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Video: Andrew C. McCarthy med flere

Den første video er den mest interessante fra konferencen 28. februar 2012. Forelæsningen næstnederst er er også meget seværdig:

Mightier Pen 2012: The Growing Censorship of Free Speech

The Center for Security Policy presented its 2012 National Security & New Media Conference and Mightier Pen Award in New York City. The theme of the conference was “Under the Gun: Reporting News in a Dangerous World,” and featured participants of this panel were: Sam Nunberg (Middle East Forum-The Legal Project), Brooke Goldstein (The Lawfare Project, author of “Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech”) and Andrew McCarthy (National Review). Moderated by the Center for Security Policy’s Fred Grandy.

Den næste handler om undertrykkelse af ytringsfrihed i Venezuela, Kina, Rusland og andre steder:

Escalating State Violence Against Political and Religious Expression

The Center for Security Policy presented its 2012 National Security & New Media Conference and Mightier Pen Award in New York City. The theme of the conference was “Under the GunL Reporting News in a Dangerous World,” and the featured participants in this panel were Claudia Rossett (Foundation of Defense of Democracies Investigative Reporting Project), and Vilma Petrash (News Producer AmericaTeVe – WJAN – Channel 41, host of “Temas de Mujer” in Venezuela). The panel was moderated by Frank Gaffney.

Og et lille ekstranummer:

Andy McCarthy: Saluting Ray Kelly & the NYPD’s Defense of New York

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joins the Center for Security Policy in saluting NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at the 2012 Mightier Pen Award in New York City. Commissioner Kelly has kept New York City safe from jihadist terror attacks for decades, beginning with his investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (the perpetrators of which McCarthy later prosecuted).

Og en flot forelæsning:

“The Global Threat of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Andrew C. McCarthy October 7, 2011 “The Global Threat of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Fra The American Family Association den 7. marts 2012 – vært Crane Durham:

Andrew C. McCarthy on the True Helpfulness of Obamas Apology

Og artikler:

It’s a Pity Somebody Has to Win

We have no national interest in overthrowing Assad.

By Andrew C. McCarthy – March 3, 2012

Asked about the Iran-Iraq war that stretched for eight ghastly years after breaking out in 1980, Henry Kissinger is said to have quipped, “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.”

The pity is that we have lost that exquisite wisdom  concerning our national interest, despite a two-decade road to hell paved by good intentions — at least compassionate intentions — from Kosovo to Kandahar. If that isn’t clear enough from the latest killings of American soldiers stuck like sitting ducks between the Afghan Taliban and other Afghan Islamists, all doubt is removed by Elliott Abrams, the longtime Republican foreign-policy solon who served as a top National Security Council official during the heady days of the Bush “Freedom Agenda.” “Can there be a group anywhere in the world today more disappointed in United States foreign policy than those fighting the Syrian regime?” Abrams, a distinguished public servant whom I admire, asked this week in a post on the Corner.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

Let Syria Be

We should stop enmeshing ourselves ever deeper in the Muslim morass.

By Andrew C. McCarthy – March 10, 2012

‘We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others.”

That’s the concluding rally cry of the U.S. Department of Defense’s newly issued guidance on the “Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials — Service Members/Civilian Training.” Here’s how it works: Mainstream Muslims throughout the Middle East believe, based on the Koran and other “Islamic Religious Materials,” that if an infidel force invades a Muslim territory, its members must be killed until the force has been driven out. They further believe that if non-Muslims commit some act — even an inadvertent one — that Muslims perceive as insulting to Islam, a campaign of murder and mayhem is justified.

Our response? We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

Egypt Releases Seven Americans . . . but Is There a Catch?

By Andrew C. McCarthy – February 29, 2012

The AP reports that Egypt’s transitional military government has lifted a travel ban against seven of the 16 Americans currently being tried for their work with organizations that allegedly took illegal foreign contributions — work that incited protests against the military rulers, the government alleges. The report takes this development (which includes the release of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s son) as a signal that the crisis is being resolved. The 16 Americans are among 43 “civil society activists” being tried. Though the trial started Sunday, it was promptly adjourned for two months (until April 26). In the meantime, the American defendants have not been required to attend the trial and, more significantly, the three judges resigned from the case, citing “uneasiness.” The country’s top prosecutor is said to have lifted the travel ban at the recommendation of the case’s investigating magistrate.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

But I Thought CAIR Was Just a Civil Rights Group?

By Andrew C. McCarthy – March 13, 2012

Well, no, the Council for American-Islamic Relations is an Islamic supremacist group spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the mission of the Brotherhood is to implement sharia. Hence its motto for the last 90 years or so: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu Akbar!“

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

First the Ahmadi, Then Everybody Else

It isn’t al-Qaeda that’s slaughtering religious minorities in Muslim lands.

By Andrew C. McCarthy – February 18, 2012

Their crime? These Muslims have the temerity to suggest that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, an Indian who died in 1908, was the promised Mahdi — the redeemer of Islam — and not one of the false prophets about whom Mohammed had warned. They compound their offense with condemnations of violent jihad, maintaining that man’s inhumanity to man is ultimately conquered by love and kindness. So, of course, the Ahmadi Muslims have to die.

They are killed in Muslim Pakistan. They are killed in Muslim Bangladesh. They are killed in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Islamic country and, putatively, its most moderate. It was there, in a village in West Java last year, that hundreds of Muslims wielding machetes, sharpened sticks, and stones set upon on an Ahmadi home, brutally murdering three men and maiming several others. True to form, Islamic clerics raced to the fore to rationalize the savagery as being provoked by Ahmadi heresy. The ringleaders were sentenced to less than six months’ imprisonment, with the country’s minister of religious affairs callously explaining that religious freedom was certainly not freedom to “modify” Islamic beliefs — and equating Ahmadi preaching, which is banned, with flag-burning.

Mere HER hos National Review Online.

Andre kilder: National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review OnlineNational Review Online, National Review Online, Family Security Matters, Family Security Matters,

Endnu en artikel af Nigel Farage – om den fordømte kat

The Daily Mail har fulgt katte-historien tæt og der kan man evt. læse mere:

Og Farages artikel:

Exclusive: Nigel Farage on Rights and Cats

By Nigel Farage MEP – October 12, 2011

UKIP LogoUkip leader on THAT speech and what the cat tale was really about

If Theresa May was hoping that her speech to the Tory faithful in Manchester last week would simply soothe the grassroots’ nerves and lull them into thinking the government were the party of common sense, I suspect she may be disappointed. For rather than cheer the masses into mindless positive campaigning, she opened up a can of worms.

Politics and politicians appear to have a penchant for cats, but May’s speech highlighted the lack of real depth in the Conservative Party’s policy on the Human Rights Act when it was revealed that her example was taken from speech I gave in Eastleigh over the summer and reproduced here on this website.

Mere HER hos Eastleigh News.

Nonie Darwish om muslimsk vold i USA

Egentlig en vigtig artikel:

Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America

by Nonie Darwish on Sep 27th, 2011

Logo FrontPageMagazine

About a year ago, I posted an Arabic language poem titled “Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust” on my website, The poem expressed its Arab author’s love for the Jewish people and his mourning over what happened to them in the Holocaust. The brave poet, Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, is an immigrant to the US from Iraq, who now lives in Missouri. Such poems did not sit well with the Muslim community, which caused Mr. Alsaegh to be alienated from it. He received threats because of his support for the Jewish people, was called an infidel and a traitor to Islam, but he continued with his writing of poems and did not take the threats too seriously.

Mr. Alsaegh, as well as Muslim critics and former Muslims who are accused of apostasy, are living under threats, but, lo and behold, if we dare to speak about our fears, we are immediately silenced and accused of being Islamophobes. The mainstream media insist that there is no need to fear Sharia or its enforcers in America and that we are exaggerating our plight from Islam. We are told that what happens in the Arab streets can never happen in the streets of America.

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine. Kan også læses her hos AINA.

Opdatering 6. oktober 2011 – mere om samme sag:

Star of David Carved on Infidel’s Back in St. Louis

Media mum about savage Muslim hate crime in the U.S.A.

October 6, 2011 – by Jamie Glazov

A certain Arab author by the name of Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, an immigrant to the U.S. from Iraq, was attacked on August 14, 2011, by Muslims in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. They stabbed him and carved a Star of David onto the flesh of his back. His crime? He published an Arabic language poem titled “Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust” on the website The poem expressed his love for the Jewish people and his sorrow over their fate in the Holocaust. The Muslim community in which he lived was outraged by this thought crime. He was called an infidel and received many threats for articulating his taboo feelings for the Jewish people. Alienated from the Muslim community, he continued to write his poetry, which contained the same themes which so upset his fellow Muslims.

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media.

Om tvangsægteskaber

Importeret umenneskelighed:

Marry – or Else

Sep 18, 2011 – Michelle Goldberg

Logo The Daily BeastForced weddings and ‘honor’ killings aren’t just a developing-world issue. New research shows how it happens in England and the United States.

When Jasvinder Sanghera turned 14, she knew her time had come. As the sixth of seven daughters in a conservative Sikh family, growing up in the English industrial city of Derby, Sanghera had watched her parents pull her older sisters out of school, one by one, and send them to India to marry complete strangers—often men who abused them. The British educational system never questioned the girls’ long absences and ultimate disappearances. Then, one day, when Sanghera came home from school, her mother presented her with a photograph of a man. Sanghera was told that she’d been promised to him when she was just 8 years old. “I was the one who said, ‘No, I want to finish school, Mum. I just want to get an education,’” Sanghera said recently.

Mere HER i The Daily Beast.

Tyskland er mere islamiseret end frygtet

Islamic Sharia Law Proliferates in Germany

by Soeren Kern  – September 8, 2011

The spread of Islamic Sharia law in Germany is far more advanced than previously thought, and German authorities are “powerless” to do anything about it, according to a new book about the Muslim shadow justice system in Germany.

Logo Hudson New York

The 236-page book titled “Judges Without Law: Islamic Parallel Justice Endangers Our Constitutional State ,” which was authored by Joachim Wagner, a German legal expert and former investigative journalist for ARD German public television, says Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in all of Germany’s big cities.

This “parallel justice system” is undermining the rule of law in Germany, Wagner says, because Muslim arbiters-cum-imams are settling criminal cases out of court without the involvement of German prosecutors or lawyers before law enforcement can bring the cases to a German court.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York. 

Author sees domestic Islamic threat to German justice system

August 31, 2011 – Hardy Graupner

In many German cities, Muslim arbiters, or “peace judges,” are settling criminal cases before law enforcement can bring the cases to court. That is undermining Germany’s rule of law, according to a new book.

German law expert and former public TV investigative journalist Joachim Wagner presented a new book on Monday in which he speaks of a parallel justice system among the Muslim minority that undermines the rule of law in Germany.

The 236-page book, titled “Judges Without Law: Islamic Parallel Justice Endangers Our Rule of Law,” looks into the problems the German judiciary faces when investigating crimes committed within Muslim communities or clans in Germany.

Mere HER i Deutche Welle.

Andre kilder: Hudson New York,

Video: Noor Al-Maleki – æresdrab?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali anbefaler dette program fra Fox News på sin Facebookside, men medvirker ikke selv. Derimod ser man Zuhdi Jasser og Mark Steyn flere gange. Studieværten hedder Bill Hemmer – fra 14. august 2011:

Fox News Reporting: A Question of Honor

Note: Der er åbenbart flere stavemåder – Noor Al-Maleki, Noor Almaleki.

USA: Narkobander af kristne irakere

Iraqi Drug Gang Smashed by Cops in California

By Jim Kouri, on August 21st, 2011

The Intellectual Conservative Logo

Many of the suspects fled their homeland after being threatened by al-Qaeda and other extremists, and some are suspected of being affiliated with the Chaldean Organized Crime Syndicate, an Iraqi gang based in Detroit, home to the nation’s largest Chaldean community. During the last 20 years, Mexican immigrant smugglers helped many of the Chaldeans reach the United States.

Federal authorities are warning several state and local police departments about the increased drug trafficking activity of Iraqi nationals now living in the United States.

Mere i The Intellectual Conservative HER. Family Security Matters her. The Examiner her.

Opdatering – flere narko-kriminelle i USA:

La Raza Unida Leader Sentenced to Life in Prison for Racketeering

Jim Kouri – August 23, 2011

“We are not immigrants that came from another country to another country. We are migrants, free to travel the length and breadth of the Americas because we belong here. We are millions. We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.”

 – Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder and spokesman

La Raza Unida (The United Race) leader Johnny Joe Guerra faces spending the rest of his life in federal prison for drug trafficking while two other members of the La Raza Unida gang will be serving lengthy prison terms for committing violent crimes in aid of Racketeering (VICAR), according to law enforcement officials.

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters. Kan også læses her hos RenewAmerica.

Andre kilder: Wikipedia,

Video: CBN News i Norge

Mange kendte ansigter fra Norge her – flot  indslag:

Culture in Crisis: Norway Tackles Muslim Immigration

OSLO, Norway — It’s been almost a month since innocent Norwegians were killed by a lunatic obsessed with the threat of Islam.

But the terrible tragedy has not stopped civil debate in Norway over the impact of Muslim immigration.

Several weeks before the massacre in Norway, CBN News travelled to Oslo to investigate reports that that nation’s experiment with Muslim immigration and multiculturalism had gone terribly wrong, that Muslim radicalism was growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims.

CBN News har en længere artikel, som man kan læse her:

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Video: Robert R. Reilly i timevis

Fra Virginia i USA, St. Ambrose Catholic Church 5. og 12. juni 2011, hvor man havde inviteret Robert R. Reilly til at holde foredrag 2 søndage i træk:

The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Caused the Modern Islamist Crisis

People are shocked and frightened by the behavior coming out of the Islamic world—not only because it is violent, but also because it is seemingly inexplicable. While there are many answers to the question of “what went wrong” in the Muslim world, no one has decisively answered why it went wrong. Until now. Foreign policy expert Robert R. Reilly uncovers the root of our contemporary crisis: a pivotal struggle waged within the Muslim world nearly a millennium ago. In a heated battle over the role of reason, the side of irrationality won. The deformed theology that resulted, Reilly reveals, produced the spiritual pathology of Islamism, and a deeply dysfunctional culture (ISI Books).

Robert R. Reilly is a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council and has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, and National Review, among many other publications. A former director of the Voice of America, he has taught at the National Defense University and served in the White House and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Mr. Reilly is a member of the board of the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Kan også høres som audio her hos Institute of Catholic Culture:

De to foredrag fortsætter her på Veritas Universalis ► ► ► HER

Video: I.Q. al Rassooli

I.Q. Al Rassooli SmallI.Q. al Rassooli er forfatter, frafalden muslim og islamkritiker. Rassooli, der stammer fra Irak, har en YouTube-kanal under navnet, AhmadsQuran5.

Her bliver der uploadet små lektioner i korankritik og de er særdeles gode at få forstand af. Man burde høre en hver dag.

Her er en af videoerne – vi andre er de rene halalhippier ved siden af Rassooli. Statsadvokaten ville få et slagtilfælde, hvis Lars Hedegaard kunne føre beviser af denne type:

Muhammad’s Rape of Safiyyah

By what Contorted Logic or Morality can anyone suggest that Muhammad Married Safiyyah?

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Kursskifte i Holland

Det er nyttesløst. Holland vil fremover forsøge sig med en integrationspolitik, der allerede er slået fejl i utallige andre vestlige lande. Det er med multikultur som med integration: det kan kun lade sig gøre, så længe islam ikke er en del af ligningen:

The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism

by Soeren Kern – June 23, 2011

Logo Hudson New York

The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.

A new integration bill (covering letter and 15-page action plan), which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads: “The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.”

The letter continues: “A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens. It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands. The integration will not be tailored to different groups.”

Mere HER hos Hudson New York.

Video: Hege Storhaug & Bruce Bawer

Optaget i Ottawa den 8. juni 2011. Fred Litwin introducerer Bruce Bawer og Bruce Bawer introducerer Hege Storhaug.

Der skulle efter sigende dukke mere materiale op fra arrangementet, men det tager altid syv lange og syv brede med de folk, der står bag disse canadiske foredrag:

Ligeledes fra det nylige Canada-besøg:

Interview Hege Storhaug June 7 2011

Hege Storhaug from Human Rights Service on consequences of Islamic immigration to Scandinavia and especially Norway.

Andre kilder: Vlad Tepes, Snaphanen,

Europas islamiske problem

Europe Has Immigration Problems on Steroids

Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman – May 21, 2011

Logo Family Security MattersFor all the problems we think we have with immigration, Europe’s problems far exceed ours.  The U.S. has always had a history of panic about new and alien groups pouring into our country (Irish, Italians, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and now Hispanics).  But all of these groups came here to become American; they integrated and contributed. By and large, the same is true of Muslim immigrants to the U.S. today-particularly Iranians and Afghans. In Europe, however, many in the flood of Muslim immigrants are not integrating well-partly out of today’s spate of Islamism but partly because ordinary Europeans find these immigrants adhere to an alien culture.

Europeans, after the horrors and genocides of World War II, made a commitment to open their doors to needy immigrants. England is awash with Pakistanis; France with North Africans; Germany with Turks from religious villages; and the Scandinavian countries have been the most generous of all, taking in Somalis, Iraqis, Moroccans, and others. All are creating trouble on two fronts:  social integration and horrific welfare costs.  The educated elites, who run Europe, have ideological notions that do not jibe with the realities faced by ordinary working Europeans who have not found these immigrants a benefit to their lives.

Mere HER i Family Security Matters.

Sappho om barnebrude, Wilders og islamister

Hege Storhaug er bekymret over børnebrude, vold og overgreb i Norge. De skal da bare have nogle flere racismedomme, – det er vejen frem. I Danmark har vi allerede afskaffet visse former for kriminalitet som for eksempel incest i muslimske familier.

Der findes simpelthen ikke muslimske fædre/onkler, der voldtager/dræber deres døtre/niecer her i landet. Det har vi nu domstolens ord for, ja vi har så.

Ingen vil nogensinde kunne påstå andet uden at blive dømt for sin ugerning. Sandhed har nemlig ikke noget med sagen at gøre – hvilket her selvfølgelig er en bemærkning, der er generelt ment og som ikke har relation til den ikke eksisterende ikke-kriminalitet i bemeldte religiøse gruppe. Klart, ikke?

Logo Sappho AntiqueBørnebrude, vold og overgreb – hvad gør vi?

9. February 2011 – Hege Storhaug

Hverken Norge, Danmark eller andre lande i Europa har handlingsplaner, der kan redde de mindreårige piger, der bliver bortgiftet af deres familier. Hege Storhaug foreslår at  der skrides til handling nu.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Geert Wilders for retten med nye dommere

10. February 2011 – Sapphos redaktion

Efter et skandaløst retsforløb, hvor dommerne endte med at blive afsat på grund af partiskhed, står Geert Wilders nu for retten igen. Første møde i den nye retssag fandt sted den 7. februar. Sagen kan komme til at vare året ud.

Mere HER i Sappho. Der er forskel på demokrati og anarki. Demokrati er, når flertallet bestemmer:

På hver vores planet

7. February 2011 – Cherif El-Ayouty

Islamisternes univers er ikke vores. Derfor må vi lægge vores strategi om, skriver Cherif  El-Ayouty.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Andre kilder: DR,

Masser af kriminelle muslimer

Hvem har dog lukket alle dem ind i Europa?

Muslim Christmas in Europe

“Another Offense Is ‘Claiming God Has a Son.'”

by Soeren Kern – January 6, 2011      

Logo Hudson New York

Europe’s Christmas and New Year holidays this year were overshadowed by widespread Islam-related controversies in nearly every European country — conflicts that reflected the growing influence of Islam thanks to mass immigration from Muslim countries, and an ominous sign of things to come, considering that Europe’s Muslim population is expected to double by the end of the decade that began this week.

Some of the most heated multicultural dust-ups during the December 2010 holidays took place in Britain, where a Muslim group launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil. Organizers posted across Britain thousands of placards claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia. They said they hoped that the campaign would help to “destroy Christmas” in Britain, and instead lead to Britons converting to Islam.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York.

Islam skal ud af Vesten

Der er dukket en ny Fjordman-artikel op:

Fjordman: Why Islam Must Be Expelled From The West

Fjordman – 19 December 2010

On the 11th of December 2010, the first-ever suicide bombing in Scandinavia occurred when Taimour Abdulwahab, an Iraqi-born Muslim and Swedish citizen with a wife and children in Luton, Britain, was carrying explosives and mistakenly set off an explosion near a busy Christmas shopping street in Stockholm just before he could murder dozens of people.

Logo Fjordman

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who is a passionate promoter of having Turkey as a full member of the European Union and Islam as an established part of European culture, stated that “We were extremely lucky… I mean minutes and just a couple of hundred metres from where it would have been very catastrophic.” Sweden’s intelligence agency and a news agency received an email with audio files in which a man called on “all hidden mujahedeen [Islamic holy warriors] in Europe, and especially in Sweden, it is now the time to fight back.” He criticized Sweden for its military presence in Afghanistan and its acceptance of the artist Lars Vilks, who had made some cartoons mocking Muhammad. The message warned that “now your children, daughters and sisters die like our brothers’ and sisters’ children die.”

We’ve been told for years that suicide bombers who blow themselves up in civilian areas in Israel are “freedom fighters struggling against Israeli occupation.” Does that mean that this Muslim blew himself up to protest against the Swedish occupation of Stockholm?

Mere HER hos Right Side News. Kan også læses her hos Free Republic. De samlede Fjordman Files kan ses her hos Klein Verzet.

Tip: Tak og godt nytår til Decca!

Audio: Året der gik i USA, England og Danmark

USA overlader vi til Mark Steyn, som har sine kommentarer på audio. Man kan følge med i en komplet udskrift her:

Audio IconYear In Review With Mark Steyn

The Hugh Hewitt Show – Dec 29, 2010

The Columnist To the World tries to cover 16 big stories of 2010 in just under ten minutes.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player.

Opdatering – nogen har været så venlig at youtube Steyn:

Englændernes oplevelse af året der gik, kommer fra Hudson New York:

UK Rundown 2010: Shaken but not Stirred

By A. Millar – December 27, 2010

Logo Hudson New York IconWith an election having taken place in May, 2010 should have been the year in which politics took center stage. Instead, the pressing issues of the day were largely ignored during the campaign period, as they have been for the last decade. Partly as a consequence, 2010 turned into the year in which politics spilled over into the streets.

Logo Hudson New York IconWelfare cuts were, perhaps inevitably, an issue that the parties somewhat tackled. Still, students – the base of Britain’s third party, the Liberal Democrats – expressed their outrage at the university-fees hike proposed by the coalition government (of which the Lib Dems are the junior partner). The students were also whipped up into rioting throughout November and December by various socialist organizations – a situation that appears to have remained off the radars of both the authorities and the media.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York.

Danskernes 2010 har Jyllands-Postens Troels Heeger og Søren Villemoes skrevet om:

Terrorkavalkade 2010

31. december 2010

Logo Jyllands-Posten JP Icon2010 blev terrorens år. Det startede med det modbydelige økseoverfald på Kurt Westergaard d. 1. januar og sluttede med et større terrorangreb mod Jyllands-Posten, der ser ud til at være afværget i sidste sekund af PET og svenske SÄPO i samarbejde. Der skal herfra bloggen lyde en uforbeholden tak til de mange anonyme tjenestemænd, der tilsyneladende endnu engang har gjort et fremragende stykke arbejde. Men det kan ikke ændre på den ubehagelige kendsgerning, at 2010 slog alle rekorder i antallet af afværgede og mislykkede terrorforsøg, samt religiøst/politisk motiverede trusler og overfald her i Skandinavien.

Mere HER i Jyllands-Posten.

Ingen jul i Bagdad

Manufactured Exodus

By John Hayward – December 20, 2010

Logo Human Events

Did you know Iraq has a sizable Christian population?  Well, not for much longer.  There were over a million of them before the fall of Saddam Hussein, with some estimates ranging as high as 1.4 million.  Now, according to a State Department report quoted by the Associated Press, only four to six hundred thousand remain… and their final exodus is well under way.

On October 31st, an affiliate of al-Qaeda stormed the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad, using guns, bombs and grenades to kill 52 civilians and police, while wounding 67 more.  One of the priests, Father Wassim Sabih, was gunned down as he clutched a crucifix and begged his killers to spare his congregation.

Mere HER i Human Events. Der referes til en artikel som er denne:

No Christmas in Baghdad

December 13, 2010 – By Nina Shea 

As the last of Baghdad and Mosul’s Christian population packs up their cars and flee for their lives — a five-year-long trend, as NRO has noted — the New York Times today has finally taken note. As the piece reports, the Sunni terrorists who claimed responsibility for the horrific bombing of a Baghdad Syriac Catholic church packed with Sunday worshippers earlier this year are vowing to kill Christians “wherever they can reach them.” Moreover, the Shiite government of Iraq is doing next to nothing to protect or support the militia-less Christians

Mere HER i National Review Online.

Douglas Murray om selvmordsbomberen i Sverige

Terror: The U.K.’s New Christmas Export

Sweden may change after its first suicide bombing. More urgently, things need to change in Britain

By Douglas Murray – December 15, 2010

The Wall Street JournalIt’s that time of the year again. And alongside the familiar traditions of carols, tinsel and unwanted gifts, comes a new tradition: Somewhere in the world a Muslim radicalized in Britain will try to blow up innocent men, women and children in a suicide mission.

That appears to have been the case of Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly. Authorities believe the Iraqi-born Swede gained his extremist views while at university in Luton, England, before he headed to Stockholm and allegedly detonated the bombs that killed himself and injured two Christmas shoppers last Saturday. Sound familiar?

Mere HER i Wall Street Journal. OBS: Man kan som regel få adgang til hele artiklen via Google News – klik her.

Mere om selvmordet i Stockholm

Sappho om beskyttelse af Danmark og om terror i Stockholm:

Beskyt vores samfund effektivt

13. December 2010 – Cherif El-Ayouty

Logo SapphoDe uintegrerbare indvandrere har boret sig dybt ind i vores samfund med et stadigt stigende antal krav om særbehandling og fritagelse for kritik, skriver Cherif El-Ayouty, der selv er indvandrer og muslim. Han efterlyser en bedre beskyttelse af vores samfund.

Mere HER. Og satire om selvmordet Stockholm:

Hån, Spot & Latterliggørelse: Muslims misforståelser

13. December 2010 – Pertinax

Læs Pertinax´ kommentar til reaktionerne på lørdagens terrorangreb i Stockholm

Mere HER.


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Fundet på Snaphanen:

Arkiv – dato

februar 2016
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Arkiv – måned

Uriasposten om Danmarks Radio:

Et klart mønster tegner sig. Konservative medier får etiketten ‘højreorienteret’, hvorimod venstreorienterede får ‘uafhængig’, ‘velanset’ eller ‘troværdig’.

7. oktober 2007

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