Alan Dershowitz – lidt artikler

Dershowitz laver så mange fine ting i øjeblikket. Jeg har lige læst Dershowitz’s artikelproduktion fra årets første måneder og har plukket noget ud. Der kommer lidt mere (lige pludselig) i et par andre poster:

The “Rorschach” Facts in the Killing of Trayvon Martin

by Alan M. Dershowitz – April 11, 2012

The time has come for the cheerleading on both sides to stop in the killing of Trayvon Martin and for everybody to unite around the need for the truth—or as much of it as we can recapture— to emerge as to precisely what happened on that dark, rainy night. Once the facts have been established, by scientific, forensic and other evidence, then we can begin to analyze whether these facts constitute a defense under Florida’s stand your ground statute, which, for better or worse, strongly favors the defendant.

At the moment, the facts in the case—at least those known to the public—are ever shifting. One journalist aptly characterized the case as, “a narrative Rorschach that each side will interpret as it wishes.” Now it has been announced that the special prosecutor may soon release new information that may change both the public perception of the case and its legal strengths and weaknesses.

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute. Huffington Post her.

The Case Against the Left and Right One-State Solution

by Alan M. Dershowitz – March 22, 2012

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Both the extreme left and the extreme right are now calling for a one state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Of course the one state solution each seeks is completely different: the left wants yet another Arab state in place of Israel; the right wants a Jewish state that encompasses what is now the West Bank, in place of any Palestinian state. Both are prescriptions for undemocratic disasters and for the ultimate delegitimation of Israel as the democratic nation state of the Jewish people.

I have advocated a two-state solution, based on secure borders for Israel, since the early 1970s, when I debated Noam Chomsky, who was then an advocate of a secular bi-national state. I advocated a version of what was then known as “the Alon Plan,” which, in effect, would have annexed portions of the captured territories that were necessary for Israel’s security but would have precluded Israeli civilian settlements in other captured areas. This plan was consistent with Security Council Resolution 242, which allowed for some territorial annexation by Israel to achieve secure borders. I did not, and do not now, advocate a return to the indefensible 1967 lines, which reflected

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute. Kan også læses her hos Newsmax.

Why deterrence won’t work against Iran

by Alan M. Dershowitz – March 20, 2012

Following President Obama’s strong renunciation of “containment” and his expression of willingness to use military force as a last resort to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, some on the left continue to oppose any threat to use the military option. Leading this approach is Fareed Zakaria, who recently on his CNN program, characterized the Obama policy as “a serious error,” and called instead for a “robust policy of containment and deterrence.”

But the policy that Zakaria is proposing is anything but robust. To the contrary, it is a call for inaction. It presumed that Iran will be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, but that they will be deterred from actually using them by the threat of nuclear retaliation. Zakaria points to the fact that deterrence succeeded in preventing war between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as between India and Pakistan. He claims that each side was effectively deterred by the threat of mutually assured destruction. He says it will work equally well with Iran.

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute. Kan også læses her hos Newsmax eller her The Jewish Press.

President Obama Turns a Corner on Iran

by Alan M. Dershowitz – March 2, 2012

President Obama has turned an important corner in his efforts to persuade Iran not to try to develop nuclear weapons, and in his efforts to persuade Israel to allow his combination of punishing sanctions and tough talk to work. In his recent interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in Atlantic Magazine, President Obama sent a clear message to the Iranians that he is not bluffing, that he means it when he says that American policy is not to accept a nuclear Iran, and that no option, including a military one, is off the table if sanctions and threats appear not to be working.

I was not surprised by President Obama’s strong words, because he said similar things to me in private conversation. But now he has said them in public, and with words that are unequivocal and put his credibility, and the credibility of our country, on the line. (I will not repeat the President’s words here because they can be found in the Goldberg article.)

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute eller her i The Jewish Press. Algemeiner her.

Who are America’s Reliable Allies?

by Alan M. Dershowitz – February 15, 2012

In a quickly changing world, it is important to ask which countries the United States can always count on in times of crisis. Recent events have shortened that list considerably.

India has long claimed to be a reliable ally, but it is now undercutting American efforts to impose meaningful sanctions against Iran. Its help cannot any longer be counted on in the struggle against the greatest danger faced by the United States—an Iran with nuclear weapons. Japan, another ally, is dilly dallying on sanctions as well. Brazil used to be a reliable partner, until it began to fall under the sway of Venezuela’s Chavez, who is closely allied with Iran and other American enemies. The “new” Russia and China demonstrated their lack of reliability when they vetoed American efforts in the Security Council to help resolve the Syrian crisis. Egypt, which has received billions of dollars of American aid, has defied American warnings not to put US citizens on trial on phony, trumped-up charges. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are now playing footsy with Hamas and Hezbollah, also Iranian surrogates, as they worry about the contagion of the Arab Spring and the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mere HER hos Gatestone Institute eller her i The Jewish Press. Huffington Post her. FrontPageMagazine her.

Why anti-Semitism is moving toward the mainstream

By Alan M. Dershowitz – January 7, 2012

Brian Leiter and Ron Paul are guilty of helping to legitimize bigotry. Shame on them!

For the first time since the end of World War II, classic anti-Semitic tropes – “the Jews” control the world and are to blame for everything that goes wrong, including the financial crisis; “The Jews killed Christian children in order to use the blood to bake matza; the Holocaust never happened – are becoming acceptable and legitimate subjects for academic and political discussion.

To understand why these absurd and reprehensible views, once reserved for the racist fringes of academia and politics, are moving closer to the mainstream, consider the attitudes of two men, one an academic, the other a politician, toward those who express or endorse such bigotry. The academic is Prof. Brian Leiter. The politician is Ron Paul.

Mere HER i The Jerusalem Post. Issues of Concern for Justice & Society her. FrontPageMagazine her.

Andre kilder: Newsmax, Newsmax, Newsmax, Gatestone Institute, YouTube, Palm Beach Daily News, SPME, NYDailyNews, CNN, Ynetnews, Miami’s Community Newspapers, Algemeiner, The Atlantic,

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