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Sappho, Rebecca Bynum, Lars Hedegaard, Nicolai Sennels

Bynum’s artikel er virkelig god:

Islam teologisk betragtet

14. december 2011 – klumme af Rebecca Bynum

Islam er nihilistisk og dens moral vendt på hovedet. Derfor falder den helt uden for det, vi normalt forbinder med religion, skriver redaktøren for The New English Review, Rebecca Bynum.

Mere HER i Sappho.

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Muslimer angriber Hare Krishna-tempel med sten og baseball køller

17. december 2011 – artikel af Nicolai Sennels

Kl. 20.45 – altså i ly af mørket – den 6. december blev Hare Krishna-templet i Vanløse angrebet af unge muslimer. De startede med stenkast, og forsøgte senere, bevæbnet med køller, at bryde ind i til beboerne.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Talibans underjordiske menneske-lager

16. december 2011 – artikel af Nicolai Sennels

Pakistans politi gjorde 12. december en uhyggelig opdagelse. Nedenunder en islamisk madrassa i et mørkt fangehul, befandt 45 børn og voksne sig.

Mere HER i Sappho.

Islam-apologeter på taberkurs

17. december 2011 – klumme af Lars Hedegaard

De seneste nyheder om “det arabiske forår” viser islam-apologeternes voksende forklaringsproblemer.

Udviklingen i den arabiske verden ruller meget hurtigt i disse dage: fra forår til isvinter til utilsløret barbari.

Mere HER i Sappho.

  • Desuden link HER til Sharia-toppen af Nicolai Sennels.

Julekalender 18. december 2011

Christmas Sunday 4 Advent

Det lyser i stille grender – Det Norske Jentekor

Video: Phyllis Chesler & Michael Coren

Burka ban – Phyllis Chesler & Michael Coren

From Sun News Network December 16, 2011: Burka ban, it’s a moveable prison – Dr. Phyllis Chesler of The Phyllis Chesler Organization.

Christopher Hitchens: 13. April 1949 – 15. December 2011

Lidt artikler og video. Verden har mistet en af sine største:

In Memoriam, my courageous brother Christopher, 1949-2011

By Peter Hitchens on 16th December 2011

How odd it is to hear of your own brother’s death on an early morning radio bulletin. How odd it is for a private loss to be a public event.

I wouldn’t normally dream of writing about such a thing here, and I doubt if many people would expect me to. It is made even odder by the fact that I am a minor celebrity myself. And that the, ah, complex relationship between me and my brother has been public property.

I have this morning turned down three invitations to talk on the radio about my brother. I had a powerful feeling that it would be wrong to do so, not immediately explicable but strong enough to persuade me to say a polite ‘no thank you’.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Trial of the Will

By Christopher Hitchens – January 2012

When it came to it, and old Kingsley suffered from a demoralizing and disorienting fall, he did take to his bed and eventually turned his face to the wall. It wasn’t all reclining and waiting for hospital room service after that—“Kill me, you fucking fool!” he once alarmingly exclaimed to his son Philip—but essentially he waited passively for the end. It duly came, without much fuss and with no charge.

Mr. Robert Zimmerman of Hibbing, Minnesota, has had at least one very close encounter with death, more than one update and revision of his relationship with the Almighty and the Four Last Things, and looks set to go on demonstrating that there are many different ways of proving that one is alive. After all, considering the alternatives …

Mere HER i Vanity Fair.

Richard Dawkins interviews Christopher Hitchens

by George Eaton – 13 December 2011

Exclusive extracts from the writer’s final interview.

Update: Christopher Hitchens has died of oesophageal cancer at the age of 62. This was his final interview.

As we revealed earlier this week, this year’s New Statesman Christmas special is guest-edited by Richard Dawkins (copies can be purchased here). Among the many highlights is Dawkins’s interview with his fellow anti-theist Christopher Hitchens, who began his Fleet Street career at the NS in 1973.

Mere HER The New Statesman. Den næste artikel er af ældre dato, men den skulle lige med også:

Staking a Life

by Christopher Hitchens – Spring 2009

Arthur Koestler opened his polemic against capital punishment in Britain by saying that the island nation was that quaint and antique place where citizens drove on the left hand side of the road, drank warm beer, made a special eccentricity of the love of animals, and had felons “hanged by the neck until they are dead.” Those closing words—from the formula by which a capital sentence was ritually announced by a heavily bewigged judge—conveyed in their satisfyingly terminal tones much of the flavor and relish of the business of judicially inflicted death.

Mere HER i Lapham’s Quarterly.

Christopher Hitchens receives the Richard Dawkins Award

Christopher Hitchens receives the Richard Dawkins Award from Dawkins himself at the 2011 Texas Freethought Convention. Video was recorded on October 8th 2011.

Fra samme arrangement – Hitchens kommer på efter ca. 5 minutter:

Christopher Hitchens Fighting Faith Texas Interview

Andre kilder: SBS, Slate, Slate, The New YorkerThe New Yorker, NewserThe Sacramento Bee, NYDailyNews, The Calgary Sun, Pajamas Media, CNN, Reuters, Big ThinkThe Huffington PostThe Huffington Post, The Huffington Post, The EconomistThe Washington PostThe Washington Post, Fox NewsFox News, Christian Today, The Christian Post, The Daily MailThe MirrorThe Mirror, Commentary MagazineThe GuardianVanity Fair, The New York Times, The New York Times, The Christian Post, Religion News Service, First Things, The Wilson Quarterly, The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, Opposing Views, The Daily Caller,



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