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Sappho om Geert Wilders, Karen Jespersen og islamisering af Danmark

Kæmpenederlag for ytringsfrihedens fjender – men de vil nok prøve igen, frygter et af Geert Wilders’ hovedvidner

23. juni 2011 – artikel af Sapphos medarbejder

Den hollandske politiker Geert Wilders blev i dag ved retten i Amsterdam frikendt for alle anklager om blandt andet racisme og tilskyndelse til had. Det er en sejr for ytringsfriheden og en anerkendelse af, at det stadig er tilladt at kritisere islam, siger Wilders.

Mere HER i Sappho. Medlemmerne af det skizofrene Venstre støtter både ekstremister og islamkritikere? Særpræget:

Zubair Butt Hussain mod Karen Jespersen

22. juni 2011 – artikel af Helle Merete Brix

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Den 30. juni skal Landsretten tage stilling til en ankesag, der har vakt opmærksomhed i medierne. Stridens parter er den tidligere talsperson for Muslimernes Fællesråd Zubair Butt Hussain og tidligere velfærdsminister Karen Jespersen (V).

Mere HER i Sappho. Og en rigtig god artikel her af Rachel Adelberg-Johansen:

Fænomenet islamisering: Beretninger fra det virkelige liv

22. juni 2011 – klumme af Rachel Adelberg-Johansen

Mens folkeskolen og andre offentlige institutioner i det stille bøjer sig for shariaen, får vi ikke andet end bortforklaringer fra de professionelle eksperter.

Mere HER i Sappho.

det burde være særdeles nemt […] klart og entydigt at tage afstand fra stening som straffemetode

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Video: Geert Wilders frikendt!

Frikendt på alle anklagepunkter. Russia Today har en kort video:

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders cleared of hate speech

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, tried for ‘inciting hatred and discrimination’, has been cleared of all charges. He had reportedly described Islam as ‘a fascist religion that allows terrorism’ and called for the Koran to be banned. Wilders insisted his comments were not directed at Muslim believers but at Islam – and they formed a legitimate political debate. The verdict was broadcast live on Dutch TV.

Fra hollandsk tv – tyske undertekster:

Geert Wilders in allen Punkten freigesprochen – Erste Worte

Opdatering – Russia Today har uploadet endnu en video i forbindelse med dommen. Her handler det dog mest om integration i England:

‘Geert Wilders verdict: Victory for Free Speech’

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, tried for ‘inciting hatred and discrimination’, has been cleared of all charges. He had reportedly described Islam as ‘a fascist religion that allows terrorism’ and called for the Koran to be banned. Wilders insisted his comments were not directed at Muslim believers but at Islam – and they formed a legitimate political debate.

Andre kilder: Jyllands-Posten, Jyllands-Posten, Dutch News,

Video: Ezra Levant & Ann Coulter

Fra 22. juni 2011:

Ezra Levant with Ann Coulter

Ezra Levant and guest Ann Coulter discuss violent leftist retards.

Grækenland i krise: Det er jødernes skyld

Mikis Theodorakis:

“Everything that happens today in the world has to do with the Zionists”
“American Jews are behind the world economic crisis that has hit Greece also”

The Immorality of Scapegoating Greece’s Jews

Bruce Kesler – June 22, 2011

Logo Family Security MattersAnti-Semitism is an escape from reality, misdirecting attention from real problems by inventing another cause as coming from Jews or Israel. We’re familiar with this behavior in the Middle East but it is also evident elsewhere, as in Greece. When history isn’t known, constructive futures cannot be built as the old hatreds and sins are blithely repeated.

A memorial to one of the major heroes of Greece’s victory against the Italian invasion in 1940 – Jewish Colonel Mordechai Frizis — stands outside the National Military Museum in Athens.  Many leaders and members of the Greek resistance during World War II were Jews.

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters.

Opdatering 25. juni fra The Daily Mail:

The Big Fat Greek Gravy Train: A special investigation into the EU-funded culture of greed, tax evasion and scandalous waste

By Andrew Malone on 25th June 2011

Even on a stiflingly hot summer’s day, the Athens underground is a pleasure. It is air-conditioned, with plasma screens to entertain passengers relaxing in cool, cavernous departure halls – and the trains even run on time.

There is another bonus for users of this state-of-the-art rapid transport system: it is, in effect, free for the five million people of the Greek capital.

With no barriers to prevent free entry or exit to this impressive tube network, the good citizens of Athens are instead asked to ‘validate’ their tickets at honesty machines before boarding. Few bother.

Mere HER i The Daily Mail.

Om Rusland & Mikhail Gorbatjov

Lidt historie:

Everything You Think You Know About the Collapse of the Soviet Union is Wrong

By Leon Aron | July/August 2011 issue

Logo Foreign Policy MagazineEvery revolution is a surprise. Still, the latest Russian Revolution must be counted among the greatest of surprises. In the years leading up to 1991, virtually no Western expert, scholar, official, or politician foresaw the impending collapse of the Soviet Union, and with it one-party dictatorship, the state-owned economy, and the Kremlin’s control over its domestic and Eastern European empires. Neither, with one exception, did Soviet dissidents nor, judging by their memoirs, future revolutionaries themselves. When Mikhail Gorbachev became general secretary of the Communist Party in March 1985, none of his contemporaries anticipated a revolutionary crisis. Although there were disagreements over the size and depth of the Soviet system’s problems, no one thought them to be life-threatening, at least not anytime soon.

Man sagde ellers, at russerne gav op overfor Vestens IT-revolution. At det især var udfordringen fra EDB, som det hed dengang. Det mangler i artiklen. Mere HER i Foreign Policy – kan også læses her hos AEI.


For the first time, Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man tells the inside story of the coup that killed glasnost — and changed the world.

By Gennady Burbulis & Michele A. Berdy | July/August 2011

“That scum!” Boris Yeltsin fumed. “It’s a coup. We can’t let them get away with it.”

It was the morning of Aug. 19, 1991, and the Russian president was standing at the door of his dacha in Arkhangelskoe, a compound of small country houses outside Moscow where the top Russian government officials lived. I had raced over from my own house nearby, after a friend called from Moscow, frantic and nearly hysterical, insisting that I turn on the radio. There had been a coup; Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev had been removed from power.

Mere HER i Foreign Policy.

Foreign Policy har flere tema-artikler om Mikhail Gorbatjov og Rusland her.

Andre kilder: Wikipedia,

Video: Danmark, nu blunder den lyse nat

Kaya Brüel – Radiounderholdningsorkesteret – Thøger Larsen – Oluf Ring

Tostatsløsning for Tyrkiet?

Nej, to er ikke nok. Grækerne skal have deres områder tilbage. Det er der også andre, der skal. Men at få Tyrkiet ud af Kurdistan, ville da være da en start:

Turkish intolerance of ethnic minorities resulted in the Armenian genocide

A Two State Solution for Turkey?

Daniel Greenfield – June 21, 2011

Logo Canada Free Press SmallImagine a European Union member nation which represses an ethnic minority that makes up a fifth of its population. Now imagine the EU being forced to take sides in a domestic civil war within its own union in which ethnic cleansing is the order of the day. That is the fate awaiting the EU if it admits Turkey as it is.

Turkish intolerance of ethnic minorities resulted in the Armenian genocide. And in the ongoing repression of its Kurdish population. Turkish prisons are full of Kurdish political prisoners, some who have done nothing more than use the Kurdish language in the wrong place or sing a Kurdish song. Kurds have fought back against Turkish state repression with a political and militant struggle. And despite what Turkish authorities are telling their European counterparts, that struggle is not over.

Mere HER i Canada Free Press. Kan også læses her hos Sultan Knish. Right Side News her.

The Sound of Turkey Clapping

Thoughts on the recent elections, mostly ignored around the world

Claire Berlinski – 22 June 2011

Having long before accepted a lecturing assignment on Hillsdale College’s Baltic Cruise, I wasn’t in Istanbul for the June 12 general election. So despite months of following the campaign in minute detail, when it actually happened, I was physically and metaphorically isolated from the mood in Turkey. There was some value to that: contemplating the pale, glassy, silent Baltic Sea puts Turkish hysteria in perspective.

Mere HER i City Journal.

“Turkey won the Democracy Special Olympics!”
Claire Berlinski

Andre kilder: PanArmenian.Net,

Nå, er der så muhammedkrise igen?

Åbenbart. Denne gang er det inderne, det går ud over. Skolebog forlanges fjernet. Imamer truer:

“the Muslims will not hesitate to take the issue to street,”

Javel. Vold og islam som to sider af samme sag – det viser sig gang på gang:

Clerics protest against pictorial representation of Prophet Mohammad

By Faisal Fareed – 21 June 2011

Cry Baby MuhammadLucknow: Infuriated over pictorial representation of Prophet Mohammad in a text book, the Muslim clerics demanded action against the publisher and action against the concerned authorities on Tuesday. Letters have been faxed to National Commission for Minorities (NCM) for taking cognizance of the incident.

The alleged picture has appeared in a text book of Class IV titled ‘Moral Education Ethics’ published by Active Mind Publications, Allahabad. The book is written by Chandra Prakash and is approved by ICSE boards and is in circulation across the country including several schools in Lucknow. Muslims have objections over the depiction of Prophet through a caricature in Chapter-6, Being Good and Gentle, on page no.35.

Mere HER hos TwoCircles.


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