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Mental retardering hos børn fra fætter-kusineægteskaber

Det sædvanlige:

Avisen.dkFætter-kusine ægteskaber fylder specialskoler

Anders Lind Jørgensen den 20. nov. 2011

Indvandrerbørn dominerer elevtallene på specialskoler for udviklingshæmmede og letterede retarderede børn, viser talgennemgang.

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Opdatering 23. november 2011 – The Hindu Marriage Act fra 1955 forbød fætter-kusineægteskab. Men kun for hinduer. Muslimer praktiserer stadig denne form for incest:

Marrying your cousin? Not a good idea

By Soumita Majumdar | Nov 23, 2011

Consanguineous marriages or marrying a blood relative is not a taboo in Indian culture. This practice is predominant particularly in South India. And the offspring from these marriages are the sufferers.

Statistics reveal that at least 25% children from consanguineous marriages run the risk of suffering from genetic problems—retinal and corneal degenerative diseases being the most common. Consanguinity has been reported as an important factor in the development of autosomal recessive diseases and congenital anomalies.

Mere HER hos DNA India.

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Europa skal ødelægges

Europæisk civilisation er snart en saga blot:

Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia

by Soeren Kern – November 22, 2011

Muslims now make up one-quarter of the population of Brussels, according to a new book published by the Catholic University of Leuven, the top French-language university in Belgium.

In real terms, the number of Muslims in Brussels — where half of the number of Muslims in Belgium currently live — has reached 300,000, which means that the self-styled “Capital of Europe” is now the most Islamic city in Europe.

In practical terms, Islam mobilizes more people in Brussels than do the Roman Catholic Church, political parties or even trade unions, according to “The Iris and the Crescent,” a book that is the product of more than one year of field research and was released to the public on November 18.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York. EU kan ikke få nok:

Brussels orders Britain to let in more migrants from around the world

Logo The Daily Express Big Banner

By Macer Hall – November 19,2011

Eurocrats ignited outrage last night by ordering Britain to open its doors to a fresh wave of mass immigration from around the world.

In a highly provocative diktat from Brussels the European Commission urged the EU’s 27 member nations to admit millions more newcomers from beyond Europe’s borders and adopt welcoming “migrant-centred” policies.

“To ensure prosperity, Europe must become a more attractive destination in the global competition for talent,” said a document from the EU’s ruling body.

It also made clear that new measures to “facilitate and organise legal immigration” to EU nations from eastern Europe, Asia and a string of North African countries were already on the way.

The astonishing open-door border policy, outlined in a “renewed EU migration strategy” published by the Commission, triggered a furious backlash in Britain yesterday.

Mere HER i The Daily Express.

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Antisemitisme i Italien

Det er ikke mange uger siden, Bruce Bawer skrev disse artikler. I mellemtiden er diktaturet blevet genindført i Italien og en ny Il Duce regerer. Det er med andre ord en svunden tid, Bawer skriver om:

Italy Faces Up to the Evil Within

by Bruce Bawer on Nov 2nd, 2011

Logo FrontPageMagazine SmallThere is no question that anti-Semitism in Europe has been on the rise during the last few years.  The European left, for a range of reasons, has gotten into the habit of viewing Israel, and by extension all Jews, as the foremost challenge to peace on earth and goodwill toward men.  As Europe’s Islamic communities have expanded, moreover, and their members grown less and less shy about expressing – and acting upon – their opinions, the articulation of anti-Semitic sentiments and the commission of anti-Semitic acts by young Muslim men has increased accordingly.

While all this has been going on, a number of European governments have chosen to look the other way.  Many political leaders in Europe, indeed, have fueled anti-Semitism by word and deed.  The Italian government, however, has been an exception.

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

A Brightly Burning Flame

by Bruce Bawer on Oct 27th, 2011

“Her name is Fiamma,” the young man said to me over dinner, “and that is what she is to us – our fiamma! What is that in English?”

It took me a second.  “Flame,” I said.

“Yes, that is what she is.  Our flame!  Our heroine!”

The year was 2007.  I was in Rome for a conference called “Fighting for Democracy in the Islamic World” and the man speaking to me was a conference participant and a member of Italy’s Jewish community.  The woman he was speaking of with such enthusiasm, who was sitting at a nearby table (a bunch of us from the conference had pretty much taken over the restaurant), was Fiamma Nirenstein​.

Mere HER i FrontPageMagazine.

Diktatur. Fascisme. Oligarki. EU.

Mere fascisme i sigte:

Håb for Spanien?

Af David Gress – 21. november 2011

Logo Berlingske Tidende

Spanien tilhører gruppen af eurolande i farezonen. En boligboble og et vildtvoksende offentligt forbrug – ikke mindst på såkaldt grønne tiltag – har udsultet den produktive del af økonomien, samtidig med, at euroen gør spanske produkter relativt dyre og derved udhuler konkurrenceevnen. Løsningen, at forlade euroen, devaluere pesetaen og genoprette konkurrenceevne og genstarte vækst, ligger lige for.

Mere HER i Berlingske Tidende.

Det nye oligarki sidder på verdensøkonomien

Så få som 147 multinationale banker og virksomheder kontrollerer verdensøkonomien, viser en ny netværksanalyse. Nu er tiden måske kommet til at omsætte den økonomiske kontrol til politisk magt.

Af Robin Engelhardt – 20. nov 2011

Noget er i gære i europæisk politik. Da George Papandreou måtte gå af som premierminister 3. november efter at have dristet sig til at foreslå en folkeafstemning om EU’s redningsplan, blev en tidligere bankmand, som ikke er medlem af parlamentet, indsat som ny regeringschef i Grækenland.

Mere HER i Ingeniøren.

Andre kilder: BBC, Foreign Policy,

Melanie Phillips om prins Philip

Phillips er så godt som altid meget læseværdig:

Hurrah for Philip! Wind power is the most ruinous folly of our age

By Melanie Phillips on 21st November 2011

Icon Melanie PhillipsOnce again, Prince Philip has performed an invaluable national service by tilting at windmills — or to be more precise in this case, wind turbines.

In private remarks that found their way into the Press, he apparently said wind turbines were ‘absolutely useless’, completely reliant on subsidies and that those who claimed they were one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy believed  in ‘fairytales’.

The Prince’s outburst may have been impolitic but many will be cheering his words. Indeed, he understated his case. For the Government’s promotion of wind-farms is simply off-the-wall crazy from every conceivable point of view.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Kan også læses her på Melanie Phillips blog.

Bigotry, revisionism and Baroness Warsi

Melanie Phillips – 15 November 2011

The co-chairman of Britain’s Conservative Party, Sayeeda Warsi, has delivered a speech about antisemitism to the European Institute for the Study of Antisemitism. I am sure that Baroness Warsi means well. I am sure that she is personally genuinely opposed to bigotry and prejudice in any form. I would therefore like to be able to say it was a fine speech. I cannot do so. Despite much in it that was worthy and unexceptionable, in one vital respect it was a travesty – made no more palatable by the fact that many Jews subscribe to precisely the same lethally misguided misapprehension.

This revolves around the comforting but mistaken notion that Jews and Muslims stand shoulder to shoulder against the same threat by racists and bigots. It’s the argument that says ‘antisemitism = Islamophobia’. And it’s the claim that there is nothing intrinsically threatening to Jews within Islam.

All three notions are false. All three notions are promoted by many Jews. All three were to be found in Baroness Warsi’s speech.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Melanie Phillips blog her.

How feminism made so many nurses too grand to care

The real reason our hospitals are a disgrace

By Melanie Phillips on 17th October 2011

Back in 2001, when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, I was invited to talk to him about the National Health Service. At that time, he was particularly exercised about reforming the NHS.

Sitting on the Downing Street sofa, I told him that the experience of my frail and elderly mother had left me shocked and aghast.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail. Melanie Phillips blog her.

Andre kilder: Aish,


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