Video: Alan Dershowitz om Zimmerman-sagen

Anklageren er kriminel, siger Dershowitz om den bizarre sag. Fra Business Insider:

  • The prosecutor should have mentioned the photos of Zimmerman’s bleeding head, which suggest he was involved in a major physical struggle.
  • If the prosecutor knew about these photos when she filed the affidavit, she has committed perjury.
  • “There’s nothing in the affidavit that suggests this was second-degree murder.”
  • By over-charging Zimmerman (with second-degree murder), the prosecutor has sown the seeds for race riots: When Zimmerman is acquitted, there will be mass outrage.
  • If the prosecutor hasn’t already hired a lawyer to defend herself, he says, she should

Samme kilde har endnu en fin artikel:

Fra FOX News Apr 25, 2012 – Megyn Kelly interviewer:

Dershowitz Blasts Zimmerman Prosecutor 120425

Alan Dershowitz isn’t exactly a conservative republican and he tears into the prosecutor saying she ought to be hiring her own lawyer.

Fra 24. april 2012:

Glenn Beck Speaks With Alan Dershowitz

Second Firing in False Zimmerman 911 Edit

by John Sexton – April 26, 2012

There has been a second firing at NBC over the misleading edit of George Zimmerman’s 911 call. A report published yesterday afternoon by the Miami Herald identifies reporter/producer Jeff Burnside as the individual responsible for the edits which appeared in an NBC6 news story on March 19th and again on March 20th.

Burnside’s social media accounts show he was heavily involved in the Trayvon Martin story beginning on March 19th. The next day he interviewed one of Zimmerman’s neighbors at the scene of the shooting. The story he wrote to accompany the interview (since corrected) is one of the two places the misleading edit appeared. In the original version Burnside quotes from the Zimmerman 911 call with a misleading ellipsis, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good…he looks black.” On March 22nd Burnside posted this photo of himself interviewing Al Sharpton who was in Florida for a Trayvon Martin rally. He also attended a rally with Ben Jealous of the NAACP.

Mere HER hos Breitbart. The Miami Herald har også en variant af historien:

The world’s most famous “white Hispanic” is part black

George Zimmerman receives an infusion of nuance from the media.

by John Hayward – April 26, 2012

How badly has the media mis-reported the Trayvon Martin shooting?  Just look at how rapidly the story is mutating, now that George Zimmerman is up on charges – thanks to a ridiculously over-reaching affadavit, for which some observers, including legendary liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz, think the prosecutor should be up on charges.

Do you remember the story you heard on Day One, when this first became big national news?  A racist white man gunned down an innocent little black boy for no reason, just because he was Walking While Black through a swanky gated condo community.  The cracker cops of his small Florida town waved this trigger-happy paranoid self-appointed security guard on his merry way

Mere HER i Human Events.

Daily Beast Columnist Politely Calls for George Zimmerman’s Lynching

by Bob Owens – April 22, 2012

The alleged shooter should take a plea deal to avoid “Rodney King Part II.”

Daily Beast columnist Mansfield Frazier has turned the concept of “justice” upside down, arguing that George Zimmerman should be convicted in the shooting of Trayvon Martin merely to avoid race riots.

The case was already heavily politicized even before prosecutor Angela Corey  filed a charge of second-degree murder against Zimmerman based upon an extremely thin affidavit. The charge was a shock to most legal experts because of the incredibly high burden of proof for a murder charge that none of the known evidence comes close to supporting.

It was in this toxic political environment that Frazier filed a remarkable op-ed titled “Trial of George Zimmerman Could Trigger Another Rodney King.” The article isn’t incisive in its dissection of the facts of the case. It doesn’t offer cogent analysis of the legal strategies that the prosecution and defense might try to use if the case proceeds to trial. It doesn’t caution fellow journalists to be careful about jumping to conclusions surrounding the case, a low-hanging fruit for any columnist with a hint of competence.

Mere HER hos PJ Media.

Andre kilder: FOX News, FOX News, ABC News, WCTV, Newsmax, AlgemeinerPJ Media, Breitbart, The Blaze, The Blaze, ReutersMediaite, The Examiner, The Examiner, The Examiner, The New American Magazine, FrontPageMagazine, FrontPageMagazine, The New York Post, Family Security Matters, The American Spectator, The Bradenton Herald, Sky Valley Chronicle, Weasel Zippers, The Daley Gator, The Last Refuge, Neo-Neocon,

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