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Bænd flere koraner!

Lars Vilks: Vi måste bränna fler koraner

5 april, 2011

Logo SVT IconKoranbränning: Skall man behålla yttrandefriheten får man stå upp för den. Till och med för ett lågvattenmärke som pastor Terry Jones som inför världsmedier bränt Koranen. Antagligen är den enda lösningen att elda upp fler koraner. Inflation skapar utmattning och hur paradoxalt det än verkar behöver världen 1 000 Terry Jones-grillare till i pseudohändelsernas rike, skriver konstnären Lars Vilks.

Mere HER hos SVT.

OIC vil alligevel forbyde religionskritik

Nå, træerne vokser stadig ikke ind i himlen:

Muslimske lande vil have erklæring mod islamofobi

Allan Sørensen | 5. april 2011

Islamisk verdensorganisation skrinlægger alligevel ikke kravet om et forbud mod religionskritik. Samtidig forfatter de muslimske lande nu et udkast til en såkaldt islamofobi-resolution

Logo Kristeligt Dagblad

Tilfredsheden hos de vestlige lande i FN’s Menneskerettighedsråd var stor, da Organisationen for Den Islamiske Konference (OIC), som repræsenterer 57 muslimske lande, i slutningen af marts tilsyneladende lod sig overtale til at opgive 11 års krav om at gøre religionskritik til en kriminel handling. […]

Mere HER i Kristeligt Dagblad.

Opdatering 8. april 2011:

The OIC vs. Freedom of Expression

Their change of tactics imperils speech worldwide

Jacob Mchangama – April 7, 2011

On March 24, the U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a resolution aimed at combating “negative stereotyping” and “intolerance” against persons based on religion or belief. For the first time since 1999, this resolution does not include a condemnation of “defamation of religion,” by which the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has repeatedly sought passage of a global blasphemy law to protect Islam from criticism. This development has been heralded as a major victory for the West and human-rights organizations that have long campaigned against this attack on free speech.

Mere HER i National Review Online. Kan også læses her hos Fri Debat.

Tidligere blogget om sagen:

Egypten vil have religiøst politi

Mutaween eller Basij. Kært barn har mange navne. En Kommision for Dydens Fremme og Forebyggelse af Usædelighed. Det arabiske forår, jojo:

Post-Mubarak Egypt has Islamists calling for modesty police

By David E. Miller / April 4, 2011

Call adds to concerns among liberals that the country is going Islamic after attacks on Muslim mystic tombs, Christians.

Logo The Jerusalem Post Banner 420

Officials of the Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya, one of Egypt’s leading Islamic groups, have called for the establishment of a Saudi-style modesty police to combat “immoral” behavior in public areas in what observers say in another sign of a growing Islamic self-confidence in the post-Mubarak era.

Al-Gama’a has taken part in armed attacks in Egypt in the 1980s and 1990s, the most famous of which – the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981. But now the group, which is officially still outlawed, has indicated its intention to join Egypt’s new political arena. 

Mere HER i The Jerusalem Post.

Alan Dershowitz om Sydafrika & Israel

South African Charge of Israeli Apartheid Rings Hollow

by Alan M. Dershowitz – April 5, 2011

Alan Dershowitz SmallA recent speaking tour about Israel brought me to South Africa, following a visit to Norway. Both countries are hostile environments when it comes to the Jewish state. In Norway, the three faculties of the Norwegian universities refused to host me, but student groups broke the boycott against pro-Israel speakers by inviting me to speak. In South Africa, the boycott held and I was precluded from speaking at any university.

The South African boycott against me, as an advocate for Israel, was spearheaded by a sitting judge named Dennis Davis, who aspires to serve on South Africa’s highest court and who authored an op ed in the Cape Times headlined “Dershowitz is not welcome here!” It was cosigned by a dozen other mainstream lawyers and academics strongly opposed to Israel.

Mere HER hos Hudson New York eller her i FrontPageMagazine.

Mere om Goldstone-rapporten

Fra absurditeternes overdrev:

Britain pledges continued support for Goldstone report against Israel, even as Goldstone retracts allegations

The UN Goldstone Report alleging Israel targeted civilians in Gaza is now in tatters, but so is the credibility of the countries that gave it credence

04 April 2011

Logo The Commentator Banner

The British Government is standing by the United Nations Goldstone Report alleging that Israel committed “war crimes” in its Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009 even though Justice Richard Goldstone has now distanced himself from his report’s most controversial conclusions.

On Friday, Goldstone wrote a piece in the Washington Post in which he stunned diplomats, politicians and analysts by withdrawing the allegation that Israel had deliberately targeted civilians during the 22-day conflict. He said: “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

Mere HER i The Commentator.

Richard Goldstone and Palestinian statehood

By Caroline B. Glick – April 4, 2011

Israel is being challenged by a political war that escalates every day. But we are not powerless. As we prepare for the Palestinians’ UN gambit in September, we must keep in mind the lessons from the Goldstone affair.

Richard Goldstone’s repudiation of the eponymous blood libel he authored in 2009 provides a number of lessons about the nature of the political war against the Jewish state and how we must act if we are to defeat it. Learning these lessons is an urgent task as we approach the next phase of the war to delegitimize us.

Mere HER i The Jerusalem Post. Kan også læses hos Israpundit og hos Caroline Glick.

Goldstone needs to do teshuva

By Alan Dershowitz – April 4, 2011

Judge Richard Goldstone’s recent acknowledgement that “civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy” by Israel during Operation Cast Lead could be a game changer — if Goldstone continues to do the right thing.

Goldstone’s reassessment of the conclusions reached in the Goldstone Report pulls the rug out from under those who are currently using the Goldstone Report as a centerpiece of their efforts to accuse Israel of war crimes, to delegitimize the Jewish state in the court of public opinion, to impose boycotts and to suggest a moral equivalence between the democratic nation of Israel and the terrorist-group-cum-“government” of Hamas.

Mere HER i The Jewish Daily Forward. Tidligere blogget om denne nye udvikling i sagen:

Andre kilder: Arutz Sheva,

Opdatering 7. april 2011:

The United Nations and the Goldstone Report — Where Does It Go From Here?

By Anne Bayefsky | April 05, 2011

The namesake of the infamous U.N. Goldstone Report, Richard Goldstone, suddenly confessed this past weekend in an article published by The Washington Post, that he had made a mistake. In September 2009, he and his U.N.-sponsored team made the wild accusation that Israel set out to murder civilians in the Gaza war rather than protect its own citizens from an unremitting genocidal campaign prosecuted for years by Palestinian terrorists.

Mere HER hos FoxNews eller her hos Ruthfully Yours.

Bruce Bawer om jødehad i Norge

Alan Dershowitz and Norwegian Anti-Semitism

April 6, 2011 – by Bruce Bawer

Norwegian Israel-haters routinely insist that their hatred of the Jewish state is not an expression of anti-Semitism. But the record strongly suggests otherwise.

Bruce Bawer PhotoOn March 29, the internationally renowned lawyer, Harvard law professor, and supporter of Israel Alan M. Dershowitz published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about his recent experience in Norway.  A Norwegian organization, he explained, had invited him to the frozen North and “offered to have me lecture without any charge to the three major universities” in the country. Now, in these days when lecture fees for high-profile figures like Dershowitz can be outrageously steep, one might expect that any institution of higher education would jump at the prospect of a free lecture by someone of his stature. Yet Norway’s universities turned down Dershowitz’s proposed talk on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Why? The University of Oslo offered no reason for its decision; the University of Trondheim’s excuse was that the topic was “controversial.” (As if one of the major purposes of a serious university weren’t to discuss controversial ideas!) The law dean at the University of Bergen suggested that Dershowitz serve up a lecture on the O.J. Simpson case (in which Dershowitz served as an advisor to the defense team), “as long as I was willing to promise not to mention Israel.” Dershowitz noted that after decades of holding forth around the world, the only country in which he’d previously been denied a university lecture platform was South Africa during the apartheid era. (At the time, he was representing Nelson Mandela.) Dershowitz ended up giving lectures in Norway under the auspices of student groups.

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media. Kan også læses her hos Free Republic. Det officielle Norge har for øvrigt reageret. Mon man skal lægge noget i datoen?

We condemn anti-Semitism

Jonas Gahr Støre – 1 April 2011

Link til artikel på det norske udenrigsministeriums hjemmeside her.

Posten opdateret.

Michael Nazir-Ali & Robert Spencer om den brændte koran

Repressiv tolerance måske. Men kun, hvis vi må brænde koraner:

We must respect Muslim beliefs, even when we strongly disagree with them

Christians must distance themselves from such madness as Koran burning and commend the Good News with love and respect for all.

by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali – April 6, 2011

Logo Christian Today

The burning of the Koran in a small independent church in the USA is a vivid instance of how relations between people of different faiths, and especially Muslims and Christians, can quite suddenly deteriorate because of the actions of extreme groups or individuals on either side.

It is all the more important, therefore, that there should be regular contact between leaders and scholars of the different faiths. Good neighbourly relations are also important as they reduce the chances of misunderstanding.

Mere HER i Christian Today. Og lidt modvægt:

A Koran, and Free Speech, In Flames

by Robert Spencer – April 5, 2011

Enraged over the burning of a Koran in Florida, Muslims have murdered about 20 people in Afghanistan and five in Pakistan—none of whom ever burned a Koran or had any acquaintance with the men who did.

These killers are monstrous.  They have assassinated innocent people for something that they couldn’t conceivably have had anything to do with.  And yet instead of calling them monstrous and demanding that Islamic leaders stop inciting and approving of such behavior, Western government and media elites are blaming not the murderers and rioters, but the man behind the Koran-burning, the notorious Christian fundamentalist pastor Terry Jones.

Mere HER hos Human Events.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen har vundet krigen i Afghanistan

Jamen, det var da vældigt:

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has won the Afghan War

Jan Techau | April 05, 2011

Logo The Atlantic Council Banner

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has won the Afghan War. When he became Secretary General of NATO on the 1st of August, 2009, he took over an organization that was threatened by severe “Afghanistan depression.” The Alliance appeared to be over extended. Neither the military mission nor the civil reconstruction projects were progressing, the Americans, Dutch and Canadians started to commit themselves to plans for withdrawal, and many experts said that failure at the Hindu Kush would mean the end of the Alliance. 

A year and a half later, everything is different. Rasmussen has delivered his masterpiece, the new NATO Strategic Concept. Since the Lisbon Summit of November 2010, the Brussels headquarters has been working on dozens of tasks, including nuclear planning, partnership programs and Russia. At international conferences, the subject of Afghanistan is now only a side issue. What has happened?

Flere roser HER hos The Atlantic Council. Kan også læses hos eller som pdf i tidsskriftet Ad Hoc International. Foretrækker man at læse artiklen på tysk, er der pdf her.

Audio: Brigitte Gabriel & Frank Gaffney på Secure Freedom Radio

Gabriel er fin her – det handler om dhimmitude:

Audio IconBrigitte Gabriel on Secure Freedom Radio

Sharia does not just impact how Americans live, but how the American military does business. Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America highlights this very point, the threat from Sharia and its impact on America’s forces.

Startes HER – åbner Windows Media Player. Varighed 10½ minut.

OpdateringACT! for America laver deres egne udsendelser, som bla. kan ses på deres YouTube-kanal og på Blip TV. Fra 10. marts 2011 – medvirkende er bla. Guy Rodgers, Brigitte Gabriel & Frank Gaffney:

The ACT! for America Show, Episode 5 – Special Guest Frank Gaffney

The ACT! for America Show exclusive interview with Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy.

Hvorfor blev Egyptens museer plyndret?

Egypt’s Antiquities Caught in the Revolution

by Alexander H. Joffe – Spring 2011

Logo The Middle East Quarterly

The initial spasm of images from the Cairo Museum shocked observers. As tens of thousands of demonstrators confronted the security forces in what quickly evolved into the first popular revolution in Egypt’s history, the museum was ransacked in a scene reminiscent of the looted tombs of ancient Egyptian kings. A statue of Tutankhamun astride a panther was ripped from its base but then cast to the floor when thieves discovered it was gilded and not solid gold. A boat model from a tomb was smashed, the figures huddled in the boathouse pulverized but the navigator at the bow still pointing sadly forward. Two mummies were beheaded, mouths agape; it was rumored that they were Tut’s grandparents.

The extent of the chaos was unknown but ominous. Egypt’s antiquities were suddenly caught up in a revolution. But those antiquities have always been both a tool to create Egypt and Egyptians in the present as well as a telling map of Egyptian society.

Mere HER i Middle East Quarterly

Islamister på kontanthjælp

Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West’s Demise

Their parasitical behavior obliges governments, through taxpayers, to subsidize their adopted country’s own destruction.

April 4, 2011 – by Kathy Shaidle

Logo Pajamas Media Banner

In 2008, the Toronto Sun reported that “hundreds of [Greater Toronto Area] Muslim men in polygamous marriages — some with a harem of wives — are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province, Muslim leaders say.”

“Polygamy is a regular part of life for many Muslims,” Canadian Society of Muslims president Mumtaz Ali declared bluntly. “Ontario recognizes religious marriages for Muslims and others.”

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media. Kan også læses hos Islamist WatchFree Rebublic og AINA.

Andre kilder: Jihad Watch,


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