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Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Bin Laden

Lidt pundits:

The US got Bin Laden but missed the Nuremberg trial of Jihadism

By Walid Phares – May 18, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Logo Family Security MattersHe was number one on world’s “Most Wanted” list, a serial mass murderer of Americans the United States wanted dead or alive, a fugitive from UN justice pursued by the nations of the world, and to millions of people around the world, evil incarnate. Osama Bin Laden’s (OBL) conscious disregard for the sanctity of human life manifested itself in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians in the US, Europe, and Central and South Asia. The grandiose attacks he commissioned in New York, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Madrid, London, Moscow, Karachi and Bali underscored the al Qaeda leader’s malevolence and accomplished a feat that has eluded the Community of Nations since the UN’s founding in 1945—from the local Tanzanian police station to the Norwegian Room (UNSC Chamber) in New York, it galvanized world consensus around a single goal—bring Bin Laden to justice!

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters. Kan også læses her hos Spero News.

Did the U.S. Violate Bin Laden’s Rights?

By Anne Bayefsky | May 09, 2011

The response to the death of Usama bin Laden by the  U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, and two “experts” appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council ought to be ringing a lot of alarm bells right now.

Just last month, Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations told Congress that “when we meet our financial obligations to the U.N., we make Americans safer.”

Mere HER hos FoxNews. Kan også læses her hos Hudson Institute.

Tyrkiske kristne forfølges

Hele 59 procent af den tyrkiske befolkning er imod, at kristne må holde gudstjeneste:

Tyrkiets kristne udsættes for chikane

Tobias Stern Johansen | 13. maj 2011

Logo Kristeligt Dagblad

Flertallet af tyrkere er imod kristnes ret til at holde gudstjeneste, og seks præster lever under beskyttelse. Fjendtligheden fostres af skolebøgers fordømmelse af mission

Mere HER i Kristeligt Dagblad.


Too Young to Wed

The secret world of child brides

By Cynthia Gorney – June 2011

Logo National GeographicBecause the wedding was illegal and a secret, except to the invited guests, and because marriage rites in Rajasthan are often conducted late at night, it was well into the afternoon before the three girl brides in this dry farm settlement in the north of India began to prepare themselves for their sacred vows. They squatted side by side on the dirt, a crowd of village women holding sari cloth around them as a makeshift curtain, and poured soapy water from a metal pan over their heads. Two of the brides, the sisters Radha and Gora, were 15 and 13, old enough to understand what was happening. The third, their niece Rajani, was 5. She wore a pink T-shirt with a butterfly design on the shoulder. A grown-up helped her pull it off to bathe.

The grooms were en route from their own village, many miles away. No one could afford an elephant or the lavishly saddled horses that would have been ceremonially correct for the grooms’ entrance to the wedding, so they were coming by car and were expected to arrive high-spirited and drunk. The only local person to have met the grooms was the father of the two oldest girls, a slender gray-haired farmer with a straight back and a drooping mustache. This farmer, whom I will call Mr. M, was both proud and wary as he surveyed guests funneling up the rocky path toward the bright silks draped over poles for shade; he knew that if a nonbribable police officer found out what was under way, the wedding might be interrupted mid-ceremony, bringing criminal arrests and lingering shame to his family.

Mere HER i National Geographic.

Opdatering 7. juni 2011:

As Wealth and Literacy Rise in India, Report Says, So Do Sex-Selective Abortions

By Jim Yardley – May 24, 2011

NEW DELHI — India’s increasing wealth and improving literacy are apparently contributing to a national crisis of “missing girls,” with the number of sex-selective abortions up sharply among more affluent, educated families during the past two decades, according to a new study.

The study found the problem of sex-selective abortions of girls has spread steadily across India after once being confined largely to a handful of conservative northern states. Researchers also found that women from higher-income, better-educated families were far more likely than poorer women to abort a girl, especially during a second pregnancy if the firstborn was a girl.

Mere HER i The New York Times.

Opdatering 9. juni 2011 – The Daily Mail har også noget i dag:

Opdatering den 5. august 2011 fra The Patriot Post:

Bruce Thornton & Victor Davis Hanson om multikultur

Denne artikel kan høres som mp3 her. Thornton har ikke taget islam med i ligningen, – der synes at være problemer nok alligevel:

How Assimilation Works

– and how multiculturalism has wrecked it in California

Bruce S. Thornton – 17 May 2011

Logo City Journal

California is a concentrated example of the time-honored idea that America is an immigrant nation. From its beginnings as a territory through the twentieth century, California comprised a riotous variety of ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions. The whole world, it seemed, was coming and contributing to the state’s ethnic tapestry: Mexicans, Irish, Australians, South Sea Islanders, Italians, Basques, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Armenians, Volga Germans, Filipinos, Hmong, Laotians, Punjabis, Vietnamese. And for a long time, immigration worked, because everyone was expected to assimilate, more or less, to the American paradigm.

For an example of how that assimilation took place, consider the rural San Joaquin Valley, where I grew up. Since it offered plenty of opportunities to own farmland and to find agricultural work, the valley became a place where the theory of assimilation met the practice. Assimilation didn’t mean that an immigrant had to discard his native culture or language. […]

Mere HER i City Journal.

The End of an Idea — Why Affirmative Action Should Stop

May 16, 2011 – by Victor Davis Hanson

2011, not 1970?

We have had about a half-century of racial preferences and often unspoken but real quotas for hiring and admission based on racial identity. If the original intent was to level the playing field for African-Americans and Latinos, who had been subject to systematic and often gratuitously mean discrimination throughout much of the American South and Southwest, nonetheless the current rationale for sustaining affirmative action has become a veritable nightmare of contradictions, biases, and incoherence that is now well beyond reform. Conservatives mostly believe this; an increasing number of liberals quietly think it.

Who Is What?

First, what exactly is race today in America in which intermarriage and immigration have increasingly made it — and its ugly twin racial purity — often irrelevant? We are no longer a country largely 85-90% “white” and 10-12% “black,” but something almost hard to categorize in racial terms. Do university admission officers adopt the 1/16, one-drop racial rule of the old Confederacy? Does being one fourth African-American qualify one for consideration; three-fourths Japanese; half Mexican-American? Does a simple surname add — and often by intent — authenticity and credulity? The son of Linda Hernandez and Jason Smith — a Bobby Smith — is not considered, without genealogical investigation, Hispanic, but the son of Linda Smith and Jason Hernandez — a Roberto Hernandez of equal 50/50 ancestry — is almost instantly? If so, is race a state of mind and personal choice more than circumstances of birth? What exactly is white and what a minority — a dark-skinned Armenian-American is the former, a light-skinned Colombian American is the latter? A dark Sicilian-American is white, Barack Obama is black?

Mere HER i Pajamas Media.

Video: Gensyn med Trapper John McIntyre fra M*A*S*H

I virkeligheden hedder han Wayne Rogers og han har lige skrevet en bog, Make Your Own Rules: A Renegade Guide to Unconventional Success. I denne video skælder han ud på banker og USAs økonomiske politik. Fra 27. april 2011 – intervieweren hedder Ashley Martella:

Link til bogen på Amazon her.

Geert Wilders i Canada

Et par artikler om Geert Wilders besøg i Canada:

Geert Wilders: Paying a high price but here’s why he won’t back down     

by Joanne Hill – May 17, 2011 

Logo Jewish Tribune Banner

Toronto – According to Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders his life changed irrevocably the day Mohammed Bouyeri murdered filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in broad daylight on the streets of Amsterdam. In 2004, Bouyeri shot and stabbed Van Gogh multiple times, tried to decapitate him and drove a knife through a five-page letter straight into Van Gogh’s body. The death threats in Bouyeri’s letter forced Wilders, and fellow politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, into a restrictive life of secrecy and high security. Credible death threats continue to arrive from sources around the world, all because he dared to state openly his negative opinions about Islam.

Mere HER i The Jewish Tribune. Også Ali Sina skriver om Wilders, men Sina begår flere fejl undervejs:

Hailing the Lies, Punishing the Truth

Ali Sina – May 18, 2011

In his May 14, 2011 article, published in the Ottawa Citizen, Michael Taube, a former speech writer for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, blasted Geert Wilders and accused him of not understanding the difference between radical Islam and moderate Islam.

Mere HER hos Family Security Matters.

Christopher Hitchens om Rosa Luxemburg

Red Rosa

The writings of the martyred socialist Rosa Luxemburg give a plaintive view of history’s paths not taken.

By Christopher Hitchens – June 2011

Logo The Atlantic

The generally accepted verdict on 20th-century ideology—that its “totalitarian” character eclipses any of the ostensible differences between its “left” and “right” versions—is one that few wish to dispute. Indeed, the very term totalitarian was most probably coined by the dissident Marxist Victor Serge, to denote a uniquely modern form of absolutism that essentially sought to abolish the private life and the individual conscience. As with concepts, so with consequences: David Rousset’s early classic, L’Univers Concentrationnaire, foreshadowed the image of “the camp” as the place where the human surplus of brute Utopianism was disposed of, no matter what the claimed character of the regime.

This convergence or symmetry does not automatically translate into a strict moral equivalence. More people may have been consumed by the Gulag than by the Nazi lager system. Yet Robert Conquest, the preeminent historian of Stalinism, when invited to pass a judgment, found the Hitlerite crimes to be more damnable. Pressed to enlarge on this, he replied: “I simply feel it to be so.” I think the intuition of many morally intelligent people would be the same.

Mere HER i The Atlantic.

Hvorfor sakker den islamiske verden bagud?

Placing the Arab Revolutions in Context

by Tarek Heggy  – May 18, 2011

Logo Hudson New York

The seeds of our problems, backwardness and regression were not planted by colonialism as many would have us believe. Rather, colonialism was the natural result of the dialectical process that was unfolding concomitantly in the Arabic-speaking societies on the one hand and in Europe on the other.

In other words, to claim we were backward because we were colonized is to put the cart before the horse. The reverse is true: it is because we were backward that we were colonized. And we were backward because the conservative school triumphed over the school of reason, logic and philosophy in our intellectual and – to use a contemporary term – cultural life.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York.

Terrorstaten Pakistan

Time to Cut Off Pakistan

by Robert Spencer – May 17, 2011

Why is the U.S. government continuing to send billions of taxpayer dollars to Pakistan?

Logo Human Events

One way to give the economy a shot in the arm would be to stop sending huge sums of money to a nation that quite clearly is no longer our ally, if it ever was.  The latest confirmation of this came Saturday, when the Pakistani parliament threatened to cut off NATO access to a transit facility used to get troops into Afghanistanin in retaliation for the American commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

One might reasonably have assumed that the Pakistani government, which has received well over a billion dollars a year from the United States since 9/11 in order to fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban, would be embarrassed by the fact that bin Laden was discovered on its soil, clearly enjoying—for years—the protection of highly placed Pakistani officials.  In response to that embarrassment, it would have been reasonable to expect the Pakistani government to start working hard to demonstrate its trustworthiness to the Americans, to show them that all the money that the U.S. has poured into Pakistan has not been wasted, and that as it continues to flow, it will not be wasted.

Mere HER i Human Events.

Adios, Pakistan

Pakistan’s internal politics are not our business. Its sheltering of major Islamist terrorists is.

Victor Davis Hanson – May 17, 2011

“I don’t care if someone is giving us money; we are not a purchasable commodity. We cannot be bought. We can live in hunger, but we won’t compromise our national interests.”

– Bashir Bilour, a Pakistani senior minister, in angry response following an al-Qaeda reprisal for the American killing of Osama bin Laden

Mere HER i National Review Online. Kan også læses her hos CBS News.

Don Feder: Forenede islamofober

Islamophobes Of The World Unite – You Have Nothing To Save But Your Heads!

By Don Feder – May 17, 2011

We Islamaphobes are truly a loathsome lot – sowing dissention and hatred wherever we go. But Peter Burr, M.D., recently elected chair of the Williamson County, TN. Democratic Party, is on our case.

Logo GrassTopsUSA Banner 420

Last week, Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament and a trenchant critic of Islam, spoke at two events in Nashville.

In a commentary in the Tennessean (“Outside Agitators Should Not Define American Values”) Burr excoriated Wilders in language Democrats usually reserve for the Tea Parties and the Boy Scouts of America. Anyway, I thought “outside agitators” became passé with Spiro Agnew’s departure from the national scene.

Mere HER hos GrasstopsUSA.


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