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Man binder os på hånd og mund:

Menneskerettigheder i krise

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Jacob Mchangama den 12. december 2011

Den 10. december var FNs officielle menneskerettighedsdag, hvor årsdagen for vedtagelsen af FNs Menneskerettighedserklæring i 1948 markeredes. Spørgsmålet er dog, om der er så meget at fejre?

Mere HER i Berlingske Tidende.

England: Fog in Channel – Continent Cut Off

Bare det var os. Men Danmark har travlt med at servicere Davos-mænd med storhedsvanvid:

Alone on the Island

Is David Cameron’s self-imposed exile from Europe savvy or suicide?

By Alex Massie | December 12, 2011

Logo Foreign Policy Magazine“Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off” is one of the most famous headlines in British newspaper history. That it is apocryphal matters less than the general truth it conveys: Britain has always stood apart from continental Europe. This island nation may be part of the wider European brotherhood, but it is still not a full member of the club. And as the euro crisis continues to cripple the continent, the distance across the English Channel only seems to be growing.

Mere HER i Foreign  Policy.

Migrant boom over last 14 years ‘was driven by open borders and not jobs’

By Steve Doughty on 13th December 2011

Labour’s open-door policies – and not the promise of prosperity – were the main reason why immigration soared over the past 14 years, an academic inquiry found yesterday.

The report said ‘the increase in net immigration to the UK was not driven primarily by the economic performance of the UK or other countries’.

Instead, it pointed to immigration policies.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Sharia Law Already Devouring UK

Examples on the ground from a premier religious freedom attorney.

by Paul Diamond – December 12, 2011

In 2008, while arguing for the need to formally introduce Sharia law into the law of the United Kingdom, the Archbishop of Canterbury claimed Sharia law was “inevitable” in the UK . He denied it was an “alien” system and called for “constructive accommodation” of Muslim law. He did this in a calculated and provocative manner, while denying a place for its more “extreme punishments.”

It is unlikely that many members of the Muslim community would be satisfied with an Anglican primate determining the limitations of the Quran and Sharia law.

This argument was rapidly followed by the Lord Chief Justice: Lord Phillips helpfully said there was a place for Sharia law, particularly in mediation. He lamented the “widespread misunderstanding” of Sharia law. The newly established Muslim Arbitration Tribunals immediately put a picture of the Lord Chief Justice on their website in appreciation of his endorsement.

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media.

En agurketidshistorie

Der er sand. En grøntsagsfatwa er ikke noget nyt. Mandlige og kvindelige grøntsager må ikke ligge samme sted, hed det sidste gang. Nu må kvinder ikke håndtere agurker, bananer og deslige. Den nye fatwa siger derimod ikke noget om radiser. Lidt sært, eftersom det er islamisk potens, der er tale om:

CarrotsFatwa banning Muslim women from touching bananas and other penis-shaped foods makes Internet rounds

Unconfirmed religious order says the phallic foods may spark sexy thoughts

By Roque Planas – December 11, 2011

An alleged fatwa banning women from touching bananas and cucumbers is making the rounds through Muslim listservs.

The religious directive forbids women from handling bananas or cucumbers, because their phallic shape may “make them think of sex,” according to The Times of India.

Mere HER i New York Daily News.

Andre kilder: Fox Nation, Fox News, The Daily Beast,

Julekalender 13. december 2011

Sankta Lucia Candles Sweden Animation

Sankta Lucia


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