Video: Michelle Malkin & Sean Hannity om Zimmerman, De Sorte Pantere og mere

De røde mediers Hit Job. De Sorte Pantere er helt med:

Injustice Department — Michelle Malkin — Sean Hannity — 4-11-12

“Justice is supposed to be blind, but he (Eric Holder) looks at it with one left eye open” says Syndicated Columnist, Author, and President of ‘’, Michelle Malkin, in response to the Attorney General’s handling of the Trayvon Martin shooting, as well as examining his legal track record while serving in both the Clinton and the Obama administrations.


New Black Panthers offer reward for capture of George Zimmerman

The New Black Panther Party is offering a reward for the capture of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.

Opdatering – vi skal lige have Dershowitz og McCarthy med her:

Alan Dershowitz, Extremely Weak Case Against Zimmerman

He also said that the special prosecutor behaved unethically by failing to include exculpatory evidence favorable to Zimmerman.

Martin Case Affidavit

By Andrew C. McCarthy – April 13, 2012

I strongly disagree with David French’s analysis. I’m inclined, instead, to agree with commentators ranging from former Reagan Justice Department official Mark Levin to Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz that the affidavit is stunningly weak — “unethical,” as Prof. Dershowitz puts it. In fact, I go further (which, after nearly 20 years of writing and supervising the writing of complaint affidavits, I think I’m qualified to do). This affidavit is not law, it is agitprop: invoking, for example, the explosive term “profiled” but carefully avoiding any discussion of what it means and failing to note that (a) there is no evidence of racial profiling, and (b) absent an invidious racial component there is nothing wrong with profiling (indeed, we want police to do it so that innocent people don’t get hassled).

Mere HER i National Review Online.

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