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Robert Fisk om æresdrab

Robert Fisk siger noget fornuftigt. Det er da noget nyt. Det er en ret grusom artikel:

Robert Fisk: The crimewave that shames the world

Logo The IndependentIt’s one of the last great taboos: the murder of at least 20,000 women a year in the name of ‘honour’. Nor is the problem confined to the Middle East: the contagion is spreading rapidly

It is a tragedy, a horror, a crime against humanity. The details of the murders – of the women beheaded, burned to death, stoned to death, stabbed, electrocuted, strangled and buried alive for the “honour” of their families – are as barbaric as they are shameful. Many women’s groups in the Middle East and South-west Asia suspect the victims are at least four times the United Nations’ latest world figure of around 5,000 deaths a year. Most of the victims are young, many are teenagers, slaughtered under a vile tradition that goes back hundreds of years but which now spans half the globe.

The Independent HER.

Video & artikel: Islamolepsi – den nye syge

Islamolepsy: The New Pathology

Is the disease incurable?

By David Solway – August 31, 2010

In a recent YouTube video, a de facto symposium of world-class scholars and political authors, including Paul Williams, Melanie Phillips, Bernard Lewis, and Mark Steyn, have united to articulate a grim and pressing warning to a seemingly insensible Western world. As Steyn tells it, the world’s most advanced societies are starting to go out of business, on the one hand refusing to assess and confront the gathering Islamic storm that threatens their survival and, on the other, losing out in the reproductive sweepstakes. Europe in particular is poised to suffer a Damoclean fate. Tracing an inverted family tree in which four grandparents and two parents produce one child, the continent is losing the battle of generational replenishment. It is only a matter of time before Europe as we know it closes shop and a burgeoning Islamic ummah accomplishes its version of a corporate takeover.

Meanwhile, it would be a mistake to conclude that a vibrant and rejuvenated Islam is patiently waiting for the inevitable historical denouement to occur. On the contrary, even as it prepares to celebrate its demographic triumph, it is robustly — and successfully — pursuing its evident intention to assert itself as a destabilizing factor in European society. And its most powerful ally in its campaign of eventual conquest is the European postmodern elite itself, for whom one truth is as good as another and no culture is worse than any other — with the exception, naturally, of the Judeo-Christian armature of norms and values now regarded as both decadent and expendable. Europe’s political class, public intellectuals, journalists, activist judges, talking heads, and, oddly enough, parts of the clergy have banded together as a fifth column to usher in a new dispensation, which Bat Ye’or and others have aptly dubbed Eurabia

Mere HER hos Pajamas Media eller HER hos Human Rights Service. Her er den omtalte video:

 The Third Jihad: IslamBerg

Gunfire & Explosions regularly heard on the weekends from An Islamic compound “IslamBerg” of felon converts to Islam, in the Catskill Mountains (one of 30 in America) ran by Sheikh Gilani Leader of Al Fuqra which is connected with terrorist activities in Pakistan. Violent Felon’s have no 2nd Amendment rights btw… lets just trust that The guns are being kept away from them.

Tip: Tak til Decca.

Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali i Big Ideas

Frigivet af australske ABC for få timer siden – det andet interview, Jennifer Byrne har lavet med Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Infidel

07 Sep 2010, 11:00

Provocateur Ayaan Hirsi Ali is always followed by a security detail due to her controversial stance on Islam and feminism, which she outlines in her first book “Infidel” published in 2007. Her follow up, “Nomad”, tells the stirring story of her search for a new life as she tries to reconcile her Islamic past with her passion for democracy and Western values.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Big Ideas

In this one-on-one from the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, Hirsi Ali tells Jennifer Byrne why she’s willing to risk her life to be an outspoken critic of the religion she grew up with. She also explains why she believes debates about Islam and immigration are often superficial, and need to engage with a deeper clash of values.

Interviewet blev optaget 29. juli 2010. Varighed 1 time og 22 minutter. Åbner i Windows Media Player HER. Reservelink HER.

Video: Svenskerne i mindretal i 2050?

Det ser sådan ud. Fantastiske Affe har lavet en ny video med animeret statistik:

Gå ind til Affes Statistik-blogg og læs. Sverige er akkurat lige så langt ude, som antaget. Link HER.

Sverige kønssegregerer allerede i skolerne. Denne video er kun 1 dag gammel. Det går hurtigt ned ad bakke for broderfolket:

Män och kvinnor skildes åt med skärm i skolklass

Miriam Quan Johansson flyttade från Guatemala till Jämtland för tre år sedan. Full av förväntan skulle nu Miriam börja studera svenska för invandrare i Strömsund. Men först lektionen blev en chock.

Via den geniale blog Snaphanen.


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