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Tony Blair og David Cameron snakker via læserbreve

I hver sin avis. Blair i The Guardian. Cameron i The Daily Express. Der er travlhed ved håndvasken efter pøbeloptøjerne i England. En syndebuk skal findes. At det kunne tænkes at være pøblens skyld, er naturligvis udelukket:

Blaming a moral decline for the riots makes good headlines but bad policy

Talk of a general malaise is misguided. The country’s problems stem from too many dysfunctional households

Tony Blair – 20 August 2011

Both David Cameron and Ed Miliband made excellent speeches last week and there was much to agree with in what they said. None the less, in the overall commentary on the riots, I think we are in danger of the wrong analysis leading to the wrong diagnosis, leading to the wrong prescription.

There were some proximate causes of what happened that are relatively easily dealt with. The police are under huge pressure. If they go in hard, they fear inquiry, disciplinary action and abuse. It’s all very well to say that they should just follow the rules. The police need to know they have strong support from politicians and public. When the riots first occurred, they would have been naturally anxious as to how heavy to be. Once they saw the country behind them, they rallied.

Mere HER i The Guardian.

Logo The Daily Express

Human rights in my sights

By The Rt Hon. David Cameron Prime Minister – August 21,2011

Almost two weeks on from the riots, the clean-up continues. Communities all over the country have come together with brooms, mops and pots of paint to restore local pride.

The Express Newspapers’ campaign Reclaim Our Streets, so generously backed by thousands of readers, shows how the best of Britain can overcome the worst.

But what is clear in the aftermath of these riots is that we don’t just need to reclaim our streets, we need to reclaim our society. The greed and thuggery we saw during the riots did not come out of nowhere. There are deep problems in our society that have been growing for a long time: a decline in responsibility, a rise in selfishness, a growing sense that individual rights come before anything else.

Mere HER i The Daily Express.

Andre kilder: The Guardian,

Krise i Indien

Krisen hedder korruption og Anna Hazare:

Gandhi’s Revenge

Is India’s middle class finally fed up with its dysfunctional government?

 By Sadanand Dhume | August 22, 2011

Logo AEI 1

In India, it’s been the year of the scam. Over the past 12 months, allegations of graft or wrongdoing have touched, among others, Parliament, the media, mining, construction, hospitals, airlines, and sports. But after bubbling for the better part of a year, India’s national debate over corruption may finally have come to a boil. The government and India’s political class more broadly face an unprecedented wave of middle-class anger at how the country is being run. If channeled toward formal politics–instead of being dissipated in activism alone–it could be the first step in giving India the kind of governance many of its citizens feel it deserves.

Led by a folksy 74-year-old acolyte of Mahatma Gandhi, the so-called Anna Hazare movement is demanding the prompt creation of a tough new anti-corruption body called the Lokpal. Should Parliament fail to pass a bill to his liking by Aug. 30, Hazare, who has been on a hunger strike since Aug. 16 that followed a shorter fast in April, has threatened to ratchet up his protest another notch. In a civil-disobedience tactic borrowed from the days of India’s independence struggle against the British, Hazare’s supporters will begin courting mass arrest to force the government’s hand.

Mere HER hos AEI. Kan også læses her i Foreign Policy.

Opdatering 26. august fra BBC:

India’s government has agreed to hold a parliamentary debate on proposals for a strong anti-corruption law in an attempt to persuade the campaigner Anna Hazare to end his hunger strike.

Opdatering 29. august 2011 fra The Los Angeles Times:

Indian activist ends hunger strike with glass of coconut water – After his success in persuading Parliament to commit to anticorruption measures, Anna Hazare says he has more plans to agitate for government reform.

Andre kilder: Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten,

Video: Glenn Beck hos Christians United for Israel

Ret amerikansk tale her. Og en ret så flot tale. Den var ikke gået, der hvor janterne bor. Man kan vælge et kort resume eller det hele:

“Count Me a Jew”

Full Glenn Beck @CUFI: ‘We cast our lots with Jews & Israel to resist Islamic & leftist fascism’

Glenn Beck contends Israel’s fight for security is the vanguard of the world’s defense against global jihadism. Keynote address to Pastor John Hagee- led, Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington, D.C., July 19, 2011.

Andre kilder: FrontPageMagazine, Wikipedia,

Der er slaveri i Pakistan

Muslimske sharialove om renter gælder åbenbart ikke for vantro. Og kun vantro kan holdes som slaver:

Punjab: Christian family held slave to a Muslim landowner for 30 years

by Jibran Khan – August 19, 2011

The father had signed a loan for his daughter’s wedding, paying interest rates up to 50%. Thereafter, 26 family members were enslaved to a Muslim to repay the debt. More cases of marriages and forced conversions of Christian girls.

A Christian family consisting of 26 persons, including women and children, lived in slavery for over 30 years. Forced to work on a farm belonging to a wealthy Muslim landowner Rahim Yar Khan, in a district of the province of Punjab, only recently managed to regain freedom. Reduced to servitude for three decades, the family members escaped their captor through the intervention of the leaders of the Catholic Diocese of Bahawalpur. Meanwhile the abduction of Christian girls, forced to marry Muslim men and forcibly converted to Islam, continue. The latest incident took place at Quetta: the young girl, after two years of prison, managed to escape and is now in an undisclosed location under threat of death.

Mere i AsiaNews HER. SperoNews her.

Sharialovens charme

Disse to artikler behandler de to slags menneskerettigheder, denne verden har. FNs og Kairo-deklarationen:

Sharia and Western Compliance

Leslie Sacks – August 22, 2011

Logo Family Security MattersArticle 22 of the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam states:

1.Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of the Shari’a
2.Everyone shall have the right to advocate what is right, and propagate what is good, and warn against what is wrong and evil according to the norms of Islamic Shari’a.

This declaration – made by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and intended as a counter measure to the UN’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – exposes the slippery slope on which Western societies tread when indulging Shari’a-based interpretations of rights and freedoms. If every such right and freedom is bounded by religious edict, then no such rights and freedoms will exist.

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters.

Women’s Worth in Islam

Amil Imani – August 21, 2011

In 1973, the General Assembly of the United Nations opened for signature and ratification the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (ICSPCA). It defined the crime of apartheid as:

“Inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial [religious] group of persons over any other racial [religious] group of persons and systematically oppressing them.”[Italics are mine]

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters. Amil Imani her.

Pundits, Bernard-Henri Lévy og Libyen

Jeg orker ikke rigtig Libyen. Må jeg tilstå. Men Bernard-Henri Lévy er dybt engageret i Libyen-krigen. Her skriver han om den:

Libya Wins One for Freedom

Aug 22, 2011 – Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy pays homage to Sarkozy’s gamble, the U.S. and European airmen—and above all the Libyan rebels, who have written a new page in the history of their country.

We’ve heard it all!

They were getting bogged down in this war.

The insurgents were disorganized, undisciplined, lightweights.

Det er for meget. Mere HER i The Daily Beast. Bernard-Henri Lévy’s hjemmeside her. Og om samme forfatter:

Is Bernard-Henri Lévy having the best week ever?

Logo Foreign Policy Small

By Joshua Keating – August 22, 2011

Last spring, it seemed like everyone was hating on French philosopher/public intellectual/serial chest-hair exhibitionist Bernard-Henri Lévy. It was bad enough that he had helped push President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government into an intervention in Libya that appeared to be settling into an endless quagmire. Then in May, he was pilloried for going on record to defend his friend Dominique Strauss-Kahn from sexual assault charges that he compared to a lynching and the Dreyfus Affair. Some even went as far as to wonder whether the Libya invasion would have happened if the Strauss-Kahn affair, and the damage to BHL’s reputation that ensued, had come first.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy. Oprørene er i det store hele slået ud af Tripoli. Gaddafi’s søn, Saif al-Islam, er dukket op på Rixos Hotel, skriver The Washington Post. Han skulle ellers være blevet kidnappet af “oprørere”. En anden af Gaddfi’s sønner skulle være undsluppet husarrest, skriver The New York Times. Men det er sket efter denne artikel blev skrevet:

Arab August

Diana West – August 23, 2011

With non-Constitutionally-US-supported anti-Qadaffi forces taking Tripoli yesterday, it looks as if — to be as delicate as a NATO commander — the “flickers” of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah have won. In franker words, America’s jihadist allies, a significant presence among the Libyan “rebels,” are now rising to power in Libya. In more startling terms, the same people who fought with al Qaeda against Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan (and committed unreported atrocities in Libya), are now, thanks to the US taxpayer, very likely about to run or at least help run a state with the ninth largest oil reserves in the world.

But don’t worry. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman was in Benghazi all weekend, making sure everything works out all right.

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters. Big Peace her. Diana West har mere om Libyen på sin blog her.

The New Libyan Zabibah-stan, Made Safe for Sharia?

Andrew Bostom – August 23, 2011

Zabibah-prominent* Libyan “rebel” spokesperson Mustafa Abduljalil, born in 1952 in Al Baida, one of the first cities to rise against Gaddafi, studied law and Islamic jurisprudence in Benghazi before embarking on a legal career that culminated in his appointment in 2007 as Qaddafi’s “minister of justice.” A Wikileaks memo from 1/27/2010 revealed,

In the course of the discussion of the Criminal Code, Abduljalil abruptly changed the subject from freedom of speech to the “Libyan people’s concern about the U.S. government’s support for Israel.”He averred that Libya cares deeply about Muslims everywhere, and about Muslim countries. In his view, the root cause of terrorism stems from the perception that Europe and the U.S. are against Muslims.

Mere HER i Family Security Matters. Big Peace her. Man kan se forfatnings-udkastet i den næste artikel:

Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is ‘Principal Source of Legislation’

Lachlan Markay – August 22, 2011

The dust has not yet settled over the Libyan capital of Tripoli since rebels took control over the weekend. But already, a draft constitutional charter for the transitional state has appeared online (embedded below). It is just a draft, mind you, and gauging its authenticity at this point is difficult. There is also no way to know whether this draft or something similar will emerge as the final governing document for a new Libyan regime.

Mere HER hos Heritage Foundation. Kan også læses her hos Free Republic.

Andre kilder: The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy, National Review Online, National Review Online, National Review OnlineDaniel Pipes,

Video: Michelle Malkin om flash mobs

Det er som om, Flash mobs har en bestemt hudfarve. Men det er måske et tilfælde? Michelle Malkin har også bemærket fænomenet og mener, at der er et mønster her. Sean Hannity har talt med Malkin:

Flash Mobs in America – Michelle Malkin – Sean Hannity – 8-17-11

Flash Mobs are springing up at an alarming rate around the country, Michelle Malkin asks, where is the outcry from the black civil and congressional leaders denouncing the actions of this obvious race based crime spree?

Dagen efter – også fra Fox News:

Vetting Rick Perry – Race Based Flash Mobs Up Rise – Michelle Malkin – Fox & Friends – 8-18-11

Michelle Malkin examines Rick Perry’s record in office and defines her concerns; Escalation of Flash Mobs in America prompt a debate if there is a racial element to them?


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