andrew C. McCarthy on the True Helpfulness of Obamas Apology

Og artikler:

It’s a Pity Somebody Has to Win

We have no national interest in overthrowing Assad.

By Andrew C. McCarthy – March 3, 2012

Asked about the Iran-Iraq war that stretched for eight ghastly years after breaking out in 1980, Henry Kissinger is said to have quipped, “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.”

The pity is that we have lost that exquisite wisdom  concerning our national interest, despite a two-decade road to hell paved by good intentions — at least compassionate intentions — from Kosovo to Kandahar. If that isn’t clear enough from the latest killings of American soldiers stuck like sitting ducks between the Afghan Taliban and other Afghan Islamists, all doubt is removed by Elliott Abrams, the longtime Republican foreign-policy solon who served as a top National Security Council official during the heady days of the Bush “Freedom Agenda.” “Can there be a group anywhere in the world today more disappointed in United States foreign policy than those fighting the Syrian regime?” Abrams, a distinguished public servant whom I admire, asked this week in a post on the Corner.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

Let Syria Be

We should stop enmeshing ourselves ever deeper in the Muslim morass.

By Andrew C. McCarthy – March 10, 2012

‘We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others.”

That’s the concluding rally cry of the U.S. Department of Defense’s newly issued guidance on the “Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials — Service Members/Civilian Training.” Here’s how it works: Mainstream Muslims throughout the Middle East believe, based on the Koran and other “Islamic Religious Materials,” that if an infidel force invades a Muslim territory, its members must be killed until the force has been driven out. They further believe that if non-Muslims commit some act — even an inadvertent one — that Muslims perceive as insulting to Islam, a campaign of murder and mayhem is justified.

Our response? We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

Egypt Releases Seven Americans . . . but Is There a Catch?

By Andrew C. McCarthy – February 29, 2012

The AP reports that Egypt’s transitional military government has lifted a travel ban against seven of the 16 Americans currently being tried for their work with organizations that allegedly took illegal foreign contributions — work that incited protests against the military rulers, the government alleges. The report takes this development (which includes the release of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s son) as a signal that the crisis is being resolved. The 16 Americans are among 43 “civil society activists” being tried. Though the trial started Sunday, it was promptly adjourned for two months (until April 26). In the meantime, the American defendants have not been required to attend the trial and, more significantly, the three judges resigned from the case, citing “uneasiness.” The country’s top prosecutor is said to have lifted the travel ban at the recommendation of the case’s investigating magistrate.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

But I Thought CAIR Was Just a Civil Rights Group?

By Andrew C. McCarthy – March 13, 2012

Well, no, the Council for American-Islamic Relations is an Islamic supremacist group spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the mission of the Brotherhood is to implement sharia. Hence its motto for the last 90 years or so: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu Akbar!“

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

First the Ahmadi, Then Everybody Else

It isn’t al-Qaeda that’s slaughtering religious minorities in Muslim lands.

By Andrew C. McCarthy – February 18, 2012

Their crime? These Muslims have the temerity to suggest that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, an Indian who died in 1908, was the promised Mahdi — the redeemer of Islam — and not one of the false prophets about whom Mohammed had warned. They compound their offense with condemnations of violent jihad, maintaining that man’s inhumanity to man is ultimately conquered by love and kindness. So, of course, the Ahmadi Muslims have to die.

They are killed in Muslim Pakistan. They are killed in Muslim Bangladesh. They are killed in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Islamic country and, putatively, its most moderate. It was there, in a village in West Java last year, that hundreds of Muslims wielding machetes, sharpened sticks, and stones set upon on an Ahmadi home, brutally murdering three men and maiming several others. True to form, Islamic clerics raced to the fore to rationalize the savagery as being provoked by Ahmadi heresy. The ringleaders were sentenced to less than six months’ imprisonment, with the country’s minister of religious affairs callously explaining that religious freedom was certainly not freedom to “modify” Islamic beliefs — and equating Ahmadi preaching, which is banned, with flag-burning.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

Andre kilder: National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review OnlineNational Review Online, National Review Online, Family Security Matters, Family Security Matters,

Amerikanere, rapto og islam

De kæmper med sammme misforståede tolerancebegreb som europæerne. Rapto – nyt ord:

It’s Not You, Islam, It’s Us

February 27, 2012 – by Andrew Klavan

Whenever I find myself swelling with a pleasant sense of righteous indignation, I wonder what exactly I’m getting wrong.

Logo Pajamas Media Banner

Thus, for instance, when I hear that Afghans and other Muslims are rioting and murdering people — including American soldiers — because the American military burned some Korans at Bagram Airfield in Kabul, I try very hard not to harrumph and start spouting such banalities as: “Ungrateful savages and their benighted religion! Ought to be gunned down, the lot of them!” Sure, the Korans had already been defaced by detainees trying to send extremist messages. And yes, American officials from the president down to a guy cleaning latrines at FOB Kalagush have apologized profusely. But before we condemn the rioters, American flag burners and murderers out of hand, let’s be fair.

Mere HER hos PJ Media.

Importing Violence: Immigration, Crime, and Why We Need Assimilation

A Third World culture of misogyny comes to America.

by Rob Taylor – February 28, 2012

When he was arrested for burglary in early 2006, Kesler Dufrene, a Haitian native residing in Florida’s Manatee County, already had a long history of sometimes violent criminality. His first arrest was at age 14 when he assaulted a teacher, and he has built up a long rap sheet since then. Often described as a drifter, Dufrene was caught burglarizing a home in July of 2006. Already on probation for theft, a judge gave him five years and ordered him deported after serving his sentence.

He never was. Dufrene emerged from prison in 2010 during a moratorium on deportations to Haiti enacted by the Obama administration. Due to his history, he was being “supervised” by immigration authorities, but that supervision was lax to say the least. Weeks after his release Dufrene committed a vicious, seemingly random triple homicide. One of the victims was a 15-year-old girl.

Mere HER hos PJ Media.

Video: Tommy Robinson & Michael Coren – Robinson slået ned

Michael Coren with Tommy Robinson – Jan 2/2012

Michael Coren talks with Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League a few weeks after the latter was beaten up by islamofascist thugs in his hometown of Luton.

Video: David Menzies & Michael Coren om overfaldet på Irshad Manji

Først artikel:

Muslims Intimidate Their Way Across Europe

by Soeren Kern – December 12, 2011

A mob of some 20 Islamists stormed a debate in Amsterdam that was featuring two Muslim liberals, the Canadian writer and Muslim feminist Irshad Manji and the Dutch-Moroccan Green Left MP Tofik Dibi.

Muslim extremists belonging to the group Sharia4Belgium, which seeks to establish Islamic Sharia law across Europe, yelled “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is Greater”) and threatened to break Manji’s neck. Waving an Islamist jihadist flag, they then demanded that Manji and Dibi be executed for apostasy.

The December 8 debate on how liberal Muslims can prevent Islam from being hijacked by Muslim extremists was held at the De Baile venue in downtown Amsterdam, and was sponsored by the Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy. The event resumed after police arrested several of the Islamists.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York.

Menzies & Coren on islamic thuggery toward Irshad Manji

Der er lidt mere følgetekst under videoen:

A group of over 20 Muslims stormed a debate featuring Muslim writer Irshad Manji in Amsterdam last night, threatening to break Manji’s neck as they issued cries of “Allahu Akbar,” (“God is great”) according to witnesses and Manji’s own Twitter feed.

Though they reportedly claimed to be part of the group Sharia4Holland, witnesses stated that they spoke with a Flemish (Belgian) accent, and were likely members of Sharia4Belgium, one of a number of groups of Muslim extremists seeking to install sharia law in Europe. Irshad Manji is a practicing Muslim who promotes modernization and reform within the faith. She is the author of several books, including The Trouble With Islam Today.

The events took place only two days after Dutch-Moroccan Muslim youth threw stones at a Santa Claus in the Slotervaart section of Amsterdam. In recent years, the festivities surrounding the arrival of “Sint” to the Netherlands have been cancelled in several cities as a result of threats and violence perpetrated by radicalized Muslim youth in the Netherlands.

Opdatering 22. januar 2012  – disse videoer er optaget af hollandske tv-kanaler i dagene efter overfaldet:

“Afraid? Why?” Irshad to Dutch TV news channel AT5

Jihadis attack Irshad Manji in Amsterdam

Andre kilder:  Corens Comment, Irshad Manji, European Foundation for Democracy, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Eurasia Review, Deen Research Center, Forbes, Advocate,

Video: Robert Spencer & Michael Coren – The Arena

Herligt – Spencer er gæst hos Coren igen:

Michael Coren with Robert Spencer – Dec 8, 2011

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joins Michael Coren to discuss jackass English judge Robert Brown who gave a gang of muslim attackers a suspended sentence “after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk.”

Andre kilder: Jihad Watch,

Bruce Bawer med hård kritik af Norge

Bruce Bawer er fin her:

Oslo’s Epidemic of Rape

By Bruce Bawer – October 29 2011

Back in May it was reported that every rape assault in the city of Oslo in the last five years had been committed by a person with a “non-Western” background – a Norwegian euphemism for Muslim. Now it turns out that there have already been twice as many rape assaults in Oslo so far this year as there were in all of 2010. At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation “critical” and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures “with a reprehensible attitude toward women.”

Logo AINA Banner

The Conservative Party has proposed several measures to combat what is being described as a rape epidemic: more money for the police; more police in the streets and doing investigations; faster results from DNA tests; the introduction of volunteer auxiliary police. There is something to be said for these proposals. Policing in Norway is a scandal. This summer it was reported that police departments all over Norway were so short-handed that they were unequipped to deal with the armies of drunks staggering home from bars on weekends after closing time. It was also reported that only fourteen of 430 new graduates of Norway’s police academy had been offered jobs.

Mere HER hos AINA. FrontPageMagazine her.

Bawer refererer til en artikel, som af en eller anden grund ikke synes at være blevet blogget:

Oslo Car Fires Highlight Threat to Norway’s Future

By Bruce Bawer – July 15, 2011

A growing Muslim enclave outside of the city is a hotbed of crime and Sharia.

Taken together, two seemingly unrelated news stories from Norway paint a grim picture of that city’s future.

First, you need to know that Oslo is a sprawling, low-lying city, more of a small-scale Los Angeles than a small-scale New York.  Out on its eastern flank is a large valley called Groruddalen which, a few years ago, was a sleepy mishmash of industry and suburban apartment blocks.  It is now quickly becoming an urban center all its own.  It is said that if current trends continue, Groruddalen will, within a couple of decades, dwarf downtown Oslo itself as a population center.

One not-so-little detail: the reason for Groruddalen’s rapid growth is that it is a destination for new Muslim immigrants.  Groruddalen is, in short, a Muslim enclave in the making.

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media.

Opdatering 1. oktober 2011 – en boganmedelse:

Veracity, Mendacity – and Islam

by Bruce Bawer on Oct 31st, 2011

The recent arrival in my mail of a book entitled Islam: Critical Essays about a Political Religion has prompted a number of thoughts.  Edited by Sam and Wim van Rooy and published late last year, it is a massive compendium, just under 800 pages long.  It is in Dutch.  (The title is actually De Islam: Kritische Essays over een Politieke Religie.)  And it is richly comprehensive, with thirty-four essays on such subjects as the Islamization of Europe, Islam in India, the term “Islamophobia,” jihad in Africa, dhimmitude, apostasy, the myth of Andalusia, taqiyya, Islam and the West, sharia law, Islam’s “fellow travelers,” Jews under Islam, Christians under Islam, Islam and women, Islam and slavery, Islam and fascism, and Islam vs. democracy.

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

Andre kilder: Dagbladet,

Håbløse England

EU praktiserer hvidt slaveri. Indfødte europæere er bare skaffedyr for resten af verden. Det må være konklusionen. Englænderne har lige fået klar besked:

‘We’re throwing open the doors to benefit tourists’: EU plan to let migrants claim as soon as they enter UK is blasted

By Daniel Martin on 30th September 2011

The EU’s ruling that Britain should allow all European citizens to claim benefits ‘must be vigorously opposed’, according to a migration watchdog.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, has warned that the decision is ‘an open invitation to benefit tourism’.

Europe has given Britain two months to scrap its policies which prevent benefit tourists claiming billions of pounds in handouts.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. The Daily Express har en tilsvarende artikel om sagen her. Det hele er planlagt. Englænderne skal straffes på denne måde:

Migration boom DID drive down wages and living standards, admits Labour

  • Both Miliband and Cooper confess that Labour ‘got it wrong’
  • Former government also hushed up potentially damaging reports

By James Slack on 26th September 2011

Labour’s open-door immigration policy drove down wages and living standards in Britain, party leader Ed Miliband has admitted.

He conceded that the last government ‘got it wrong’ on border controls and said  that British workers had  been ‘undercut’.

The bombshell confession came amid revelations that, when in power, Labour suppressed a string of damaging reports about the impact of mass immigration on the UK.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Asylum seekers from Arab spring pour into Europe

27th September 2011

Refugees from war and revolution in the Arab world have begun to pour into Europe, according to research.

A count covering the first three months of this year – the months that saw the outbreak of the Arab Spring – showed that number of Tunisian asylum seekers rose more than 20-fold after their country became the first to be engulfed in the chain of uprisings.

The study covered the first three months of this year – the  period of the Arab Spring.

The influx raised fears that Britain faces a fresh asylum boom as tens of thousands of individuals and families try to flee other countries convulsed by violent upheavals.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Englændernes egne politikere udbytter også sine borgere:

Muslim Polygamists Exploiting British Welfare System

by Soeren Kern – September 29, 2011

Tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants in Britain are practicing bigamy or polygamy in order to collect bigger social welfare payments from the British state, according to experts interviewed in a British newspaper exposé on the subject.

The September 24 report shows that the phenomenon of bigamy and polygamy — which is permitted by Islamic Sharia law — is far more widespread in Britain than previously believed, even though it is a crime there, punishable by up to seven years in prison.

The rapid growth in multiple marriages is being fuelled by multicultural policies that grant special rights to Muslim immigrants who demand that Sharia law be reflected in British law and the social welfare benefits system.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York. Når man nu ingen racister har, må man jo opfinde dem selv:

Nurses ‘wore golliwog keyrings to mock black colleagues’, tribunal hears

Golliwog Keyrings

22nd September 2011

Two nurses used gollywog keyrings to mock black colleagues, a tribunal heard today.

The trinkets were bought as holiday souvenirs and Susan Horton clipped one to her uniform at St Mary’s Hospital in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Healthcare assistant Sandy Smith told the Nursing and Midwifery Council that Horton put the golly on her uniform ‘so it was always accessible.’

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Ligesom nøgleringe er hvidt papir nu racistisk, skriver The Telegraph:

Muslimske indvandrere har menneskerettigheder. Det har englænderne tilsyneladende ikke:

Terrorist we can’t kick out: Released after half his sentence but still ‘a risk to the public’… the suicide bomb fanatic who’s free to stay – thanks to his human rights

By Chris Greenwood on 25th September 2011

  • Eritrean-born Ali will not face deportation because judges rule he could face ‘inhumane treatment’
  • The Home Office is appealing the decision and pledges to try to have him removed from the UK

A fanatical terrorist has escaped being thrown out of the UK because it would breach his human rights.

Hate-filled Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali, graded the highest possible risk to the public, was released after serving just half of his nine-year sentence for helping the July 21 bombers.

He now mingles freely among the Londoners his co-plotters tried to kill six years ago.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Samme avis har endnu en artikel om terrorister, der ikke må udvises her.

Our language is being hijacked by the Left to muzzle rational debate

By Melanie Phillips on 25th September 2011

One of the most sinister aspects of political correctness is the way in which its edicts purport to be in the interests of minority groups.

This is despite the fact that, very often, they are not promulgated at the behest of minorities at all, but by members of the majority who want to destroy their own culture and who use minorities to camouflage their true intentions.

The latest manifestation stars once again that all-time world champion of political correctness, the BBC. Apparently, it has decided that the terms AD and BC (Anno Domini, or the Year of Our Lord, and Before Christ) must be replaced by the terms Common Era and Before Common Era.

Mere HER i Daily Mail. Englænderne trækkes naturligvis også med æresdrab:

Andre kilder: Politisk Ukorrekt, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Daily Express,

Muslimer og krævementalitet

Muslimer vil have halvmånen fjernet fra alle deres flag. Nå nej, det er ikke lige det ærinde, de er ude i:

Immigrants Want Cross Removed from Swiss Flag

by Soeren Kern – September 26, 2011

Flag SwitzerlandAn immigrant group based in Bern has called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.”

Ivica Petrusic, the vice president of Second@s Plus, a lobbying group that represents mostly Muslim second-generation foreigners in Switzerland (who colloquially are known as secondos) says the group will launch a nationwide campaign in October to ask Swiss citizens to consider adopting a flag that is less offensive to Muslim immigrants.

In a September 18 interview with the Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, Petrusic said the cross has a Christian background and while the Christian roots of Switzerland should be respected, “it is necessary to separate church and state” because “Switzerland today has a great religious and cultural diversity. One has to ask if the State wants to continue building up a symbol in which many people no longer believe.”

Mere HER hos Hudson New York.

Video: Den canadiske premierminister i modvind

Stephen Harper kom til at sige noget fornuftigt. Og det skal man aldrig gøre, når venstrefløjsere og visse indvandrere er i farvandet. Først Brian Lilley og Tarek Fatah – begge videoer er fra 7. september 2011:

Tarek Fatah: PM Harper is right about islamofascism

“The comments of Prime Minister Harper should be saluted. He’s the first Western leader who has come up with the clarity that has been missing in the last ten years.

Had Prime Minister Harper been the President of the United States we would have won the War on Terror by now. But instead we’ve got someone in the White House today who’s apologizing, and in fact giving the impression that it was the United States that attacked muslims, not vice versa.”
. . .
[in response to lawyer Paul Champ]
“These sharia Bolsheviks, these bleeding-heart white liberals are a dime a dozen in Canada, and what they do not understand is that as a muslim I am the first line of defence – the islamists will get me and slit my throat long before Mr. Champ ever comes into the picture. I would gladly exchange my position with his white privilege and then discuss this issue. Let him go to Pakistan.”

Og Charles Adler og Salim Mansur:

Adler & Mansur on islamofascist threats within Canada

“It is so refreshing now to have a Prime Minister . . . to speak and say things and say things as it is.”

Andre kilder: Wikipedia,

Audio: En blogger Interviewer Robert Spencer

Fra bloggen, Don’t Let It Go den 30. august 2011 – intervieweren hedder apeikoff. Man hører også spørgsmål fra deltagere i en studiekreds, der læser koranen. Enkelte spørgsmål stammer fra bloggens læsere:

Radio AnimatedInterview with Robert Spencer

Mr. Spencer answers a range of questions in the interview, from general observations about the poetic nature of the Koran, to discussion and interpretation of specific passages of it–including those that call for the use of violence against non-Muslims and require women to produce four witnesses in order to prove that they were raped.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varighed 1 time.

David Cameron er et blålys

Her handler det om England og engelsk politik:

Cameron Can Come Out Fighting – Or Chuck It In

Iain Martin – September 2011

David CameronDavid Cameron’s party doesn’t really love its leader. Talk to a cross-section of his MPs and it is clear that many respect him — admiring his considerable self-confidence, his to-the-manor-born command of the House of Commons and composure in the aftermath of crisis such as this summer’s rioting. But for a lot of Tories in parliament and out in the country it appears to go no further than that.

“I feel almost schizophrenic when I see him perform in the House,” says a veteran Tory MP. “In one sense it is captivating. He has a very stylish delivery and sounds as though he means it all, the conservative stuff I mean. And then the other part of me thinks no, it’s just hot air and in the end he’ll never do what needs doing.”

Mere HER i Standpoint Magazine. Og en artikel, der roser Theodore Dalrymple:

Underrated: Theodore Dalrymple

Jonathan Foreman  – September 2011

Regular readers of Theodore Dalrymple will not have been surprised by the looting that spread through London and then to other English cities in early August. Indeed, one of the fascinating and appalling aspects of these disturbances, beyond the gleeful contempt for the law shown by the looters, and the complacency of the police who allowed them to rampage, were the familiar explanations offered by the offenders for their behaviour.

In interviews with reporters they sounded exactly like the amoral underclass interlocutors who have peopled Dalrymple’s writing for two decades. In the aftermath, the media was full of anguished discussion about what had brought Britain to this grim pass. Many of the talking-heads seemed shocked to discover that thousands of young people neither respect nor fear the authorities. It baffled them that, despite the material wealth of our society, a disturbing portion of “our” youth are vicious, selfish, greedy and callous to a degree that would shock the genuinely deprived inhabitants of South Asian slums or Mexican barrios.

Mere HER i Standpoint Magazine. Og om de nylige plyndringer i England – artiklen munder ud i en fin kritik af multikultur:

How Liberals And Looters Trashed My Town

Peter Whittle – September 2011

In October 1974, McDonald’s opened its first UK branch in Woolwich, south-east London, on the main street, Powis Street, and my sister and I went along. It was quite an event. As local teenagers with recourse only to the Wimpy Bar when we wanted to impress new girl and boyfriends, we were excited by the appearance among us of this thing from another planet — all yellow and red plastic, shiny surfaces, individually-wrapped parcels of food. There was a pretty big crowd of all ages gathered that day, dodging traffic which, before pedestrianisation, still hogged the road, but which also made it feel alive. The strongest memory I have is of our confusion as to how we were meant to eat this stuff; there was no sign of any knives or forks. We looked around anxiously. “Perhaps,” said my sister inncocently, holding up a long, weedy plastic spoon, “we’re meant to use this?”

Mere HER i Standpoint Magazine.

Andre kilder: Wikipedia, Pajamas Media,

Video: Wafa Sultan & Helen Glover

Wafa Sultan & Helen Glover – December 3, 2009

“The problem with people in the West is they do not want to understand Islam”, Wafa Sultan says. “Islam by itself is radical”. From December 3, 2009 on The Helen Glover Show.

David Cameron går til angreb på Europarådet

“The truth is, the interpretation of human rights legislation has exerted a chilling effect on public-sector organisations, leading them to act in ways that fly in the face of common sense, offend our sense of right and wrong, and undermine responsibility”

David Cameron

Man tør næsten ikke tro det. Europarådet svækkes? Venstrefløjens store højborg. Griber Cameron virkelig ind eller er det bare snak? Og kommer nationernes ret til at begrænse indvandring og udvise kriminelle med? Går England enegang eller kan vi andre også se frem til forbedringer? Holland og Tyskland støtter:

Cameron’s war on feckless families: PM attacks the human rights laws and backs national serviceDavid Cameron declares ‘all-out war’ on gangs behind looting sprees

  • Announces plans to rewrite European human rights rules
  • Re-launches plan for ‘national citizen service’ for 30,000 16-year-olds
  • Critics ask where the money will come from

By Tim Shipman and Kirsty Walker on 16th August 2011

David Cameron announced a crackdown on 120,000 feckless families yesterday in a campaign to combat the ‘moral collapse’ which led to the riots.

Logo Daily Mail Online

Declaring ‘all-out war’ on gangs, the Prime Minister vowed to ‘turn around’ the most troubled families in the land and said he wants to see every 16-year-old complete a civilian version of national service.

He also denounced the ‘chilling effect’ of human rights legislation on behaviour and vowed to rewrite the rules when Britain takes over the chairmanship of the European Council in November.

Artiklen omtaler både National Service og National Citizen Service. Altså både værnepligt og en art samfundstjeneste. Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

 England har flere problemer i sigte:

UK population grows at twice EU average: Migrant baby boom fuels 400,000 rise in one year

  • Britain set for Europe’s highest population in 40 years
  • Population growth accounts for 30% of European total
  • Rate of growth is DOUBLE European average

By Steve Doughty on 17th August 2011

Britain’s population is growing at more than twice the European average.

The number living in the UK soared by 400,000 last year – almost a third of the increase across all 27 EU countries.

The rise is underpinned by high levels of migration and a baby boom itself brought about mainly by immigrants.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Eight out of ten Somalis were found to live in homes provided by the taxpayer

Andre  kilder: The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail,

The Instincts of Joe Public

Who is to blame for fractured Britain?

As David Cameron admits that Britain is disjointed by mass immigration, Ruth Dudley Edwards examines the consequences of our lax policies.

By Ruth Dudley Edwards – 14 Apr 2011

Logo The Telegraph

I lived for 30 years in South Ealing in West London, which originally was a model little London village. The Poles who arrived after the war were thoroughly integrated, the Hindu shopkeepers got on with everyone, including the local Muslim residents, and although there were new immigrants from perhaps 20 countries, the pace of change was slow and unthreatening. We knew that nearby Southall had long since become an ethnic ghetto, but we were sure this would not happen to us. There were, perhaps, more Indian restaurants in South Ealing than anyone could possibly require, but the only local grumbles I can recall were about some Somali refugees who had trashed their council house.

We all ticked along in our own way. I liked living in South Ealing. But things changed. What ruined our community and the personality of our neighbourhood were the young Eastern Europeans who poured in from 2004 onwards. I am not criticising the character of these young migrants. They were generally hardworking, eager and ambitious. But they arrived all at once in large numbers and, most significantly, had zero interest in integrating. They lived and socialised exclusively together, watched Polish television channels via their satellite dishes, chatted to family back home for free on Skype, set up Polish shops to sell Polish food, newspapers and books, and they learnt only as much English as they had to. Seeing shop after little shop put up the words Polski sklep marked the end of the village I knew.

Mere HER i The Telegraph.

Andre kilder: Ruth Dudley Edwards,


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