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Bruce Bawer om Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Pressen ignorerer dommen i Østrig:

Unfit to Print

by Bruce Bawer on Dec 29th, 2011

Logo FrontPageMagazine SmallThe other day I took note here of a recent New York Times feature in which several prominent figures from the worlds of law and religion were invited to answer the question: Is religious freedom in America under threat?  I focused on one of the responses, entitled “A Campaign Against Patriotic Muslims,” in which Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, maintained that when it came to his coreligionists, the answer was a definite yes.  Al-Marayati painted a picture of an America awash in “anti-Islam groups” and “Muslim haters” who make life difficult for American Muslims, whom he depicted as overwhelmingly peaceful, freedom-loving, and terrorism-hating.  It didn’t seem to matter to the Times that Al-Marayati himself is a longtime associate of and apologist for terrorists.

Another participant in the same Times feature was Noah Feldman​, a Harvard law professor.  Like Al-Marayati, Feldman claimed to be concerned about a plague of Islam-hatred in America.  Feldman complained about legislative proposals in Oklahoma and Tennessee that would “ban Islamic law from the courts — a measure that the American separation of church and state makes completely unnecessary.”  Feldman concluded: “It would be nice to say these proposed laws are un-American. But they are sadly reminiscent of our history of targeting vulnerable religious minorities out of bigotry and political expediency. We can only look forward to a day when anti-Islamic sentiment seems as archaic as these other old hatreds do today.”

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

Denigrating Religious Stupidity

25 December 2011 – Henrik R. Clausen

While I was working on a polite essay ”What is ‘denigration’, really?”, events overtook the intended polite and analytical approach. At an Austrian court, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff had her conviction for ”Denigrating the teachings of a recognized religion” upheld. The court deemed that her uttering ”an excess of opinion” about Muhammad having sex with minors, and that doing so was subject to a fine of 480 euros, alternatively 60 days in jail.

Many of us consider freedom of expression is a fundamental right in itself. Expressions used in criminal ways, like committing fraud or inciting violence is indeed a matter for the courts, but a victimless crime where not even a single Muslim protested that his faith had been ‘denigrated’, surely cannot be subject to legal action, fines or jail time. In a free society, that is.

Mere HER hos Right Side News.

Video: Nina Shea & Paul Marshall hos The Heritage Foundation

Fra 9. november 2011 – solidt arbejde af Shea & Marshall:

Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide

The 1989 fatwa against Salman Rushdie awakened many westerners to the danger of being charged with blasphemy in the Muslim world. Charges of “blasphemy,” “apostasy,” and “insulting Islam” are increasingly used by authoritarian governments and extremist forces within key Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states to acquire and consolidate power. These codes have proved effective in intimidating not only converts and heterodox groups, but also political and religious reformers.

In their newly released book, Silenced (Oxford University Press, 2011), Paul Marshall and Nina Shea provide the first survey of such accusations in the contemporary Muslim world, in international organizations, and in the West. These charges traditionally carry a punishment of death but are contested within Islam today, as described by the late Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid in the foreword to Silenced. Nevertheless, as Marshall and Shea describe, hundreds of victims, including political dissidents, religious reformers, journalists, writers, artists, movie makers, and religious minorities in many countries. They also document the political effects in Muslim societies of blasphemy and apostasy laws, as well as non-governmental fatwas and vigilante violence. And they examine in the West the move toward importing new blasphemy standards through bans on purported hate speech and Islamophobia, aggressively promoted by the OIC, and the increasing threat of violence to stifle commentary on Islam even in the absence of law.

Muslimer på førtidspension

Fis i rå mængder her. Ritzau, sæføli’. Muslimske indvandrere er overrepræseteret i patientstatistikkerne, fordi de er mere syge. Forklaringen er incest – fætter-kusineægteskab. Så derfor har man indledt en klapjagt på gammeldanskerne. “Folk” har ikke øget forbruget af denne type offentlige ydelser, men vi skal da have skylden alligevel:

KL: Ingen panik over førtidspensionen

2. januar 2012

Logo Kristeligt Dagblad

[…] En stor del af stigningen i antallet af ikke-vestlige indvandrere på førtidspension skyldes ganske enkelt, at der er kommet flere indvandrere til Danmark.

Mere HER i Kristeligt Dagblad.

Andre kilder: Jyllands-Posten,

Video: Fyrværkeri fra London

Godt nytår igen:

London Fireworks 2012 New Years Eve

Se eventuelt også foto i The Daily Mail:

Video: Roger Helmer om EU

Jeg fandt lige denne video. Den er fra 3. august 2011, men EU flytter sig jo ikke det mindste, så den er lige så aktuel, som da den blev lavet:

Sceptic at Large: Lifting the Lid on the European Union

In Sceptic at Large, Roger Helmer lifts the lid on how the European Union really works. A Conservative Member of the European Parliament since 1999, he offers a potent potpourri of politics and polemic, enlivened by irony, and amusing anecdotes. He provides a personal perspective of the major events during his odyssey through the corridors of Brussels over the past decade and documents his long battle against creeping European integration.

Helmer tells the tale of how Brussels is making Britain poorer, less democratic, and less free. He also conveys the tragic saga of the euro currency. Having predicted problems for the single currency since the mid 1990s, Helmer describes how it has now become a “slow-motion train wreck.”

“Helmer tells the tale of how Brussels is making Britain poorer, less democratic, and less free. He also conveys the tragic saga of the euro currency. Having predicted problems for the single currency since the mid 1990s, Helmer describes how it has now become a “slow-motion train wreck.” Our national debate is the richer for a sceptic at large. Roger puts establishments on their mettle, challenges politicians to think about their preconceptions and offers challenging views to the public.” – The Rt. Hon. John Redwood MP, from the Foreword of Sceptic at Large

Der kommer styr på lyden efter 3½ minut:

Henrik Gade Jensen & David Gress

Vi må ikke glemme, at vi også har fine forfattere herhjemme:

Afhængighed forveksles med fattigdom

Af Henrik Gade Jensen | 13. december 2011

Logo Information 2

’Carina’ lever bedre end fortidens fyrster, kejsere og konger. Spørgsmålet er ikke, om hun har for lidt eller for meget, men hvordan hun genvinder grebet om det stolte liv

Ud fra en objektiv målestok lever danske kontanthjælpsmodtagere bedre end samfundets eliter tilbage i historien.  […]

Mere HER i Information.

Demokratiets elendighed

Af David Gress – 6. december 2011

Hvorfor har vi i de vestlige lande så elendige politikere? Spørgsmålet er blevet stillet i generationer, så man kan fristes til at tro, at det bare er jeronimusseri. Alting var bedre før, også politikerne.  […]

Mere HER i Berlingske Tidende.


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