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Sære medier: Facebook, Google, Reuters, Rushdie, nym wars og mere

Gad lide vide, om Reuters får EU-tilskud? Når man får det, er man forpligtet til at fabrikere skønmalerier om EU og om multikultur. I hvert fald kan ingen påstå, at Reuters ikke leverer varen. De fleste af bureauets kunder får offentlige tilskud:

Academic Study Finds Reuters Middle East Coverage Tainted by Propaganda, Violates Company Principles

Henry Silverman – December 06, 2011

Roosevelt University academic study documents systematic use of propaganda by world’s largest news agency.

A study published in the November/December issue of the Journal of Applied Business Research finds that Reuters coverage of the Middle East conflict is systematically tainted by propaganda and influences readers to side with the Palestinians and Arab states against the Israelis.

Researcher Henry Silverman of Roosevelt University analyzed a sample of fifty news-oriented articles published on the websites for the use of classic propaganda techniques, logical fallacies and violations of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism, a manual of guiding ethical principles for the company’s journalists. Across the articles, over 1,100 occurrences of propaganda, fallacies and handbook violations in 41 categories were identified and classified.

Mere HER hos PRWeb. Den næste artikel minder lidt om en i The New York Times, som man eventuelt kan vælge i stedet:

‘Nymwars’ debate over online identity explodes

By Mike Swift – November 17, 2011

Logo Mercury NewsWho has the right to decide how you’re known on the Internet — you, or the online service you’re using? That simmering question, which erupted with the launch of the new Google (GOOG)+ social network this summer, rolled into a boil this week with two high-profile developments.

First, Facebook decided to enforce its “real names only” policy against internationally known author Salman Rushdie, changing his page — without his consent — to the name on his passport, Ahmed. Next, the Justice Department told Congress that it needs the ability to prosecute people who provide false information to websites with the intent to harm others, stirring fears across cyberspace that people might be busted for lying about their weight and age on

Mere HER hos Mercury News.

Does Facebook Have a Foreign Policy?

The social networking giant has the power to change the world for the better. But does it want to?

By David Kirkpatrick | December 2011

Toward the end of 2008, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was musing about a massive political rally in Colombia earlier that year. A young man had started a Facebook group to show his revulsion against the FARC guerrillas, and one month later, on Feb. 4, millions of people across Colombia and around the world rallied in opposition to FARC.

The anti-FARC protests were the first ripple in what would become this year’s global wave — the use of social media in massive political movements, as Facebook and Twitter have almost overnight become the world’s collective soapboxes, petition sheets, and meeting halls. It may have started in the Middle East with outraged friends on Facebook, but the chain reaction eventually led to landscape-altering citizens’ movements and demonstrations not just in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, where despots were toppled, but also Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and later in Spain, Israel, India, Britain, the United States, and elsewhere. Facebook is a common thread in all these movements — it has become the new infrastructure of protest.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy.

Andre kilder: Honest Reporting, The New York Post, The New York Post, Radio Free Europe, DNA India, The Register, Hindustan Times, First Post, The Daily Mail,

The Guardian interwiewer Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy: ‘I am more afraid of puritans than those who admit the weakness of the flesh’

The French philospher-intellectual on making enemies, advising President Sarkozy and his disgust at phone hacking

Carole Cadwalladr – 11 December 2011

The Guardian Banner

Your new book, a series of letters between you and Michel Houllebecq, is called Public Enemies, but it seems you weren’t so much enemies of each other but of everybody else?

We were both. The public believed that we were enemies. And we are both enemies of the crowd, the mob, how do you say? La meute. The pack.

Why do you think you inspire enmity?

Number one, I don’t know. Number two, I don’t care. And number three, the pack always loses against a writer or an artist. If you say there is something rotten, deeply corrupted, in the state of man’s affairs, then problems begin for you.

Mere HER i The Guardian.

Julekalender 11. december 2011

3. Advent Wreath Animation Black Gold

Winter – Julia Fischer – Academy of St Martin in the Fields – Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Sappho med lidt julelæsning

Seks fatwaer til Halallucinationer

07. december 2011 – artikel af Farshad Kholghi

Niels Thomsens Halallucinationer er fræk som en halalslagterhund og står til at få seks ud af seks fatwaer af selveste profeten Muhammed. Sådan lyder Farshad Kholghis vurdering af Niels Thomsens samlede tegninger, Halallucinationer, der udkommer i dag.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Logo Sappho AntiqueForpligtet til redelighed

07. december 2011 – anmeldelse af Bent Jensen

Lars Hedegaard behandler dybt alvorlige emner i sine erindringer, men gør det på en underholdende og fornøjelig måde, skriver Bent Jensen i sin anmeldelse og sammenligner Hedegaard med den norske forfatter Arnulf Øverland.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

En muslimbroders bekendelser: Således undergraver vi samfundet indefra

09. december 2011 – klumme af Raymond Ibrahim

Et afhoppet medlem af Det Muslimske Broderskab giver indblik i den magtfulde organisations strategi.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Hele historien om Victor Klemperer

07. december 2011 – klumme af Ivan Dybdal

Victor Klemperer berømmes for sin analyse af nazismens sprog, men man glemmer at fortælle om hans knæfæld for DDR-totalitarismen. Læs Ivan Dybdals beretning.

Mere HER hos Sappho.

Læs også om mødet med Bent Jensen, Lars Hedegaard, Niels Thomsen og Farshad Kholghi:

Se video fra arrangementet her hos skønne Snaphanen:

Desuden link HER til Sharia-toppen af Nicolai Sennels.

Edward Luttwak om de svækkede shiamuslimer

“Den shiamuslimske halvmåne” bliver ikke til noget foreløbig:

Revenge of the Sunnis

What the Arab Spring is really about.

By Edward Luttwak | December 7, 2011

Logo Foreign Policy MagazineThe last decade has been marked by the rise of the Shiites in the Middle East. Through the bullet and the ballot box, Shiite parties have risen to power from Baghdad to Beirut — thereby extending Iran’s reach into the heart of the Arab world. Sunni rulers have viewed with much anxiety the new “Shiite crescent” that extends from Iran all the way to Lebanon.

But as a popular — and now military — uprising in Syria becomes more powerful, the Shiite ascendancy is coming to an end. With every day that passes, President Bashar al-Assad’s grip on power seems to weaken: The United Nations assessed on Nov. 1 that Syria had entered a state of civil war and the country’s economy is projected to contract by a disastrous 12 percent to 20 percent this year. And now, the regional Sunni powers are hoping to exploit the turmoil to launch a counteroffensive that could reverse their losses.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy.


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