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Amerika og den islamiske tolerance

Hvorfor mon det ikke er omvendt? Hvorfor hedder artiklen ikke Amerika og islamisk tolerance? Lad os få noget muslimsk næstekærlighed. Det er jo ligesom et fænomen, vi  ikke har set en hel masse til. Men det handler artiklen ikke om. Sært nok:

Islam and American Tolerance

By David E. Campbell and Robert D. Putnam – August 12, 2011

The Wall Street JournalWhat the experience of Jews and Catholics suggests about the future for Muslims

What’s the path to religious acceptance in America—and what can Muslims, Mormons and Buddhists learn from Jews and Catholics?

A Gallup report out last week found that, of all major religious groups in America, Muslims are the most optimistic about their future. When asked what they think their lives will be like in five years, Muslims see themselves as having a better life than do members of any other religious group. They are also most likely to say that their community is getting better as a place to live.

Why is such optimism warranted even though Muslims are also the religious group most likely to report experiencing discrimination?

Sandhed findes ikke mere. Hvis muslimer ikke er diskriminerede, så vælger man bare at fortolke noget andet. Der er ingen risiko for, at man bliver sagt imod. Det er jo ikke politisk korrekt. Desuden er sandheden ikke et gyldigt forsvar. Mere HER i Wall Street Journal.

Hvorfor faldt Sovjet-blokken?

The Gorbachev Files – Secret Papers Reveal Truth Behind Soviet Collapse

By Christian Neef – August 11, 2011

Logo Der Spiegel Banner

Communist hardliners staged a coup against Mikhail Gorbachev 20 years ago, and the Soviet Union collapsed soon afterwards. Previously unknown documents, which SPIEGEL has obtained, show just how desperate the last Soviet leader was as he fought to retain power — and how he begged Germany for money to save his country.

There is one moment — a single decision — that some people still hold against Mikhail Gorbachev today, 20 years later.

Gorbachev, the last leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and last president of the Soviet Union, his wife and his closest confidants had survived the attempted coup by the KGB, the military leadership and the interior minister. They returned to Moscow from their house arrest at Gorbachev’s vacation home in the Crimean resort of Foros. Their plane landed in the capital at 2:15 a.m., local time, on August 22, 1991.

Mere HER i Der Spiegel. Jeg har valgt at linke til print-versionen for at undgå det der pjat med sideinddeling.

Opdatering: Foreign Magazine har en foto-serie fra perioden her.

Video: Whites have become blacks

Tja. The big melting pot. Nå nej. Melting pot er racisme. Hvis man vil afskaffe sammenhængskraften, så gør man Human Lefts til alles menneskerettigheder. England er nu en campingplads, hvor alle bare kan slå sig ned. Ægte multikultur, hvor alle kører i hver sin retning. Ingen trafikregler for noget som helst. Det er for konservativt og skal kasseres, – alle kulturer er lige gyldige. En stor “marketplace of ideas”. “Den sociale kontrakt” gælder ikke. Hvor herligt:

David Starkey tries to talk about the English Riots on Newsnight

David Starkey tries to talk about the English Riots on the BBCs flagship current affairs program Newsnight. He’s never able to finish a point and is constantly talked over by two PC lefties with no help from the chair.

First broadcast by the BBC on the 12th of August 2011.

Opdatering – The Daily Mail har en artikel om udsendelsen:

Opdatering –  endnu en artikel fra The Daily Mail:

Når man vil have en anden kultur

Så laver man den. Og blæser på Vestens “økonomiske incitamenter”. Jeg gad lige at vide om Redox-folkene selv er flyttet ind i en ghetto? Går deres egne børn i ghettoskoler? Eller er de bare sure over, at nogle andre ikke har realiseret den multikulturelle målsætning, som disse andre har været modstandere af i årtier?

Sharia Enclaves in the West

By Ryan Mauro – 12 August, 2011

Logo AINA Banner

Islamist organizations are hard at work creating Muslim enclaves in the West, including right here in the United States. These efforts are designed to create Islamic autonomous areas, often with the expressed desire of incrementally bringing the host country completely under Sharia-based governance. This campaign has not stopped or even slowed down since FrontPage Magazine and the Middle East Forum shined the light on it one year ago.

One group leading the effort to establish Islamist communities within the U.S. is As-Sabiqun, led by an extremist cleric named Imam Abdul Alim Musa. His list of heroes reads like a who’s-who of the jihadist world, from Hasan al-Banna to Sayyid Qutb to Ayatollah Khomeini. He recently heaped praise upon Iranian President Ahmadinejad. In June 2002, he expressed support for suicide bombings in Israel. He preaches that the 9/11 attacks were a CIA/Mossad operation, says he “like[s]” Osama Bin Laden, supports Hezbollah, and describes Hamas as being “very nice people.” The As-Sabiqun Web site has a plan to create Sharia enclaves in the U.S. in stages, beginning with moving Muslims to one area and setting up independent social services.

Mere HER hos AINA eller her hos FrontPageMagazine.

Video: Robert Spencer, Ezra Levant og Michael Coren

Skøn tv-kanal, de har der i Canada. Sun TV. Islamister forsøger at opildne til mere vold i England:

Ezra Levant and Robert Spencer On The London Riots

Ezra Levant and Robert Spencer discuss the London Riots and the efforts of Islamist terror groups to use them to their advantage.

Denne her video forsvinder hele tiden. For tiden virker dette upload:

Michael Coren on the London riots

“Poor” people don’t have Blackberries.

Canada kan ikke finde ud af multikulturen. Her er en skrupskør historie:

Ezra Levant Interviews The Man Sentenced To Islam

Ezra Levant Interviews The Man Sentenced To Islam – Mark Harding

Andre kilder: Jihad Watch,

Vi må ikke glemme Iran

Why Aren’t There Millions of Iranians in the Streets?

August 12, 2011 – by Michael Ledeen

Logo Pajamas Media 3People keep asking me how come the Iranian people seem to be missing in action amidst the Middle Eastern insurrection. Fair enough. No matter that the whole process was kicked off, and inspired by, the massive demonstrations in the streets of Iran’s major cities following the electoral fraud of June, 2009. There is fighting in Libya, and there is slaughter in Syria, but so far as we can see from our newspapers and TV coverage, the only thing going on in Iran is continued repression by the regime and not much in the way of pushback from the people. If it is true, I am asked, that the overwhelming majority of Iranians hate the regime, why aren’t they doing more to bring it down?

My first answer is that they are doing quite a bit to bring it down, but it is no longer in the form to which we had become accustomed: big public demonstrations calling for an end to the regime. To be sure, some elements of those protests are still very much with us, such as the chanting of “death to the dictator” from the rooftops in the big cities. But there are no longer large gatherings of protesters, even on university campuses, which have long been centers of protest.

Mere HER i Pajamas Media.

Audio og artikel: Theodore Dalrymple – igen om vold i England

Theodore Dalrymple tror, at det handler om at vælge de rette økonomiske incitamenter. Det gør det ikke. Det handler om kultur og religion. Selv FN aner ikke, hvad de skal stille op, nu hvor modellen “best practices” er slået fejl. Hvad kan det dog være, der går galt? En del af de konservative fatter lige så lidt som venstrefløjen. Man kan følge med i en komplet udskrift her. Varer knap 5 minutter:

British commentator blames welfare system for riots

Audio Headset Black 100One conservative British social commentator believes the riots that have swept the country were entirely predictable, if only the ruling elite had eyes to see it.

Theodore Dalrymple is a retired prison psychiatrist who’s been writing for years in British papers and magazines about what he sees as a welfare-addicted, under-educated underclass. Mr Dalrymple says the solution is to dismantle the social security and education system as well as liberalise the labour laws, then let those who refuse to work, starve.

He told Matt Peacock the current violence came as no surprise.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player.

Where youth admire criminality

By Theodore Dalrymple – August 12, 2011

Only the wilfully blind could have been surprised by the scale or ferocity of the riots that have engulfed Britain in the past week. Unfortunately, most of the country’s political and intellectual class have been wilfully blind for years, in a state of the most abject denial; a brief walk in any of our cities should have been enough to tell them all that they needed to know.

How anyone could have missed the aggressive malignity inscribed in the faces and manner of so many young men in Britain is a mystery to me. Perhaps, like Dr Watson, our political and intellectual class saw but did not observe; and they did not observe because they lacked the moral courage to attempt anything but appeasement.

Mere HER i The Deccan Chronicle.  Dalrymple snakker godt for sin syge moster:

British rioters the spawn of a bankrupt ruling elite

Theodore Dalrymple – August 11, 2011

The riots in London and elsewhere in Britain are a backhanded tribute to the long-term intellectual torpor, moral cowardice, incompetence and careerist opportunism of the British political and intellectual class.

They have somehow managed not to notice what has long been apparent to anyone who has taken a short walk with his eyes open down any frequented British street: that a considerable proportion of the country’s young population (a proportion that is declining) is ugly, aggressive, vicious, badly educated, uncouth and criminally inclined.

Unfortunately, while it is totally lacking in self-respect, it is full of self-esteem: that is to say, it believes itself entitled to a high standard of living, and other things, without any effort on its own part.

Mere HER i The Australian.

Video: Mark Steyn en masse

Mark Steyn er over det hele lige nu og det skal vi selvfølgelig have fornøjelsen af her på Veritas Universalis. Den første er fra 10. august 2011:

Mark Steyn & Frank Gaffney – After America

From Secure Freedom Radio August 10, 2011. New York Times bestselling author, Mark Steyn joins Secure Freedom Radio to give listeners an insight into his new book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. In After America, Steyn discusses how America has been in economic decline since the 1950s. If the leaders of the United States do not fix the problem by 2015, we are doomed to total decline. Furthermore, he argues that the two centuries Western dominance in the world will be replaced by the dominance of totalitarian regimes and religious Caliphates. The peace and prosperity in which the United States has become accustomed, says Steyn, is not due to Mother Nature, but rather due to international conditions.

Fra The The Sean Hannity Show 9. eller 10. august 2011:

Mark Steyn Talks ‘After America’ [FOX 8-10-2011]

Fra 12. august 2011:

Mark Steyn on 630 WMAL

The riots in England are a spark that is leading to the “natural endpoint” of big government and the United States is not far behind, says author Mark Steyn.

The destruction and chaos that resulted from the British riots show a “waste of lives” created by government stimulus programs, Steyn told the WMAL Morning Majority.

Der følger en lille artikel med som man kan læse her hos 360 WMAL.

Fra 9. august 2011:

Mark Steyn on the Mark Levin show

Mark Levin interviews Mark Steyn author of After America get ready for Armageddon.

Fra 10. august 2011:

081011 Mark Steyn

Fra 11. august 2011:

Megyn Kelly: Roundtable discussion on the UK riots with Mark Steyn

Og Martha Zoller:

Mark Steyn on After America

After America and America Alone – Captured Live on Ustream

Opdatering – endnu en Steyn-video:

Riots in London

Mark Steyn talks to Neil Cavuto about the riots in London and the failed socialist state.

Desuden en artikel:

Lessons for us from London in flames

By Mark Steyn – Aug. 12, 2011

The trick in this business is not to be right too early. A week ago I released my new book – the usual doom ‘n’ gloom stuff – and, just as the sensible prudent moderate chaps were about to dismiss it as hysterical and alarmist, Standard & Poor’s went and downgraded the United States from its AAA rating for the first time in history. Obligingly enough they downgraded it to AA+, which happens to be the initials of my book: After America. Okay, there’s not a lot of “+” in that, but you can’t have everything.

But the news cycle moves on, and a day or two later, the news shows were filled with scenes of London ablaze, as gangs of feral youths trashed and looted their own neighborhoods. Several readers wrote to taunt me for not having anything to say on the London riots. As it happens, Chapter Five of my book is called “The New Britannia: The Depraved City.” You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me to Western Civilization’s descent into barbarism. Anyone who’s read it will fully understand what’s happening on the streets of London. The downgrade and the riots are part of the same story: Big Government debauches not only a nation’s finances but its human capital, too.

National Review Online HER, Free Republic her eller her i Orange County Register.

Andre kilder: Big Peace, Secure Freedom Radio,


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