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Rebecca Bynum: Er islam en religion?

Should Islam Be Classified as a Religion?

by Rebecca Bynum (February 2011)

Allah is Dead 150The title of my new book, Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion, seems to have provoked some controversy. Many people assume I must be overstating the case and have summarily dismissed my thesis without bothering to read the arguments and even attacking a third party for defending it. The U.S. Department of Justice weighed in on the controversy during the Murfreesboro mosque hearings.

U.S. Attorney Jerry E. Martin said his office and the Department of Justice had been watching the lawsuit unfold and couldn’t sit idly by as the opponents questioned whether Islam is a religion or a political movement bent on supplanting United States laws with Muslim laws.

Mere HER i New English Review.

Video: Nonie Darwish om taqiyya og jødehad

American Family Associasion har uploadet denne video fra et talkshow på deres AFA Channel. Uddraget er fra 9. februar 2011:

Nonie Darwish Muslim Children taught at early age to hate israel

Video: Robert Spencer udsat for Facebook censur

Facebook har fjernet denne video:

Marr & Spencer on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood – BANNED by ‘facebook’

Jan. 31, 2011
Tom Marr of WCBM 6.80 AM radio, Baltimore, Md. interviews Robert Spencer of JihadWatch, regarding Egypt, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Her er et citat Facebooks forklaring, som Tom Marr har uploadet på sin hjemmeside:

Subject: Facebook Warning


You uploaded a video that was reported for violating Facebook’s Terms of Use. After reviewing the video, we have decided to remove it. Facebook removes reported videos that are hateful, threatening, graphic, or that attack an individual or group. We also remove videos that are not of a personal nature, meaning they were not created by and do not feature either you or your friends. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled.

If you have questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page at

The Facebook Team

Tom Marr støtter sin lyttere og citerer fra Facebook:

From a WCBM listener on Facebook:

According to a loyal WCBM listener and supporter of freedom he attempted to upload  a podcast interview of Tom Marr and Robert Spencer. He said Facebook later took down the very same video. Is this political correctness gone mad? Tom Marr speech banned from the world’s number one visited website?

Can you believe Facebook allows this:!/pages/almwt-lasrayyl-Death-to-Israel-isuraeruni-siwo-si-ijarayala-ko-mauta-Mort-a-Israel/128349323844845



Man kan se det hele hos WCBMs hjemmeside HER.

Christopher Hitchens om Berlin og Bin Laden

Historiekursus her:

From Berlin to bin Laden

A history of the Baghdad Express illuminates the resilience of politicized Islam.

By Christopher Hitchens

Logo The Atlantic

Few moments in the annals of derring-do will surpass the one at the opening of John Buchan’s Greenmantle (1916) when Sir Walter Bullivant explains the Ottoman side of the Great War to Richard Hannay:

You are an intelligent fellow, and you will ask how a Polish adventurer, meaning Enver, and a collection of Jews and gypsies should have got control of a proud race. The ordinary man will tell you that it was German organization backed up with German money and German arms. You will inquire again how, since Turkey is primarily a religious power, Islam has played so small a part in it all. The Sheikh-ul-Islam is neglected, and though the Kaiser proclaims a Holy War and calls himself Hadji Mohammed Guilliamo, and says the Hohenzollerns are descended from the Prophet, that seems to have fallen pretty flat. The ordinary man again will answer that Islam in Turkey is becoming a back number, and that Krupp guns are the new gods. Yet—I don’t know. I do not quite believe in Islam becoming a back number … There is a dry wind blowing through the East, and the parched grasses wait the spark.

Mere HER i The Atlantic.


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