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Formålsløs modstand imod indvandring

Ja, i Danmark har der  jo hele tiden været et demokratisk flertal imod den ikke-vestlige indvandring. Fremmedimporten startede forholdsvis tidligt i 60-erne. I det lille halve århundrede, der er gået, har der endnu aldrig været en meningsmåling, der ikke viste det. Men det har man ordnet meget smart. Det, der engang hed demokratisk flertal, hedder i dag populisme og så kan man bare køre landets vælgere og skatteydere over. Det er tilmed institutionaliseret i Den Europæiske Menneskerettighedskonvention og andre tilsvarende juridiske foranstaltninger, der sætter de fremmedes interesser over vores. I dag er det ligegyldigt, hvad vi stemmer på. Højre, venstre, centrum. Vi kan alligevel ikke ændre noget. Så kom ikke her:

European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream

by Soeren Kern – August 15,

A new opinion survey shows that more than half of all Europeans believe there are too many immigrants in their countries and that immigration is having a negative impact on their lives.

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The findings – which come as Europeans are waking up to the consequences of decades of mass immigration from Muslim countries – point to a growing disconnect between European voters and their political masters regarding multicultural policies that encourage Muslim immigrants to remain segregated rather than become integrated into their host nations.

The survey results mirror the findings of dozens of other recent polls. Taken together, they provide ample empirical evidence that scepticism about Muslim immigration is not limited to a “right-wing” political fringe, as proponents of multiculturalism often assert. Mainstream voters across the entire political spectrum are now expressing concerns about the role of Islam in Europe.

Mere HER i Hudson New York.

Video: Mark Steyn & Lachlan Markay

Der kommer en masse nye videoer med Mark Steyn lige nu og jeg skal naturligvis se dem allesammen:

Lachlan Markay & Mark Steyn on Decline of the West – August 12, 2011 – Heritage Foundation

In this week’s Scribecast, Lachlan Markay interviews Mark Steyn on his new book, “After America,” the riots in London, and the culture created by Keynesian economics. Scribecast, the Podcast of the Center for Media and Public Policy. Recorded on August 12, 2011.

Desuden denne artikel – Mark Steyn følger op på sin klumme, London ablaze:

The World They Made

By Mark Steyn – August 14, 2011

My weekend column is on London ablaze and a society summed up by the relevant chapter title in my new book (“The New Britannia: The Depraved City”). The scenes we’ve witnessed this last week ought to prompt some serious soul-searching by liberal elites. I nearly said “paternalist,” but, as Tocqueville noted, the word paternalism implies that your object is to raise your charges to adulthood, whereas the children of dependency are maintained by government in a state of permanent and increasingly feral adolescence.

Mere HER i National Review Online.

Theodore Dalrymple & Peter Hitchens om Englands forfald

Theodore Dalrymple har travlt ved tasterne i disse dage. Vold i England igen:

The Barbarians Inside Britain’s Gates

All the young rioters will have had long experience with the justice system’s efforts to confer impunity upon law breakers

By Theodore Dalrymple – August 15, 2011

The Wall Street JournalThe youth of Britain have long placed a de facto curfew on the old, who in most places would no more think of venturing forth after dark than would peasants in Bram Stoker’s Transylvania. Indeed, well before the riots last week, respectable persons would not venture into the centers of most British cities or towns on Friday and Saturday nights, for fear—and in the certainty—of encountering drunken and aggressive youngsters. In Britain nowadays, the difference between ordinary social life and riot is only a matter of degree, not of type.

A short time ago, I gave a talk in a school in an exquisite market town, deep in the countryside. Came Friday night, however, and the inhabitants locked themselves into their houses against the invasion of the barbarians. In my own little market town of Bridgnorth, in Shropshire, where not long ago a man was nearly beaten to death 20 yards from my house, drunken young people often rampage down one of its lovely little streets, causing much damage and preventing sleep. No one, of course, dares ask them to stop. The Shropshire council has dealt with the problem by granting a license for a pub in the town to open until 4 a.m., as if what the town needed was the opportunity for yet more and later drunkenness.

Mere HER i Wall Street Journal. En til:

Police water cannon and plastic bullets? After 50 years of the most lavish welfare state on earth? What an abject failure

By Peter Hitchens on 14th August 2011

Bitter laughter is my main response to the events of the past week. You are surprised by what has happened? Why? I have been saying for years that it was coming, and why it was coming, and what could be done to stop it.

I have said it in books, in articles, over lunch and dinner tables with politicians whose lips curled with lofty contempt.

So yes, I am deeply sorry for the innocent and gentle people who have lost lives, homes, businesses and security. Heaven knows I have argued for years for the measures that might have saved them.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Opdatering den 16. august 2011 – Dalrymple igen:

Sloppy Riot Thinking

Are pre-2008 bankers the moral equivalents of British looters?

Theodore Dalrymple – 15 August 2011

No interpretation of events is final, so it is not surprising that a war of words has begun over the meaning of the riots in London and elsewhere. What is perhaps more surprising is that even conservative commentators, for example in the Daily Mail and the Spectator, have drawn a parallel that might have been expected from members of student socialist societies in the 1960s, comparing the looters who have terrorized Britain to the bankers who were involved in the financial crisis of 2008. For these pundits, the looters only did retail what the bankers did wholesale.

Mere HER i City Journal.

Andre kilder: The American Thinker,


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